Pot Kingpin Jon Braun Gets Ten Years In Otisville

Pot Kingpin Jon Braun Gets Ten Years In Otisville

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Jonathan Braun ran an international marijuana dealing operation out of his parents house in Staten Island. Hell’s Angels smuggled Braun’s marijuana through an Indian reservation on the Canadian border and sold pot all over the United States. Braun was clearing $6 million in greenbacks a week.  When the Feds were closing in, Braun fled to Canada, and then to Israel.  The Israelis sent Braun back to the United States, where he turned himself in to the Feds.

Braun pleaded guilty in 2011 and has been cooperating with the Feds ever since he signed a plea agreement.  Braun’s sentencing has been postponed for the last 8 years, until now. Braun was sentenced this past Wednesday. 

Braun has been on house arrest at his parents house in Staten Island for the past eight years.  While on home confinement with an ankle bracelet Braun married Miriam Hurwitz.  Braun sired three children with Miriam while Braun was wearing an ankle bracelet.

The Feds provided Braun with many perks while he was on home confinement.  You can read about these Braun benefits by clicking this link:  BraunPerks   Braun got permission to leave his home confinement to attend his engagement party at his in-laws house.  The Feds gave Braun permission to go to the Ohel in order to receive a blessing from the Rebbe, permission to travel to the Diamond District to help pick out the wedding ring, permission to get fitted for a tux, permission to attend his sheva brachos, and permission attend Lamaze classes with Miriam.  Braun was also allowed to go house hunting with Miriam. Even the Feds have their limits with drug rats.

Braun’s co-defendant Brian Guariglia got killed in a mysterious motorcycle accident in Staten Island.  Guariglia’s death was ruled an accident by the Staten Island police.  Braun’s co-defendant Akiva Saltzman, was found with a bullet in his head inside of a torched automobile in Los Angeles. 

Braun’s attorney John Meringolo argued to Judge Kiyo Matsumoto that Braun be granted mercy and not get 30 years in the Big House.  You can read the memo by clicking the link below:


Braun’s Attorney argued: “Since his arrest and release on bail, Mr. Braun has consistently maintained employment. Currently, Mr. Braun works as a manager and risk analyst at a private lending company, Richmond Capital Group, LLC. Prior to his present employment, Mr. Braun worked as a senior funding specialist and director of sales and marketing at another lending company, Pearl Capital Rivis Ventures, LLC.”

Braun was employed in the cash advance business. In other words, Braun had a job as a legal loan shark.

Braun’s sentencing was originally scheduled for July 10th, 2018.  The July 10th sentencing date was rescheduled for September 20th, which was also rescheduled.  Judge Matsumoto rescheduled Braun’s sentencing because Braun used strong arm tactics to collect on his cash advances while he was on supervised release.

Rabbi Avraham Lesches, of Crown Heights said that Braun threatened him for not paying on his loan. Lesches got a restraining order against Braun. Braun allegedly told Lesches:  “Do you know who I am?  I know everyone in your Chabad-Lubavitch community.  I am going to come down there and beat the shi* out of you at 770 Eastern Parkway… I am going to hang papers all over the lampposts in Crown Heights stating that you are a liar and a thief… I am going to make you bleed, you are going to regret the day you met me…  You had the audacity to send that cun* Rachel Plaut, Esq. who do you think she is?  She obviously does not know how this business works.  Are you on your knees?  Can you suck?  Suck my dic*.”

You can read a copy of this legal document by clicking the link below:


At Braun’s sentencing US Attorneys tried to get Judge Matsumoto to seal the entire proceedings to the public. Prosecutors don’t want the public to see how the Feds conduct their investigations. If the public knew about all the games, shenanigans and Federal laws that the FBI and prosecutors at the Justice Department break during their investigations there would be a revolt. A revolution. Judge Matsumoto would not agree to seal the proceedings. I heard that the Federal prosecutors had off the record discussions with Judge Matsumoto and requested that Braun not do any jail time for his cooperation. Even Sammy the Bull had to do some jail time. Judge Matsumoto slammed Braun with 10 years in Otisville. Braun already did a year and a half when he was first busted. Braun is down to 8.5 years to the door. With good behavior he will get out in 7.5 years. Braun will be eligible for the Brooklyn halfway house in about 6.5 years.

I am the only news site to publish the original Federal court order of incarceration issued by Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto sending Braun to Otisville for ten years: “AUSA Craig Heeren. Defense Counsel: Anjelica Bianca Cappellino. Change of Plea Hearing as to Jonathan Braun held on 5/28/2019, Plea entered by Jonathan Braun (1) Guilty Count 1s,6s Jonathan Braun (1) Count 1,1s,2,2s,3,3s,4,4s-5s,6s. Sentencing held on 5/28/2019 for Jonathan Braun (1), Count(s) 1, 2, 2s, 3, 3s, 4, 4s-5s, Dismissed by Govt’s Motion.; Count(s) 1s, 6s, IMPRISONMENT: 10 Years in custody on Count 1, and 3 Years in custody on Count 6 to be served concurrently for a total of 10 Years, with credit for time served in custody from 5/26/10 to 11/4/11. SUPERVISED RELEASE: 5 Years on Count 1, and 3 years on Count 6, to be served concurrently for a total of 5 Years with the herein listed special conditions imposed. FINE: $100,000. SPECIAL ASSESSMENT: $200.00. Deft advised of right to appeal. Transcript. The gov’t shall return deft’s property if any. (Court Reporter Linda Marino.) (Galeano, Sonia) (Entered: 05/30/2019)”

After Mshulem Jacobowitz left Otsiville under Trump’s First Step Act a few months ago there has been a void in Jewish leadership. My sources have informed me that Michael “Micky” Schlisser has filled the void. Micky is an older guy with long hair. This is Micky’s second time in Otisville, both times he was involved in investment fraud. Micky has heart problems. Micky tried to stay out of jail by submitting copies of his medical records. It didn’t work. Micky still got 84 months. Guys say he is effeminate, which is embarrassing. It makes all Jew felons look bad, myself included. What self-respecting Jewish inmate would let himself get ordered around by a broken down old fagela? At least Mshulem had street cred. Mshulem was a Satmar raised on the streets of Williamsburg. Mshulem’s life was threatened when he converted to Lubavitchism. Mshulem yelled, screamed and threatened the Jews all the time, including myself. Even the Jew drug gangsters and mobsters respected Mshulem. When Braun arrives in Otsiville there will be a new Head Jew In Charge. Braun is young and violent and already did time in MDC with street thugs. Braun will take Micky out in a New York minute. Stay tuned. Shabbat Shalom. Moshiach Now!

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7 thoughts on “Pot Kingpin Jon Braun Gets Ten Years In Otisville

  1. Wow !! Jon Braun 10 years … he is a mother f*er extraordinarie !!

    Can’t find more info on the web about his imprisonment. Weird. Wonder who he ratted out to get the feds to reduce his sentence … thinking it’s the cash advance ganovim … Yellowstone ??

    1. If he didn’t get involved in the loan sharking business and threaten debtors he probably would have got a walk. Crime doesn’t pay

  2. He can’t help himself. It’s in his nature. Like the scorpion on the frog. 10 years – he’s getting off light !

  3. Who are your “sources”you refer to. You should give credit where credit us due. You should reach out to Mickey interesting fella This guy you speak of sounds like a tool not camp eligible.

    1. Braun pleaded out to drug dealing, a non violent crime, and his sentence is under ten years, why would he not be eligible for the camp?

  4. John Braun is a RAT and has been since he was arrested! This is a RICO case! WATCH! No guy out on EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS BAIL!? Is still out after he plead guilty in 2011??????

    Braun, is a pussy. TALKS tough — but folds like a wet napkin against anyone that #1 is REAL and #2 knows he is a pussy. But Braun had MILLIONS of dollars. And he LAUNDERED it through various FUNDERS all over the MCA street — of course also through his own firm Richmond Capital. And did so at a DISCOUNTED RATE to boot!!! LMAO!

    Typically, for a guy in Braun’s prior line of work — he would pay up to 25% to funnel his ill gotten cash legit. LOL! But in the MCA business???

    Braun could net a cost of capital at around 10-15%! Unheard of and why he quickly got a strong foothold in the industry.

    However, the law firm that has been representing him since or right before he plead guilty? Is notorious for representing RATS! Add in the various articles of his alleged ties to the HELLS ANGELS or ORGANIZED CRIME, and his seemingly endless amount of capital?! Along with brokers, ISO reps, MCA companies etc only too eager to do anything to get the capital they needed to fund their deals? You had the perfect storm!
    So why after 8 years he suddenly got called in front of a Judge and was sentenced to 10 years? This after a Judge looked the other way
    That remains to be seen. He either obviously finally got caught lying to the FEDS and/or a MAJOR RICO Money Laundering indictment is about to come down. Michael Samuels? A major “FUNDER” at Yellowstone Capital? Nothing in his resume or history shows he would be able to fund the MILLIONS of dollars he funded!? However, his association with Braun is just one example of how Braun was able to use several “PAWNS” to act as “FUNDERS” as he laundered MILLIONS of his ill gotten drug dealing money through their firms. With the “pawns” — especially once gotten the taste of making real money — became easier targets for Braun. David Glass? The true power behind Yellowstone and Braun made a deal and used several “shell companies”, I.E. funders to use Braun’s money to fund as many deals as possible. If Braun could actually MAKE MONEY on his illegal money instead of having to pay for it to make it look legit?! LOL! It was like taking candy from a baby! Why do you think YS became such a power in the HIGH RISK D paper lending business? LOL! Because they would fund almost anyone! Braun was sitting on MILLIONS of dollars — and with the contracts and COJ’s — he hired a whole legal dept. and even if he lost money once in a blue moon — he ACTUALLY not only made a ton MORE money — he also legitimized his illegal money without having it cost him a nickel!

    All the while — turning YS into the BEST LEAD source in the INDUSTRY! HAHA! WHY? Because every broker in the country would send them their deals for a 4th or 5th position knowing they had a good shot of it getting funded! So on top of everything else? They also were getting every file on the street!

    Yellowstone is a house of cards! Not ONE person has any Executive role experience, resume, or anything. The only thing they share is the same faith as Braun — and his fake tough guy reputation….AND oh OF COURSE the ability to fund any deal.
    Mike Samuels???!! You show me where he accumulated the wealth to “FUND” the MILLIONS of DOLLARS he has funded!? LMAO!

    Which brings us to the other nefarious characters that were employed at YS. The Israeli Ectasy/MDMA dealers. Or illegal diamond dealers!

    Its an open secret that YS is the MONEY LAUNDERING capital, no pun intended, of the world. But you see? JOHN BRAUN is a RAT!

    So…Something went awry here. You don’t sit IDLE for 8 YEARS, as the KINGPIN that posted 8M bail — and all of a sudden be called for sentencing.

    Read the articles below! Jesus Christ it states he has been cooperating since 2011. His RAT lawyer tried desperately to submerge the hearing.

    Isaac Stern was a baker. Mike Samuels their biggest funder…was…Ugh…LMAO!




    I GUARANTEE Braun will give everyone of them up — and that it is only a matter of time before the people (and they know who they are) get that FBI 6 am knock.

    Lastly — John Braun is a pussy. A total fraud.


    1. David Glass & Jon Braun both grew up in Staten Island. David Glass was spared Otisville because he hung low, he didn’t beat up deadbeat debtors like Braun. Nobody filed written letters complaining about David to his sentencing judge in his Federal criminal case. David was sentenced to probation. Braun blew it. Braun could have got probation too instead of spending the next seven years in Otisville. Braun obviously has an anger management problem. Braun will have to enroll in the Ed Stein anger management class at Otisville.

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