Powerful Friends Who Helped Greer Break Out

Powerful Friends Who Helped Greer Break Out

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Convicted child rapist Daniel Greer is a semi free man living in his home on West Park Avenue in New Haven with an ankle bracelet. Judge Alander released him from prison because the Goat is at risk of death due to the coronavirus. The ACLU filed a Federal class action lawsuit on behalf of Connecticut’s Black and Spanish inmates who also wish to be released just like child rapist Greer. Yale Law faculty attorney Elana Spungen Bildner is handling the case. Bildner also handled a similar case in Connecticut State court on behalf of inmates. That case was thrown out of Court by Judge Barbara Bellis on the same day that the Goat was ordered released by Judge Alander. Inmates trying to get out of Connecticut prisons because of COVID 19 are getting shot down left and right while Mr. Greer walks the streets of New Haven. Judge Alander gave Mr. Greer the right to leave his abode to go shopping, attend to his properties, and pray at his synagogue, the same synagogue and apartments where he was convicted for raping teenage boys.

Daniel Greer, AKA “The Goat” spent this past Shabbat at his home at 133 West Park Avenue in New Haven. The Goat turned his garage into a barn with ducks, goats, and chickens. I have been in this garage and have seen the animals. I gave Mr. Greer the nickname “The Goat” because he thinks he is the Greatest Of All Time, and because this blog is about Jews, jail and crime. Everyone in prison has a nickname. Now that the Goat has actually done some time in jail, his nickname is now official. He will forever be known as “The Goat.”

How was a child rapist able to get released from the Big House while all the other inmates in Connecticut languish in cages during a pandemic? Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t able to get released from prison while he waited for his child rape trial, and Epstein was presumed innocent until proven guilty. The Goat, a convicted felon, with 12 years hanging over his head, was able to get released. Rapist Harvey Weinstein, who shuffled into court with a walker, and who was rushed to the hospital because he had a heart attack after he was convicted, was unable to get out of Rikers Island when he cried about dying of the coronavirus. Rikers Island is a far worse hellhole than the Goat’s jail cell in Cheshire. The Goat was living in luxury in his solitary confinement cell in Cheshire compared to Weinstein and Epstein. Epstein was locked up in Federal prison in Manhattan, ie., MCC, probably the worst Federal prison in the United States. This past winter MCC had a power failure and didn’t have any heat when temperatures dropped to zero degrees. I knew guys in there. They told me that the officers had space heaters in their offices while the inmates almost froze to death.

Was it Daniel Greer’s friends in positions of power who helped get him released from the Big House? Daniel Greer received a letter from the Great Alan Dershowitz who complained that the prosecutor’s comments about the Goat fleeing to Israel at the Goat’s sentencing hearing were biased and inappropriate. Significantly, Dershowitz never stated that the Prosecutor’s comments were untrue. Dershowitz knows better than anyone that Orthodox Jewish pedophiles flee to Israel all the time. Dershowitz was dragged into the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Epstein hosted Dershowitz many times at Epstein’s pedophile island. Dershowitz, who was raised by Hasidim, requested that Epstein fly in his favorite noodle kugel to pedophile island. Dershowitz went to Yale Law School with the Goat. Skullcaps & Boners. Dershowitz mentioned in his letter that the Goat was an “acquaintance” of his at Yale. Dershowitz needs to find a better circle of friends. The Goat graduated from the Yeshiva University High School for Boys, aka MTA, while the Dersh graduated from its sister school the Brooklyn Talmudic Academy. The Dersh is two years older than the Goat. They may have met at Shabbatons or other social events, possibly mixers, sponsored by the two affiliated high schools.

The Goat received a letter from the self described “Senior Orthodox Rabbi of Greater New Haven” Albert Feldman. Feldman is the founding Rabbi of the Westville Shul located in New Haven. Many members of Westville have been Presidents or on the Board of the powerful New Haven Jewish Federation. Feldman wrote to Judge Alander at Greer’s sentencing the following: “I can fully vouch for Rabbi Daniel Greer’s upright moral and ethical behavior in all situations.”

Former New Haven political operative Elizabeth McCormack wrote a letter defending the Goat at sentencing. She wrote to Judge Alander that herself, along with the Goat and the Goat’s business partner Attorney William Gallagher, for the past 25 years worked to clean up the Edgewood neighborhood. Before Gallagher died in 2015 he was one of the most powerful attorneys in Connecticut, on countless boards of ethics and legal practice. McCormack failed to mention that after her friend William Gallagher died he left a million dollar hole in his client’s trust account. Gallagher’s creditors foreclosed on his office building.

Lieutenant Colonel and Deputy Commander of the Joint Forces 19th Medical Regiment Dr. Julian Unger Sargon, MD, PhD, wrote a letter to Judge Alander in which he stated that the Goat was a “man of integrity and honor.” Julian stated that he “prayed that Judge Alander will see the man behind the caricature portrayed in court.” A caricature is defined as “an imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.” The Goat’s characteristics did not need to be exaggerated in court in order to create a grotesque effect. The Goat is genuinely grotesque. Julian Ungar Sargon is the father of The Forward writer Batya Ungar-Sargon. Batya Ungar Sargon wrote articles in the Forward defending child rapist Nechemaya Weberman who was sentenced to 103 years for sexually molesting a girl from when she was 12 to 15-years-old. See link.

The Goat also received a letter from Attorney Darcy McGraw, who is in charge of the Connecticut Innocence Project, which is part of the Connecticut Public Defender’s Office. Darcy has been part of Connecticut’s legal establishment for the last 30 years. Darcy wrote on behalf of herself and on behalf of her husband, movie actor Bruce Altman, and implored Judge Alander to “consider the Rabbi’s hard work and dedication to New Haven’s Jewish community, such as ourselves, in sentencing Rabbi Greer.” The Goat certainly was dedicated to raping Jewish children in New Haven’s Jewish community.

New Haven radiologist Dr. Jay Sokolow wrote a letter defending the Goat. Sokolow is married to local attorney Ina Silverman, who graduated from Yale University, just like the Goat. Silverman has been active in local politics for years. The Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow graduated from Yale, as did Judge Alander. Skullcaps & Boners? Sokolow wrote that the Goat was a “gifted scholar and an inspiring teacher in Judaics.” Sokolow didn’t write anything about the Goat’s character or morals. Sokolow obviously has never written a character letter defending his criminal friends before. The Goat was probably the only person Sokolow ever knew who went to jail. Sokolow is lucky he avoided criminals in his lifetime, unlike myself, who ended up doing time in Otisville for associating with criminals.

The owner of Edge of the Woods, ie., Peter Dodge, also wrote a letter defending the Goat. Edge of the Woods is located down the street from the Goat’s school building. Edge of the Woods sells kosher pizza. Edge is very popular with the Jews as well as the local hipsters, tree huggers, hippies and vegetarians. The Goat has been buying food for his personal use and for the use of his school and yeshiva from Dodge for years. I have seen boxes unloaded into the Goat’s shul building. Dodge wrote about how the Goat improved the Edgewood neighborhood. Dodge also wrote about the history of Edge and extolled his supermarket. He all but asked Judge Alander to stop by to nosh on a kosher bagel. Dodge, much like Sokolow, said nothing about the Goat’s moral or ethical character, or lack thereof. Dodge did not extol the Goat’s character. No comment. The silence in his two page “character” letter was deafening.

The Goat received a letter from a person who signed the letter “EDT.” I guess this person was too embarrassed to publicly support the Goat. A guy who refuses to disclose his name on a character letter speaks volumes about the character of the guy who wrote the letter. COWARD! SPINELESS IDIOT! EDT wrote that his family had known the Goat for 40 years and that the Goat was a mentor to him. EDT wrote that his father was robbed at gunpoint some years back. EDT wrote that he, or she, walked to the Goat’s synagogue every Sabbath, a mile from his home. EDT said that the Goat was gracious and invited him to a Chanukah party and the Goat introduced him to new foods, such as artichokes. EDT wrote that the Goat gave him a “generous gift” when he got married. I have no idea what EDT’s real name is. EDT wrote about how he discussed “theology” with the Goat and that the Goat was “warm and had good insights.” EDT also failed to mention anything about the Goat’s moral or ethical character or lack thereof.

Orthodox Jew Gerald F. Lerman, Vice President & General counsel of a major international steel company wrote a letter in support of the Goat. Gerald and the Goat went to Yale Law School together. Skullcaps & Boneheads. Gerald wrote that after Yale Law School he “continued his contacts with Danny” and “found it remarkable that Danny would forego a lucrative and prestigious career path” in New York City in order to focus on the “welfare” of the New Haven community. Lerman wrote, “Although Danny has reached an age of retirement, I believe he still has it within him to continue to be a contributor, because in my many conversations with him, he has continued to display his leadership skills and intellectual superiority, along with experience, that make him fit to be an enormously positive influence in his communities, in the same way that he was in the past.” In spite of Lerman’s long letter praising the Goat’s accomplishments, not once did Lerman comment on the Goat’s moral or ethical character or lack thereof.

You are welcome to read the original letters, submitted in support of the Goat at sentencing, mentioned above below:

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21 thoughts on “Powerful Friends Who Helped Greer Break Out

  1. What the hell is wrong with Dershowitz? Has he lost his mind? I had a lot of respect for Alan right up until I read this blog post. Why in the world would Alan Dershowitz author a letter of support for a piece of human filth like this Greer, a man in a position of trust, who used that trust to rape the children attending his yeshiva and is freshly incarcerated for his devious, vile and horrid acts?
    Is the brotherhood of “Yaleys” so strong that it causes these people to excuse abominable acts like pedophilia? Evidently so. I wonder if Dershowitz would still write that disgusting letter of praise had Greer raped on of his three kids?

    I’m not even phased in the slightest regarding Judge Alander’s sick and slimy decision to grant this savage a 45 day furlough. It shows me he is simply another bought and paid for horse trader in the criminal justice system….but the Dershowitz letter…it’s just inexcusable and I will not hesitate to throw it in Alan’s face if I ever have the opportunity to do wherever I see Alan giving his opinions on social media. If you come across this blog, Alan, allow me to say… Shame on you. You are one of the very few attorneys I gave a “sleazy OJ lawyer” pass to because I respect your opinions and views. Not anymore!
    Larry Noodles, although no longer an attorney, will always get my respect because he stood against the system rather than rat to lessen his punishment….and he paid dearly for it, as I did and still do. People like you, Dershowitz, are the reason this system we have, fails. You should be writing a letter for one of those less fortunate non violent minority inmates who will probably succumb to death under incarceration due to coronavirus, rather than writing that letter for a child molester. You savage freak!

    Thanks for pointing this out, Noodles and thank you for exposing who these people and businesses are who wrote letters of support for this evil filthy freshly incarcerated sub human (even Mr anonymous EDT and his fond memories of discussing theology with a convicted child rapist.) Better hope no one figures out who YOU are Mr EDT.

  2. Roots go back to the 19th C in the S! now I’m convinced. It’s so sad to see his fellow inmates who are still in the cage during this outbreak. This guy is semi-free!

    1. correct. Dershowitz went to Yeshiva High School, the same high school as the Goat. Dershowitz was raised MO. Thank you for the correction. May you live long and prosper.

      1. Alan Dershowitz was definitely not raised in a Hasidic family. His family was, as you say, Modern Orthodox, as was Dershowitz, himself, until some time during his studies in Law School. Dershowitz did NOT go to the same High School as Greer. He went to the same HS that I went to, BTA, Brooklyn Talmudical Academy – also known as YUHSBB – Yeshiva U. HS for Boys Brooklyn. Greer went to MTA – Manhattan Talmudical Academy – YUHSBM.

          1. BTA and MTA were both affiliates of Yeshiva University but were not affiliated with each other. There was zero contact between the two highs schools during the four years that I was at BTA. However, when I was graduated from BTA, in 1961, there was, for the first time, a joint graduation ceremony, on the YU campus, for the 4 high schools , BTA, MTA, Brooklyn Central (girls’ HS) and Manhattan Central (ditto). I mention this because the Hebrew valedictorian at MTA that year was none other than Jonathan Greer – Daniel Greer’s younger brother.

          2. Interesting history. You have to log on to Wikepedia and correct the page!

  3. I am now boycotting Edge of The Woods.
    Although I’m not Jewish or a hipster just a simple Italian Shiksa from New Haven, I usually get my vitamins from there. Any ideas on how to boycott other supporters of the goat would be greatly appeciated. Keep up the good work.

    1. thanks. You could write to Judge Alander and the Office of the State’s Attorney and tell them how you feel. You are a New Haven taxpayer, these people are employees of YOUR government. You have a voice, you are not just a simple Italian Shiksa. You can hold up signs with your friends in front of Edge of the woods that say “EDGE SUPPORTS CHILD RAPIST RABBI GOAT” and yell at anyone who walks into Edge, like the Yalies did to Gourmet Heaven. See link https://ulanewhaven.org/category/take-action/boycott/

  4. Holy fucking bat shit….This cocksucker didler child RAPEST is free ..I Have 15 guys locked up with less then 13 months And they let this dick sucking ass munching dushbag out…what is this bullshit thing fuck little kids u get out smash a fucking face in your doing the rest of your months ..LARRY NOODLES FOR MAYOR..DOWN WITH THE FEDS CORRUPTION MUST BE STOPED. CIGAR JOE U STILL HAVE THAT CIGAR STUCK UP DOWS ASS…HAHAHAHAHA

  5. You quote Dr. Julian Unger-sargon without his credentials or his disqualification. His qualification is being the son-in-law of the great Rabbi Gettinger zatzal, and host of Rebetzen Gettinger (may she live in good health) who testified on behalf of the wicked one. The family continues to enable him to avoid responsibility for his evil.

    1. Good point. Emanuel Gettinger, z”l, long-time Rabbi of the Young Israel of the West Side passed away in Chicago in 2015. 92 year old Rebbetzin Rochel Gettinger resides in Chicago and is cared for by her daughter Dr. Sarah Ungar and Sarah’s husband Dr. Julian Ungar Sargon. Dr. Julian is a neurologist who practices medicine in Illinois and Indiana. The first witness called by Willie the Dow on behalf of the Goat was 92 year old Rebbetzin Gettinger couldn’t make the trial so her testimony was provided by a videotape that was taken a few weeks ago in Chicago. Willie the Dow raised the defense that the building where Mirlis said he was raped, at 777 Elm Street, was occupied by Rabbi Gettinger and his wife Rosalind. Mrs. Gettinger signed an affidavit, at the behest of the Goat, in which she attested that she lived at 777 Elm Street. When Gettinger testified in the videotape it was clear that she had no idea what building number she lived at. Gettinger was clear that she lived across the street from the Yeshiva, and not next door at 777 Elm Street. Gettinger couldn’t remember the number of the building. Willie the Dow had the chutzpah to present the testimony of the Goat’s secretary, Jean Ledbury, following Gettinger, in which Ledbury falsely testified that the Gettinger’s lived next door to the Yeshiva at 777 Elm Street. The Gettingers lived at 786 Elm Street, across the street from the Yeshiva. On cross examined Rebbetzin Gettinger stated the following: “I only know what I was told, I was told to attest to that we lived across the street from the school on all those nights of the week from Monday to Thursday… You kept telling me that I lived at 777, that’s what you told me, so I assumed that you were holding the right address… I don’t remember the addresses very well, they have 7s in them. I remember it was directly opposite the school…”
      Willie the Dow spoke asked Gettinger the following questions: “Did your son in law Dr. Ungar talk to you about the information in this document? No. Was it was prepared in Chicago? It was given to me here in Chicago to sign, I don’t remember who gave it to me, but there are a lot of papers that are put in front of me for one thing or another.” Dr. Sarah Ungar sat by Rosalind Gettinger’s side during the entire deposition. Rosalind Gettinger clearly was asked to help the Goat in his criminal defense by her daughter Sarah Unger and her son in law Julian Sargon Ungar. Gettinger could have hired an attorney to repel the Goat’s attorneys, as others did, such as long time Goat friends Dr. Moshe Siev and Dr. Ben Avee. Rabbi David Bleich even refused to come to the defense of the Goat in the civil and criminal cases. The Goat’s own children refused to defend the Goat at his civil and criminal trials. The only defenders of the Goat who testified at trial was Rosalind Gettinger, assisted by daughter and son in law, Goat secretary Jean Ledbury, former science teacher Dr. Thomas DeRosa, who was heavily medicated on pain killers, and Rabbi Avroham Notis, who the Goat paid to set up a yeshiva the Goat’s school, and Sarah Greer.

  6. Is there any way that I could view the video of Rebbetizin Gettinger’s testimony?

    1. I can request a copy of it from the court, but right now the courts are closed. I will try when they reopen

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