Prominent Boro Park Banker Robs Local Yidden

Prominent Boro Park Banker Robs Local Yidden

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Former Vice President of Apple Bank for Savings, and Former Vice President of Signature Bank, and former Senior Account Officer at Bank Leumi, Moshe Benenfeld, AKA Michael Benenfeld was indicted by the Feds last week for robbing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his friends and neighbors in the tightly knit Boro Park Jewish community.

Benenfeld was the branch manager of one of these banks when he got busted.  The Feds won’t reveal the names of the banks in the indictment.  The Feds allege that Benenfeld withdrew money from his customers accounts and deposited the money into Benenfeld family member accounts. Talk about stupid. Goyisha kop.

The Feds allege, “On several occasions, Victim-1 attempted to cash a check at a bank and was told by that bank that there was not enough money in Victim-l’s account. When Victim-1 questioned Benenfeld about this issue, Benefeld told Victim-1 that the problems were caused by computers and that Victim-1 was “living in the last century.”

The Feds allege:  “In April 2016, Victim-1 received a letter from Bank-1 informing Victim-1 that Victim-l’s accounts had been used to pledge lines of credits for other bank customers. After learning of the contents of the letter, a relative of Victim-1 (“Relative-1”) called Benenfeld directly.  Benenfeld told Relative-1 that someone was “framing” him. When Victim-1 spoke to Benenfeld about the letter, Benenfeld told Victim-1 that other people were jealous of him and wanted his job.”

The Feds allege that the bank eventually figured out that Benenfeld was a goniff.  The bank sent their lawyer to interview Benenfeld, who was also represented by an attorney:  “On multiple occasions in 2016, Benenfeld, with his counsel present, was interviewed by attorneys for Bank-1.  On September 1, 2016, Benenfeld stated that the use of Victim-l’s bank accounts to collateralize letters of credit for Benenfeld family members was authorized by Victim-l’s late spouse.  Benenfeld admitted that the use of Victim-l’s bank accounts to collateralize letters of credit was not authorized.”

For a seven year period, from 2010 to 2017, Benenfeld victimized his friends and neighbors in Boro Park.  As the branch manager of two different banks, Benenfeld engaged in hundreds of fraudulent transactions totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The first bank forced Benenfeld to leave when they discovered his thievery.  The second bank, unaware that Benenfeld was a goniff, hired him, where his sticky fingers continued to rob from his friends and neighbors.

Benenfeld has been employed in the banking industry for at least 25 years.  Benenfeld is a family man and a prominent member of the Boro Park community.  Only Benenfeld knows why he decided to engage in this crime of extreme stupidity.  Eventually he knew he was going to get caught.  How long can you juggle accounts and lie to customers before the bank figured out that you are a goniff?  Benenfeld didn’t even make much money.  It’s not like he ran a multi-million dollar ponzi scheme.

Benenfeld will most likely end up in Otisville prison.  He may share a bunk with Sheldon Silver, who also recently got convicted.  Benenfeld is small time.  Sheldon Silver made millions. Benenfeld has nobody to rat out to get a reduction in his jail time.  Benenfeld will claim mental illness or depression to try to get a sentence less than five years.  In Moshe Benenfeld’s bond paperwork the Magistrate Moses ordered him to get “mental health evaluation and treatment.”  Mental health issues never fly with Federal judges.  Everyone has a mental health problem.  Magistrate Moses may go easy on Moshe because they share the same name.

Benenfeld didn’t hire high priced attorney Ben Brafman, the criminal defense attorney of choice for high profile Jewish criminals.  Hollywood mogul and rapist Harvey Weinstein hired Brafman.

Benenfeld hired a guy named Ephraim Savitt, of Madison Avenue, Manhattan.  Savitt is a former Federal Prosecutor for the Eastern District of New York.  Most Federal criminal defense attorneys are former Federal prosecutors.  They do a few years with the Feds then switch sides to make the big bucks defending white collar criminals who can pay their retainers.

In order to get a job out of law school at the Office of the United States Attorney you need an Ivy League degree and political connections.  Federal Prosecutor and Mueller team member Aaron Zelinsky got his job with the US Attorney’s Office due to his Yale law degree and his Yale law professor father’s connections with Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito.  Ed Zelinsky, the former partner with Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “the Goat” was a bunkie with Sam Alito at Yale Law School.  Ed’s son Aaron got into Yale because he was a “legacy” set aside, who got preferential admission because he had a parent who went to Yale.  Aaron Zelinsky is one of the dumbest of the Zelinsky children.  I have met a number of them at the Goat compound over the years.  If you see a Black kid at Yale you immediately think dumb kid who got helped out by affirmative action.  If you see an Asian kid at Yale you immediately think smart STEM kid with big bucks who is paying cash and not requesting financial aid.  If you see a White kid at Yale you don’t know if he is a dumb legacy set aside or a brilliant kid from the Midwest.  The legacy kids at Yale should all be required to wear the letter “L” on their foreheads in order to alert reprobates like myself that they didn’t get into Yale on their own merits.

Attorney Ephraim Savitt didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school.  Savitt graduated from Fordam Law. Back in the early 80s when Savitt graduated from law school it was easier to get your foot in the door with the United States Attorney than it is today.  You still needed political connections, which Savitt must have had.  Savitt must have been friends with Sheldon Silver.  Today the Office of the United States Attorney doesn’t hire a law school graduate unless they have an Ivy League degree and serious political juice.  The process is not democratic, but the United States is not a democracy.  The United States has become a banana republic ruled by roving gangs of FBI agents, Federal Prosecutors, Special Prosecutors, Congressional lapdogs for big money interests, and other mental defects, miscreants, and thugs who have all the power.

Savitt hasn’t had a high profile criminal case in a number of years.  But Benenfeld’s case is pretty cut and dry.  Benenfeld has no defense.  Savitt is just going to walk him into the guillotine.  Judge Moses and the US Attorney will have their mind made up long before Benenfeld faces Moses on her thrown in the Federal courthouse.

What makes a guy like Benenfeld turn to a life of crime after a lifetime of obeying the law?  This guy obviously suffers some kind of mental defect.  He is probably suicidal right now.  I met many guys in jail who said they contemplated suicide after they got indicted.  Do people with mental problems belong in prison, which offers no mental health treatment?  What’s the point in locking up Benenfeld?  He lost his job with the bank.  He has been publicly humiliated. He doesn’t pose a threat to anyone other than himself.

Benenfeld will do well in Otisville prison.  Benenfeld already knows how to steal.  He will be good at swiping tomatoes from the kosher kitchen.  My advice to Benenfeld is don’t sweat the amount of time you get in your sentence.  If you get one year or two years or three years it doesn’t really make much of a difference.  Once you are in there you are stuck and you don’t have much of a concept of time anyway.  Time stands still.  There is an old saying in prison:  “You only serve two days in jail, the day you go in and the day you get out.”

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  1. This article begins to shine a glimmer of light into the somewhat kosher DEEP STATE , which the fakenews incessantly preaches does not exist. MAGA

  2. Heard he came to shul over shavuos on a wheel chair. Wonder what’s up .. is it a part of his defense ??

  3. Larry another paper hanger. Seems to be that
    a lot of hens are gonifs
    all these bank and checking scams. What up with these guys. I guess they are no go people
    and hurt their own,

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