Prominent CT Attorneys Who Got Away with Grand Larceny

Prominent CT Attorneys Who Got Away with Grand Larceny

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Ambulance chasing attorney Louis “Robin Hood” Rubano, with his blond bimbo above, settled cases and didn’t pay off $250K in liens filed by the State of Connecticut. Instead of paying the State of Connecticut, Robin Hood Rubano gave the money to his clients. Rubano never got busted but his law license got suspended for a mere 9 months. A total of three former Connecticut Judges went to bat for Rubano. Hon. Angela Robinson of Wiggin & Dana, Hon Antonio Robaina of McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, and Hon. Michael E. Riley of Pullman & Comley, all submitted character letters at his bar suspension hearing begging Superior Court Judge Brian Fischer to go easy on Rubano.

New Haven Judge Brian Fischer went easy on Rubano, only suspending him for 9 months instead of the 2 years the Chief Disciplinary Counsel’s Office, headed by Attorney Brian B. Staines, requested. The fact that Rubano’s former employer and malpractice carrier quickly wrote a $250K check to the State of Connecticut went a long way to the slap on the wrist suspension, as well as avoidance of a referral to the State’s Attorney’s Office. Had Rubano’s employer not paid the $250K, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel would have reported Rubano to the State’s Attorney’s Office and recommended that criminal charges be filed.

Former Judge Hon. Riley wrote a lengthy letter in support of Rubano on the letterhead of his big law firm. Riley wrote that he “never found Rubano to be untruthful… I relied upon his demonstrated integrity… I am quite surprised by the allegations.” Why was Hon Riley surprised when he learned that Rubano was a liar and a thief? Judge Riley was an Aetna claims adjuster and an Aetna insurance defender before he was appointed to the bench. Riley defended Aetna against bad faith insurance practices claims. Aetna lost many big verdicts for denying legitimate insurance claims for no reason other than stealing policy holder’s money in order to increase profits. Riley must also be surprised every time Aetna loses a multi million dollar verdict in a bad faith insurance practices lawsuit.

Former Judge Hon. Robaina wrote a lengthy letter in support of Rubano on his big firm letterhead. Robaina wrote, “there is a general lack of knowledge among the bar with respect to this violation…” Hon. Robaina, who served as a Superior Court judge for many years, should know that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Hon. Robaina once sentenced a trucker named Thomas Hooks to 30 years in jail after he raped a woman and tied her to a tree. Did Robaina ever consider that Hooks may have had a general lack of knowledge about whether it was illegal to rape a woman and tie her to a tree?

Hon. Angela Robinson wrote a lengthy letter in support of Rubano on the letterhead of her big law firm. Hon Robinson wrote that Rubano “worked with great integrity… working with him was truly a pleasure… I can state emphatically that the Connecticut bar is better with him in it.” We need more thieves like Rubano in the Connecticut bar, to replace locked up crooks like former bankruptcy lawyer Peter Ressler. Ressler burned through a million bucks of his clients’ money in office overhead, trips to Florida and fancy boats. Ressler got locked up for five years. Peter had the biggest docket of cases in the bankruptcy court. When Peter couldn’t pay back his victims Federal Judge Covello sentenced him to five years in Federal prison in Otisville. Peter didn’t work for a big prestigious law firm. Peter couldn’t get letters of support from former judges, former Federal prosecutors or prominent attorneys. After Peter got indicted he immediately turned in his law license. Hundreds, if not thousands of angry clients were left in the lurch, causing them to call the bankruptcy court, driving the court personnel crazy. Because Peter’s crime wrecked havoc at the bankruptcy court the bankruptcy court judge wrote a letter to the sentencing Judge excoriating Peter. The bankruptcy trustee’s office also buried Peter. Peter showed up to sentencing with his only friend, his pet dog. Peter didn’t have a chance. Peter is not doing well in Otisville. Peter’s nickname is “Angry Pete.” Peter is always angry. Peter is getting the other inmates angry because Peter doesn’t know how to live in close quarters in a communal setting. Peter lacks people skills.

Attorney William Gallagher, with the yellow tie, for many years was the President of the New Haven County Bar Association, President of the Connecticut Bar Association, President of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, and was honored by numerous Connecticut legal organizations. Gallagher was the business partner of pedophile rabbi Daniel Greer for 30 years. Gallagher stole over a million bucks from his client’s trust accounts. Gallagher settled cases and didn’t pay off medical liens, State liens, or other creditors of his clients. Gallagher died and the State of Connecticut picked up his tab and paid off the numerous clients he robbed over 30 years.

When Robin Hood Rubano got caught stealing $250K, his employer, and his employer’s insurance company, bailed out Rubano and reimbursed the State of Connecticut $250K. Imagine if nobody came forward to pay Rubano’s bill? The State’s Attorney’s Office would have stepped in and busted his ass and locked him up, just like the Feds did to me. I couldn’t pay the Feds a million bucks in losses due to subprime mortgages that went under. I didn’t have a million bucks lying around or a big law firm employer to bail me out. All I got was a couple of thousand dollars in closing fees. The Feds never bothered to pursue my malpractice insurance company or my title insurance. The Feds didn’t want my money anyway. They wanted my head on a stick. I was one of the many scapegoats for the housing crash of 2008. The Feds in the Obama Administration left the big banks alone.

The Probation Office recommended incarceration for me to serve as a “deterrent.” You would think that the State of Connecticut would want to lock up Rubano in order to deter other attorneys from stealing from the State. It is very easy for an attorney to avoid paying State liens and get away with it. The State sends you a letter once a year. The State rarely follows up. I still get letters on dead files I never pursued, and I haven’t practiced law in years. Nobody is chasing after these liens.

Attorney Harold James Pickerstein, the short fat guy with the vomit tie, was the Chief US Attorney for the State of Connecticut in 1974. He is still listed on the DOJ website with honor as the former Chief G-man, see link. Pickerstein stole $600K from his client and got sentenced to only 30 days in jail by Judge Victor Bolden. Pickerstein received 70 pages of character letters, mostly from prominent attorneys and former Federal prosecutors, and one letter from Federal magistrate Judge Holly Fitzsimmons.   Pickerstein worked for such powerful law firms as Trager & Trager, Pepe & Hazard, and McElroy, Deutsch, Mulraney & Carpenter, the same law firm where Judge Robiana currently works.

Pickerstein’s employer, and employer’s malpractice insurance company, bailed Pickerstein out and wrote a $600K check to the client he robbed. Imagine if nobody came forward to pay Pickerstein’s bill? The Feds would have locked him up for a lot longer than 30 days, just like the Feds did to me. I could do 30 days standing on my head.

Pickerstein received a character letter from former Federal prosecutor Joseph Martini.  Martini used to be a partner with Pickerstein at the powerful law firm Pepe & Hazard.  Pickerstein also received a character letter from former Federal prosecutor James Glasser, the son of Israel Leo Glasser, a Federal judge in New York. Glasser contributed to Obama.  Martini and Glasser are both partners at the powerful law firm of Wiggin & Dana.  Federal Judge Victor Bolden, who sentenced Pickerstein, used to work for Wiggin & Dana. Bolden was appointed by Obama. Pickerstein was sentenced in 2016, when Obama was President.

You can read the three retired Judge’s character letters. along with character letters written by many other upstanding members of the Connecticut bar, defending Robin Hood Rubano below:


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