Prominent Lawyer Nathan Lewin Won’t Defend Greer

Prominent Lawyer Nathan Lewin Won’t Defend Greer

May 6, 2016

Other than his paid attorney, Rabbi Greer has no defenders.  Rabbi Greer has a rolodex filled with the names of politicians, rabbis, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, and others who have donated to his non-profit operations for many years.  Yet nobody has come out publicly to defend the old man.  Not even the prominent attorney Nathan Lewin who specializes in Jewish causes.

Nathan Lewin represented Greer and the Yale 5 when Greer sued Yale for religious discrimination for failure to provide the Greer and Hack Yale students with special housing units in which the boys and the girls were separated.  Rabbi Greer’s  ridiculous case was ultimately thrown out.  But Rabbi Greer must have paid Nathan Lewin a lot of money to litigate this frivolous case.  And for what purpose did the case serve, other than to embarrass the young Greer and Hack Yale students, and create animosity in the Jewish community.

Attorney Lewin recently submitted an unsolicited letter to the sentencing judge for convicted politician Sheldon Silver, who ultimately got 12 years in the slammer.  Lewin wrote:  “This letter is being submitted without any request from Sheldon Silver or his counsel.  I have learned from newspaper reports that you will be sentencing Sheldon Silver….I cannot, of course, judge the merits of the criminal charges in which he has been found guilty.  But I can tell you that from my personal experiences with him, there are few people in government who I would trust more than Sheldon Silver.  His sins must be weighed in the full context of his good deeds and the integrity that impressed those who selected him as Speaker as well as constituants throughout the State of New York….”

Attorney Lewin wrote this glowing letter after Silver was found guilty. At the present, Rabbi Greer is presumed innocent.  Why has Nathan Lewin not submitted a public letter in support of Rabbi Greer similar to the one he submitted on behalf of Sheldon Silver?

Prominent rabbis, as well as other prominent people, wrote  letters in support of Sheldon Silver at his sentencing, just as many prominent people and rabbis came out in support of Sholom Rubashkin and Jonathan Pollard.  Not one rabbi, or family member, has come out to publicly support Rabbi Greer and attest to his “good deeds” and “integrity.”   None of the Greer children have come out to publicly support their father, which is an important mitzvah.  Instead they have skipped town, went AWOL, while their father is under seige, left alone to fight.  Now, more than ever, whether he is guilty or innocent, Rabbi Greer needs the support of his family.  The Fifth Commandment of the Torah says to “honor thy father and mother.”   Why are the Greer children running from doing one of the top ten mitzvahs in the Torah?

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