Prominent YU Bibliophile Now Running Greer Asylum

Prominent YU Bibliophile Now Running Greer Asylum


(August 30, 2016)  Greer has now enlisted a prominent former librarian and curator of Yeshiva University to run the Greer synagogue.  Reb Zalmon Alpert has been enlisting men to attend the daily prayer sessions in the Greer Asylum.  Reb Zalmon used to be anti-Greer for some period of time.  He refused to go the Greer asylum after the child rape case was filed.  He made disparaging remarks about Greer.

And then something changed.  Reb Zalmon was put on the Greer payroll.  He punches a time card at the Greer asylum.  He is teaching adult classes.  He was teaching classes for the boys when Greer’s yeshiva was still operating.  Why has this former nemesis of Greer suddenly become Greer’s biggest supporter?  Was it because of the money, the hush money?  Some guys would do anything for a buck.

Reb Zalman has been a Greer booster for years.  This is what he wrote in a comment to the New Haven Independent’s article about “wilding youths” in New Haven:  Reb Zalman wrote:  “Wilding youths – yet in the article 3 were arrested as adults. This seems to be a very serious matter of terrorizing a neighborhood and damaging property. Perhaps an armed patrol such as the Greer family organized is not really an over reaction. What New Haven needs is a mayor like Rudy Gulliani with a policy of enforcing the law including quality of life crimes. Coddling hoods and calling them youths is just encouraging this sort of action.  Its almost there now, but you will wake up one morning with all Middle class whites and middle class Blacks living in the burbs. Who is going to pay the tax bill? Perhaps the wilding youths?”

Reb Zalman feels strongly against “coddling” criminals who “terrorize” neighborhoods and “damage” property.  Yet Reb Zalman is coddling child rapist Greer, who went wilding for years damaging the lives of his child victims.   Perhaps New Haven does need a mayor like Guiliani who will crack down on child rapists like  Greer and put him in jail where he belongs.  Coddling child rapists and calling them “Rabbis” and giving them yeshivas to run only encourages more crime.

Here is another Greer-type comment  that Reb Zalman made some years ago to the New Haven Independent:  “Neighborhoods in NYC and Brooklyn that were crime ridden were cleaned up and are now gentrified with commerce and young families.Every time I visit such places i am amazed, what happened? What happened is Rudy Guiliani!  Imagine a well policed city making neighborhoods with great housing stock ,safe from serious crime and liveable (noise, traffic violations, neat and well kept etc).  I think many young people would welcome such an option over more expensive areas around Yale or the burbs.  But aggresive policing is the first priority. Eventually the city fathers will get it but not before New Haven turns into another Detroit. Alas! Thats the bad news. The good news is that its not so far from Detroit now.”

Someone should inform Reb Zalmon that the Guiliani broken windows theory of crime reduction has been debunked by the experts.  And I wonder what the African American City Mother, Mayor Toni Harp, would think about these racially charged comments made by the man in charge of the Greer Asylum.

More words of wisdom from the pen of Reb Zalmon: “You could buy a bank with the amount of money our cities, states and federal government spend on welfare grants and other entitlement programs and I am not speaking about SS and  various other health insurance programs.  I bet you could buy a bank with just the amount of money the city of NH spends annually on welfare programs, certainly a small bank?  Okay lets do away with military spending and lets welcome Islamic fundamentalism to the US then all the men at meetings will have beards and the women…what women?”

Reb Zalmon forgot to mention all the government grants and tax breaks Greer gets for running the Greer Asylum.  Greer was getting tens of thousand of dollars from the City of New Haven to water the trees around the compound.

This is what  Sage Zalmon has to say a few years ago about Greer’s buddy Police Chief Bratton, who just resigned as police chief of the City of New York amidst a rampant bribery and corruption scandal: “I have to say this again, New Haven is a far more dangerous city than NYC in 2010. In the days when I was at Columbia things like this happened routinely. Today I feel a lot safer in Washington heights the supposes drug center of North America at Midnight than I do in New Haven after dark!  The Police dept. is not attacking crime in an agressive manner. The NH POLITICAL leadership ought to discuss crime prevention with someone like Chief Bratton in LA.”


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