Purim in Otisville With Moshe Butler & King Schleider

Purim in Otisville With Moshe Butler & King Schleider

Otisville inmate “King” Alex Gedalia Schleider. Don’t let his English accent, fine taste in kiddush cups, and high fashion wife and daughters fool you, he was co-conspirators with Lakewood ponzi scheme king Eli Weinstein, who got 24 years. Schleider only got a year and a day as his reward for ratting out Weinstein.

Moshe Butler’s favorite holiday was Purim. Moshe is currently in deep drek with the Feds. Moshe is on home confinement right now waiting to be sentenced for new crimes he committed as soon as he got released for his old crimes. Moshe will end up back in Otisville. If you are reading this Moshe I want you know that many people have contacted me and want to know, WHY? Why can’t you get your act together? We were all locked up together. We all couldn’t wait to get out. We all vowed that we would never end up back in Otisville again.

Moshe’s wife and children came to visit Moshe all the time in Otisville. When I was locked up with Moshe I made Purim masks which Moshe brought to his children in the visiting room. At times Moshe seemed too comfortable in prison. Most guys complained all the time that they couldn’t wait to get out. Moshe never complained much. I think Moshe knew that it was not easy for him to function on the outside. Moshe’s gambling addiction always got him in trouble.

Purim in Otisville is a very dry event. No wine, no beer, no Scotch. Just Kedem grape juice. Kedem could give you a nice sugar high. We had special holiday food that was shipped in from the outside, probably arranged by the Aleph Institute. We had salmon, chicken soup and cows tongue. Guys made Purim Shlach manot baskets and passed them around. We had a Purim shpiel in the shul. The officers allowed the Hasidim to wear these little black square felt hats on top of their yarmukles. The guys passed around one of the hats. Whoever wore the hat got to roast anyone in the room.

Former pharmacist Sweet was the only inmate with the closest thing to an authentic Purim costume. Mr. Sweet, an expert in chemicals, was able to dye his beard orange. He made some kind of concoction with sardine oil and other substances to cause his beard to turn orange. I don’t know how he did it, but somehow he managed to get his beard to glow orange.

At one point I saw the 79 year old ornery Satmar “Zaidy” Schlesinger sitting with a the goyim and giving them Purim gifts, which I found to be very unusual. The old Satmar is not the type to spend much time with the goyim, let alone give them gifts. I took him aside and asked him why he was giving the goyim gifts. He told me that the Torah says that you should send the goyim away with gifts. I guess he must have thought there were too many goyim in Otisville. He wanted to send them away. He wasn’t particularly fond of Jews either. I think he wanted to send away a number of Jews too.

Inmate Gedalia Alex Schleider had many nicknames:  “Sir Schleider”  “Prince Schleider”  “Lord Bentley”  “King Schleider.”   King Schleider expected everyone to cater to him.  He made some friends, but also a few enemies.  King Schleider helped the Feds nab Lakewood ponzi scheme king Eli Weinstein. Many guys ratted out Weinstein. They didn’t have much of a choice. Weinstein got 24 years. Either rat him out or spend the next 24 years sitting with him in prison. With a 24 year sentence Weinstein couldn’t go to Otisville. You need to have ten years or less to get into Otisville. Weinstein is currently incarcerated in Fort Dix. His release date is 4/24/2034. In 2024 he can apply for membership into Club Otisville.

King Schleider had a sense of entitlement.  King Schleider’s wife and daughters, with very expensive taste in clothing, handbags, perfume, makeup and jewelry, came to visit him and offer him emotional support at least three times a week, lavishing him with praise.  Sometimes they fed him in the visitors room. Retired mobster Neighborhood Mitch, whose job was to take out the garbage from the visiting room, was always impressed with Schleider’s girls.  When Schleider checked out of Otisville he took his girls on a tour of the prison grounds in his car, which is completely against the rules. You don’t just drive around the inner grounds of a prison as if you are at the Bronx Zoo. The officers chased him down in their prison van and escorted him out of Otisville. Schleider’s next stop was the halfway house in Newark, NJ. I heard he didn’t like the Newark halfway house and wanted to get transferred back to Otisville for the remainder of his sentence. Newark was too far for his girls to travel to see him. Plus the visiting area in the halfway house was not as fancy as the outdoor patio in Otisville. The Bureau of Prisons is not running a chain of hotels. You can’t tell the BOP where you want to be locked up. The BOP tells you which cage has your name on it. After Schleider left Otisville I posted this sign on his bunk: “Federally Protected Landmark, King Schleider Slept Here 2015.”

Once again I will present the original Purim 2015 song written, directed, sung and performed by Moshe Butler in Otisville in 2015:

Welcome to Purim 2015… A lot has changed over the past year and it sure hasn’t been boring…the community has had a lot of changes but now we’re beginning to thrive, but unfortunately Rabbi Leib Pinter is 0 for 5 (in inmate gabbai elections)….Many characters have come and gone from Blau to Tishler to Lipa… the kosher kitchen seems to still lose half of its food because Sam is real slick and smooth…. Artie has been here for about 12 weeks but still no one knows if his last name is Fryd or Freed if you’d like to learn about him or even try to make a dent just spend an hour with him in anger management… Reb Naftali (Schlesinger “Zaidy”) continues to amaze us each day, either listen to him, or just stay away, his love for the guitar is so great to hear he’s now even throwing sliced bananas at the beautiful deer…. Robert Pinkerstein has taken the Russians very far he supplies them with everything they need including cavier…. Ari Glucksman you better watch your back for the next gabbai election. Ari Glucksman has had to learn what to say because he has had to deal with sheer craziness every single day, so when Rabbi Richter (Otisville chaplain) signed off and confirmed his gabbai win was valid I was so happy I could eat more of his potato salad….Around Larry Noodles I need to be careful of what I say because in the script he is writing I don’t know what role I’ll play… over the past three years my mind has started to turn to mush but I still don’t eat more than Daniel Baddouch…. Ben Turner runs his law practice from Two Mile Drive when he sits in the powerhouse, he thinks he can run and hide, one thing he is crazy about and he sure doesn’t mind, is starting every single davening precisely on time…. Gedalia Schleider thinks his accent makes him sound real cool, he relaxes all day like he’s back in school, he loves all the drama and tries to get into the fray, I guess that’s what happens when you only get a year and a day…While we’re all here we should accomplish a new feat whether its learning crazy dancing or facial grooming from Daniel Sweet, but if you want to learn how to hide your food through the summer and winter then look no further than Rabbi Pinter… The youngest among us may surprise many of you its actually Matt Getto, and he’s only 32. If anyone got any woman who is worth a real look you all know that he is a dude who knows how to cook… I have yet to understand a word the Satmar turned Lubavitcher Rebbe (Mshulum) says especially when he tries to get me out of bed, we all know that he’s the one who pulls all the strings, that’s why I am trying to learn all the songs he sings… I wish you all mazel and brachas that you should all go home real soon and have much hatzlocha, my advice to you is that you all shouldn’t be haters because we are all controlled by the Satmar turned Lubavitcher, who is the real Dictator.

Otisville outdoor visiting area. Warehouse in the background. Sam’s Club cleaning the area for visitors.

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