Rape Victim Rabbi Avi Hack Was Greer’s Loyal Servant

Rape Victim Rabbi Avi Hack Was Greer’s Loyal Servant

In the interests of fair and balanced reporting, and to dispel any notion that I have an ax to grind, I concede that I received calls from people supporting Rabbi Avi Hack.  I also concede that I received zero calls in support of Rabbi Greer.  Anyone who contacted this blogger about Rabbi Greer had nothing positive to say about Rabbi Greer. If you can’t say something nice about a person.

Rabbi Hack is an affable man. A meticulous man. He does not come across as the bad guy.  Rabbi Greer, on the other hand, has a tyrannical personality.  Rabbi Greer gave the orders.  Rabbi Avi Hack carried out Greer’s orders like a loyal, devoted servant.  But do not let Rabbi Avi’s affable personality fool you.  Serial child molester Sandusky was a family man and well respected in his community. Bill Cosby was the poster child for family values.  These predators abused their positions of trust for many years before victims came forward.

It was well known in the Greer Yeshiva that Rabbi Hack openly, during prayer services, committed repeated acts of sexual assault upon a student.  In full view of Greer and Hack family members, Rabbi Hack frequently put his hand on the inner thigh of a student, while whispering in the student’s ear and massaging the student’s neck and shoulder with his other hand.  Under the Connecticut Criminal Code, Section 53a-73a, it is a felony for a teacher to have sexual contact with a student who is under 15 years old.  Sexual contact is defined as contact with the “intimate parts” of the student’s body.  Intimate parts include the “genital area, groin, anus, inner thighs, buttocks or breasts.”

I asked the “most honest man in America“, ie., Rabbi Muroff, whether he witnessed such behavior in the Greer synagogue.  The most honest man in America admitted that he saw this happen in the synagogue, but dismissed it, and said to me, “I would never do such a thing, but that’s Rebbi Avi, he has his own style of teaching.”   Why would Rebbi Avi place his hands on the inner thigh, neck, and shoulder of a teenage boy, with peak testosterone levels, in an all boys school, while whispering in the boy’s ear?

Rabbi Avi Hack is no dummy.  He graduated from Yale University.   Was this the “style of teaching” taught to Rabbi Avi while he was at Yale, or was this the Avi Hack method of grooming the student for sexual molestation?  Either way, Rabbi Avi Hack committed multiple acts of sexual assault, as witnessed by “the most honest man in America.”  At the very least Rabbi Muroff has an obligation to report these crimes to the authorities under Section 17a-101a of the Connecticut General Statutes as a mandated reporter.  The failure to report such acts is a crime in itself.   There is another side to Rabbi Avi Hack, which was reported to me  by former students.  A passive aggressive side in which Rabbi Avi Hack put student lives in grave danger.  Stay tuned, more to come…

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