Rabbi Bleich Breaks Silence & Defends The Goat

Rabbi Bleich Breaks Silence & Defends The Goat

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Rabbi Bleich broke his silence about his buddy Rabbi Daniel Greer aka “the Goat.”  Rabbi Bleich is a professor of Jewish Law and Ethics at Cordozo Law School, which is part of Yeshiva University.  The Goat’s wife, the Ewe, has taught at YU for many years.  I am not sure if she still teaches there, as her name is no longer on the faculty list on the YU website.  Ed Zelinsky, who used to be a business partner with the Goat in New Haven teaches tax law at Cordozo Law School.

Ed Zelinsky is currently being sued in the Connecticut Superior Court for one million dollars for mishandling money from an estate in his position as trustee.   Ed is accused of “statutory theft.”  Ed’s son Aaron Zelinsky is a Federal prosecutor who was hand chosen to work on Mueller’s Dream Team.  Mueller’s Dream Team is working hand in hand with DC snitches and reporters from the liberal press looking to indict the President along with a few Russian Jews, who have already been indicted in absentia.   Yale Law School graduate Aaron Zelinsky is the only veteran Federal prosecutor on the Mueller Dream team who is not a veteran.  Aaron has five years under his belt prosecuting drug dealers.  Big deal.  Aaron’s father landed him the job with Mueller’s High Command.  Ed Zelinsky is a Yale Law graduate who dormed with Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito.  Ed helped Sam get nominated.  Ed promoted Sam in the press and legal circles.  Ed described himself as “A Democrat for Sam.”

The easiest cases for a US Attorney to prosecute are the cases against drug dealers.  The FBI does all the work using rats and wiretaps.  The joke in the Federal criminal legal field is that the hardest work a Federal prosecutor has to do is to push the play button on the tape recorder in front of the jury.  Drug mules are considered the least intelligent of all criminals.  I was locked up with all kinds of criminals and the drug dealers were nice guys, but not the brightest bulbs in the tool shed.

I have been writing for months about how Rabbi Bleich is still a Board member of the Yeshiva of New Haven.  A week ago, in response to my blog postings, a prominent member of the New Haven Jewish community reached out to Bleich in order to determine why Bleich is still listed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Goat’s “Yeshiva of New Haven.”  This Nutmegger from New Haven had a lengthy telephone conversation with Bleich about the Goat.  Bleich told the Nutmegger that his position as Goat board member was “irrelevant” because the Goat school is defunct.  The Nutmegger responded by saying that if the position is irrelevant, why not withdraw from the position.  Bleich’s response was that he was not going to do that because “property was involved” and he would “lose the property.”

The property owned by the Yeshiva of New Haven is the Goat’s giant school building located at 765 Elm Street.  Rabbi Notis is running his own school in this building with the Goat sitting in the front of the shul every day leering at the teenage boys.  The Yeshiva of New Haven also owns a few plots of land in Bethany, CT.  The members of the Board of Directors of the Yeshiva of New Haven do not personally own any property.  The board members are merely trustees for the real estate.  If the non profit organization dissolves then the assets would have to be transferred to another non profit organization.  That’s the law.

The Goat appealed the $15 million dollar child rape jury verdict.  With interest the verdict is now $21 million.  The Goat appeal is currently pending and may not be decided for another year.  In the meantime, Eli Mirlis placed liens of $21 million on all of the real estate owned by the Yeshiva of New Haven.  If the Goat gets the verdict reversed, which is next to impossible, then the property owned by the Yeshiva of New Haven would no longer be encumbered by the $21 million lien.  Bleich would be a board member of a non profit that possessed significant assets.  After the Goat’s demise, Bleich would be able to dissolve the Yeshiva of New Haven and transfer those assets to his own non profit shul located on the Upper East Side.

The Nutmegger also asked Bleich what he thought about the $15 million verdict against the Goat.  Bleich’s reaction was that it was only a civil case and he was waiting to see what happened with the criminal case.

The Nutmegger asked Bleich what he thought about the fact that there are boys in the Goat building being exposed to the depraved Goat every day.  Bleich’s reply was that it was not the Goat’s school anymore and that Rabbi Notis was paying the Goat rent to operate the building.

If you believe, as I do, that Rabbi J. David Bleich has completely lost his mind, you should contact him and tell him that he needs immediate mental attention and he should check himself into the Albert Einstein Mental & Behavioral Health Center.  I would do it myself but I have a feeling he won’t take my calls.  You can send Bleich an email at bleich@yu.edu or you can call him at the Cardozo Law School at 212-790-0294.

Mental health problems are no longer a stigma.  Bleich should not be embarrassed to seek treatment.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step.  You would be doing a big mitzvah by helping a great Rabbi such as Bleich get the help he needs.

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