Rabbi Greer Appeals $296 Weekly Court Order

Rabbi Greer Appeals $296 Weekly Court Order

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Avi Hack can’t figure out the Goat

A few weeks ago Judge Shea ordered that Rabbi Greer AKA “The Goat” pay child rape victim Eli Mirlis $296.00 per week towards the $21 million judgment. On January 8th the Goat’s attorneys at the Sklarz Law Firm appealed this order to the Second Circuit. The Sklarz lawyers are going to get paid a hefty retainer by the Goat to handle this appeal, far more than the $296 a week that the Goat would be paying Mirlis. The Goat would rather pay the Sklarz lawyers, prominent men in the New Haven Jewish community, thousands of dollars in legal fees than pay victim Eli Mirlis a small weekly sum towards the $21 million judgment.

The Sklarz lawyers don’t have any qualms about representing a depraved Jewish pedophile. You are taught in law school that everyone deserves a defense, even the Goats of society. But who wants to be known as the attorney who represents child molesters?

The above picture shows Avi Hack standing in the Goat shul behind his assigned seat. Dov Greer sat behind Avi at the table in front of the bookcase. Dov guarded the back door, also in the picture. The Greers and the Hacks were positioned in strategic locations surrounding the room. The Grand Goat sat in front facing the congregation. Dov sat in back guarding the door and keeping an eye on everyone when the Goat turned around to face East to pray. Harold Hack was seated on the south wall while Ezi Greer was seated at the north wall. The few local saps like myself, Mr. Robot, the Mathematician, the Librarian, the Lounge Singer, Dark Matter, the Cowboy, and even local Communist Paul Bass, were scattered throughout the room. The 5 or 6 teenage bochurim, ie., boys in the Goat school were usually seated right in the middle of the room between the Goat and Avi Hack. The Goat and Avi had the best view of these young men. This went on for years. Students came and went, including rape victim Eli Mirlis. Many didn’t last more than a year or two because they didn’t put out for the Goat or Avi Hack. Disgusting.

The red and green books on the bookshelf pictured above were prayer books and Chumashim (Bibles). Every year during the High Holidays the Goat would ask for donations to pay the cost of a new prayer book or Bible. When you sent in a donation the Goat put your name on the inside cover of one of his existing prayer books. The Goat never purchased a new prayer book. He just pasted a donation sticker on the inside of one of his old books. He is a miserly old goat and gives Jews a bad name. He should be defrocked as a rabbi and excommunicated as a Jew. Jews who support the Goat should also be excommunicated for good measure, including Attorney Sklarz and his gang of Jewish attorneys helping the Goat protect his goat dollars. For shame. A shanda of the first order. The Goat is no spring chicken. The Goat’s family abandoned him. Does the Goat intend to be buried with his money?

You can read a copy of the Goat’s chutzpahdik appeal filed by Attorney Sklarz:

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