Rabbi Daniel Greer Fails To Post $620K Cash Bond

Rabbi Daniel Greer Fails To Post $620K Cash Bond

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In 2017 child rape victim Eli Mirlis filed a foreclosure case against the Goat’s prized possession, his Yeshiva building known as the Nightmare on Elm Street located at 765 Elm Street, which the Goat used to recruit boys for rape and molestation. Mirlis has been trying to collect on his $20 million jury verdict rendered against the Goat and against the Yeshiva of New Haven for the last few years. The Goat hired high priced attorney Jeffrey Sklarz to defend him against the foreclosure case bought by Mr. Mirlis.

The Judge in the Goat’s foreclosure case recently ruled that the Goat could keep his child rape building if he posted a $620K cash bond, which the Judge determined was the value of the building. If the Goat got his $20 million verdict reversed at the Second Circuit the Goat wouldn’t have to post a dime. The Goat would be fully vindicated and would be able to keep his building. The Goat would start up his Yeshiva again and rape more victims twelve years from now when he gets out of prison.

The Goat hired Attorney David Grudberg to appeal the $20 million verdict and try to get it overturned. The Second Circuit recently shot down the Goat’s appeal. The Goat can appeal the Second Circuit ruling to the United States Supreme Court. The odds of the Goat winning at the Supreme Court are very slim. It looks like the Goat is going to have to come up with $20 million.

So far Mirlis hasn’t collected much money from the Goat’s properties. Mirlis collected about $75K from the Goat’s residence. Mirlis collected about ten grand from Goat bank accounts. Mirlis foreclosed on two building lots owned by the Yeshiva of New Haven located in Bethany. Mirlis foreclosed on a Goat owned lot in Massachusetts. Mirlis is in Federal court trying to pierce the corporate veil of the Goat’s non profit entities. Mirlis has another case in which he is trying to get $250K in cash that was fraudulently conveyed from the Goat to his wife after the $20 million jury verdict. Mirlis has a lien on the Goat’s condo in Newport. I assume most of the money Mirlis received has gone to his attorneys, as they have had to work very hard to get anything out of the miserly Goat, who is spending all his money on high priced attorneys to prevent Mirlis from collecting a dime.

The Judge in the foreclosure case gave the Goat the opportunity to keep his Yeshiva building if he posted a $620K cash bond. The Goat has failed to come up with $620K in cash. The Attorneys for Mirlis just filed a motion to take over the building. The Goat has not responded to the Mirlis motion. The Mirlis motion is scheduled to be heard on Monday, ie., the Fast of Esther.

I expect the Goat to file a motion to delay the hearing due to the fact that he will be fasting in the Cheshire prison on Monday and will be too weak to get woken up at 4AM to get on the prison bus in order to arrive in the New Haven courthouse for his hearing at 10 AM. Inmates have to get up very early when they have to be transported to the courthouse. It takes time to process them at the facility, chain them all together on a prison transport van, and then process them at the courthouse basement lockup. Most people think that prisoners like getting some fresh air. Most inmates actually hate being taken out of their natural habitat. Most inmates get into a daily routine in jail. Anything that upsets that routine causes stress and anxiety. Guys are always on edge.

According to the Goat’s medical records he is doing well in Cheshire prison. The Goat is maintaining his weight of 148 pounds. The Goat’s blood pressure is stable. The Goat has complained that he only gets 20 minutes to eat his meals. The Goat is in solitary, for his own protection. The Goat doesn’t get to eat a communal meal with the other inmates. The guards hand the Goat a tray of prison food through the bars of his cage, wait for him to finish eating, and then remove the tray. The Goat is probably eating vegetarian. The prison doesn’t have glatt kosher meat. The Connecticut Department of Corrections has a Reform Rabbi who supervises the “kosher” meals. The Rabbi will make sure that the Goat’s meals will not contain shellfish, pork, or shark meat.

The Goat’s medical records reveal that the Goat has complained that he doesn’t have access to enough suppositories. The Goat wants a month’s supply of suppositories in order to help him with issues he is having digesting his prison food. All prison food is notoriously difficult to digest due to a lack of fiber. The Government doesn’t waste taxpayer money to feed lowly inmates. Farm animals get fed better than inmates. Let them eat noodle kugel!

The prison nurse told the Goat that he is only allowed to have a couple of days supply of his suppository medication in his cell. The Goat gets his meds handed to him in his cell by the prison nurse. The Goat doesn’t get to stand in the prison “pill line” with other inmates. When I was in Otisville prison the most unstable guys stood in the pill line. These guys were getting pysch meds to keep them from having mental breakdowns and killing each other. Sometimes the psych drugs didn’t work. The meds had to be adjusted. A few inmates got killed in the meantime. Oh well!

If the Goat fails to file any additional motions to delay the foreclosure Mirlis will finally be able to take title and sell the Goat’s Nightmare on Elm Street. The Goat has kept the lights on in the Goat shul room ever since the Goat went to jail. The Goat’s secretary Jean Ledbury, and the Goat’s wife have both been spotted in the building since the Goat got locked up. The Goat’s secretary reports to work every day. She must collect the rents and puts the money on the Goat’s prison commissary.

There is no shortage of local religious Jewish organizations looking to purchase the Goat’s building from Mirlis. Religious life is booming in New Haven, in spite of the coronavirus, the flu, HIV, VD, herpes, SARS, yellow fever, Ebola, and the common cold. Religious Jews don’t believe in the coronavirus anyway. Now is the time to become a religious Jew and receive eternal salvation. Moshiach is on his way! When Moshiach arrives on his pit bull the recent increase in real estate taxes enacted by the new Mayor, the skinny White Yale grad named Elicker, will be nullified. I told everyone to vote for the African American woman, she had soul. Toni Harp was escorted around town by New Haven cops in a gas guzzling SUV every day. The skinny White guy rides his bike to City Hall from the East Rock grad ghetto and is about the size of a matzah. He is going to get hit riding his bike on the streets of New Haven. Four pedestrians have already been killed by drivers in New Haven this year. If Mayor Elicker gets run over by the Yale shuttle the new Mayor will be the President of the Alderman, ie., Tyisha Walker-Myers. Tyisha lives a few blocks from me. Tyisha has soul. Tyisha knows how to daven in the Old World traditions of her forefathers at the First Tabernacle Mt. Zion Shiloh Center on the Green. She recently sponsored a kiddush in the name of her alter zaidy. Tyisha will be the spark who triggers the coming of the Moshiach.


Jonathan Siegel The issues in the appeal were mostly fact-specific evidentionary questions. And the claim the award was excessive was done under state law – there was no claim it was unconstitutionally excessive. These are issues that Supreme Court basically never takes, it almost always leaves evidentiary calls and state law questions to lower court judges.

I find myself surprised he hasn’t sued to get kosher meals. While the courts ruled against a previous suit, that was only because a prisoner so botched his case that he mangled the affidavit he filed, causing the judge to throw it out and, which meant he was left with zero evidence in support of his position.

I assume that Greer not only knows how to file an affidavit, he knows how to get rabbis to provide evidence supporting his position.

In almost every court where a case has been properly filed, the judge agreed that the vegetarian food and the Reform rabbi weren’t good enough.


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