Rabbi Goat Ordered To Pay Mirlis $296 Per Week

Rabbi Goat Ordered To Pay Mirlis $296 Per Week

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There was a hearing in Federal court last week to address the Goat’s failure to pay rape victim Eli Mirlis on the $20 million jury verdict.  The attorneys for Mirlis filed a motion asking Judge Shea to order the Goat to pay a weekly sum of money towards the $20 million outstanding civil judgment.  Judge Shea granted the motion and ordered the Goat to pay a measly $296.00 per week, which amounts to less than $15K a year. 

In most cases judges order wage garnishments in the amount of 10-15 % of a deadbeat debtor’s salary.  If the Goat showed a salary of $100K a year then the $15K a year in wage garnishment makes sense.  The Goat probably tried to show Judge Shea that he was earning considerably less than $100K a year.  Judge Shea knows better than to trust anything that comes out of the Goat’s mouth.  The Goat cannot try to claim poverty when he just paid his criminal defense attorney William Dow a six figure retainer. 

The Goat is still paying attorneys William Ward, David Grudberg, and their firms thousands of dollars to pursue his appeal in the Second Circuit.  The Goat is trying to overturn the $20 million child rape verdict.  The Goat is also trying to overturn Judge Shea’s order that Avi Hack’s videotape be turned over to Larry Noodles.  The Goat is still paying the Sklarz Law Firm thousands of dollars to fight the collection attempts by the attorneys for Mirlis.  The Goat is also paying young men to stay in the compound each week in order to make his minyan.  This is costing the Goat about $1,000.00 a week, plus additional costs in food and utilities to feed and house these guys.  

Judge Shea also issued an order requiring the Goat to disclose detailed information about his non-profit housing entities, which were not named as defendants in the child rape lawsuit.  Mirlis has been trying to “pierce the corporate veil” in order to get money out of these non-profits.  Mirlis has to prove that the non-profits are under the exclusive control of the Goat and that the Goat used these entities in order to commit fraud and other illegal activities.  Mirlis was raped in some of the buildings owned by the non-profits.  The Goat constructed giant walls around all the buildings that were owned by the non-profits.  The non-profit buildings surround the Goat’s nightmare on Elm Street school building that housed his school for teenage boys. 

The official purpose of the Goat’s non-profits was to provide low income housing for the Edgewood neighborhood.  The real purpose of these buildings was to create a compound that was impossible to penetrate.  The compound allowed the Goat complete access and control over its occupants. Thirty years ago Yale reporter and local Communist Paul Bass tried to breach the compound but failed.  The only people able to get inside the compound were members of the Goat’s immediate family and adopted family, ie., Dov Greer, Ezi Greer, Avi Hack and Harold Hack, who enforced the rules.  The only others allowed in the compound were a few useful local idiots like myself, Mr. Robot, Quick Draw McGraw, Salty Balls, the Mathematician, the Undertaker, the Librarian, Lou Goatberg and Otis, who gave the Goat some credibility. 

Avi Hack, Dov Greer and Ezi Greer all lived in buildings owned by the Goat’s non profit entities.  The Goat didn’t charge them any rent.  All their food was paid for.  If they didn’t behave the Goat would have kicked them and their families out of the compound, just as the Goat kicked out the guys from the kollel.  The Goat didn’t like outsiders from the kollel poking around, lest they discover the Goat’s many crimes.  

The Goat has been objecting to Mirlis asking any questions about his non profit entities.  The Goat recently added a number of new directors to his non profit entities, obviously in an attempt to show Judge Shea that he does not exercise exclusive and complete control over these entities.  Too little too late.  The Goat committed his crimes while he was the dictator of these entities.  See Link. The Goat transferred $200K into his wife’s retirement account, which is shielded from creditors, after the $20 million child rape verdict came down. See link.   The Ewe was a director on all of these entities.  

Rabbi Goat figured that by hiring the best and most expensive attorneys he would be able to beat Mirlis.  This strategy backfired on the Goat.  The Goat cannot claim poverty in front of Judge Shea when he is paying these shysters hundreds of thousands of dollars.   The Goat should have saved his money, or gave his money to his victims.  The Goat should have hired a public defender.  The Goat is a joke.  

Judge Shea ordered that the Goat cannot object to any questions about his non-profits during his deposition.  The Goat’s attorney David Grudberg can preserve his objections for purposes of appeal by objecting “for the record.”  The Goat is still required to answer the questions.  The Goat’s only remedy is to appeal Judge Shea’s order.  The Goat will have to come up with another retainer to pay for another appeal.  The Goat has deeper pockets than a kangaroo.  Below is a copy of Judge Shea’s recent order:

ORDER: For the reasons discussed on the record at the December 11, 2018 hearing, the [316] motion for order of weekly payments is GRANTED in the amount of $296 per week, and the [318] motion for protective order is DENIED IN PART and GRANTED IN PART.

As further discussed at the hearing, the motion for protective order is denied with regard to all questions at the June 5, 2018 deposition and questions at any future depositions related to the entities referred to as Non-Debtor Entities in the Defendants briefing and as Related Entities in the Plaintiffs briefing. As noted, the Defendants counsel shall not instruct the Defendant not to answer questions pertaining to these entities or their assets (or questions pertaining to assets currently recognized as belonging to either Defendant), but may object for the record.

Signed by Judge Michael P. Shea on 12/12/2018. (Ram, Megha)

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5 thoughts on “Rabbi Goat Ordered To Pay Mirlis $296 Per Week

  1. That amount is a joke. If the goat was into the Feds for that kind of money they would seize his bs non-profit properties auction them off wholesale and ask questions later.

  2. Tamika Mallory of the Women’s March call Farrakhan the GOAT Greatest of All Time. So, please be careful how you use the word goat. I was born on a farm in Hungary and goats were very beloved animals.

    1. Good point Thomas, thank you for your comment. I must point out that we cannot stereotype goats, there are good goats and bad goats, just as there are good humans and bad humans. I think the majority of goats are good, kind, warm, and happy creatures, unlike most humans. In this case Rabbi Goat falls in the category of bad goats, a cannibalistic goat, if such a thing even exists. Many years ago Rabbi Goat killed the goat he kept as a pet for his children in his garage with other animals such as ducks and chickens. He turned his garage into a barn with bales of hay. The name of his pet Goat was Yankee. I still remember listening to Rabbi Goat tell the story of how he killed Yankee and fed Yankee to his family. He used to tell this story at his Shabbos table. While he told this story his wife would chime in and add her own commentary about how Yankee misbehaved and thus deserved the death sentence. They both laughed at how they ate Yankee with their children.

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