Greer Makes Last Ditch Effort To Save His Yeshiva

Greer Makes Last Ditch Effort To Save His Yeshiva

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Yale Grad Paul Bass was the first to expose “Rabbi” Greer as a fraud back in 1998. It wasn’t until 2015 that Greer was exposed as a pedophile by Larry Noodles

Serial child rapist and pedophile Daniel Greer has made one last ditch effort to save his Yeshiva building from foreclosure. Rape victim Eli Mirlis has a $20 million civil judgment against this monster. Eli filed a foreclosure against the Goat’s yeshiva building, the same building where he repeatedly raped Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis. The same building where he kept pornographic magazines. The same building where he regularly berated and abused his children and grandchildren. Most of his children fled New Haven as soon as they obtained their drivers licenses. Dov and Ezi hung around, for whatever reason, and endured years of public abuse in the compound. I watched it myself. It was sickening.

The monster named Greer appealed the $20 million judgment to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. That appeal is pending. Mirlis is allowed to attach bank accounts and foreclose on Greer’s properties while the appeal is pending. Greer would have to post a bond, either cash or surety, in order to stop collection efforts by Mirlis. Greer did not post a $20 million bond. Greer doesn’t have $20 million in cash sitting in his bank account. Greer can’t get an insurance company to issue the bond, no insurance company would go near the goat.

The foreclosure case against the Yeshiva school building has been pending for over a year. Mirlis recently submitted an appraisal of the property with the appraiser setting the value at $960K. Mirlis is looking for a judgment of strict foreclosure, which would transfer the deed to Mirlis. The Goat’s attorney Jeffrey Sklarz just filed an objection to the motion for strict foreclosure and submitted his own appraisal:

Greer’s appraiser, hired by Sklarz, signed an appraiser stating that the 27,000 square foot building is worth $375K. You can buy a 4000 square foot building in Greer’s neighborhood for $375K. Greer’s appraiser is going to try to convince Judge Cordani that a 27,000 square foot building is worth just as much as a 4,000 square foot building. Good luck with that argument. Greer also wants Judge Cordani to allow him to post a cash bond of $375K, which would stop the foreclosure until the Appellate Court rules on his appeal. If he wins his appeal he would be able to keep his Yeshiva building. Good luck with that. I was at oral argument at the Second Circuit. The Appellate Court Judges didn’t think that the $15 million verdict was a runaway verdict. Putting that aside, where is the Goat going to come up with $375K cash? How can Greer come up with $375K in cash and continue to claim he has no money to pay on the $20 million judgment? Meshugana goat.

Greer’s attorney Jeffrey Sklarz was recently elected the President of the “Jewish” Community Center of Greater New Haven. The Jewish Community Center is Jewish in name only. The Jewish sages must be rolling in their graves watching prominent members of the New Haven Jewish community defend and protect an evil, wicked, rasha. The Jewish sages throughout the ages publicly rebuked, condemned and even put curses on evil Jews, whether they were heretics, apikorsim, or even kings, and were never punished for such behavior. The only Biblical figure who was punished for speaking ill of another was Miriam who was punished for mocking the wife of Moses, Tziporah, who was born in Africa. Miriam referred to her as a shvartze from what I can recall, don’t quote me on this, check with your local Rabbi. Is anyone claiming that Daniel Greer is in the same category as Moses? The Sages have taught that a man such as Daniel Greer should be condemned and shunned, not defended. Eli Mirlis and Rabbi Avi Hack gave sworn testimony that they were repeatedly raped as children by Daniel Greer. How much more evidence does one need of pure evil? Rabbi Michael Farbman and Rabbi Fred Hyman, who sit on the Board of the Jewish Federation, should either resign or publicly condemn Daniel Greer and his attorney Jeffrey Sklarz. If they can’t bring themselves to perform their rabbinical duties, they should return their rabbi certificates and enroll in law school, where ethical and moral teachings are preached but never practiced after students graduate.

In other Greer news, a local citizen reported to me last night that he witnessed the old Goat yelling and screaming at his Jamaican workers who were building a new porch on one of the Goat’s three family buildings. I’m sure Ezi and Dov Greer are reading this blog and would be interested in such news. If they care to share additional stories of evil, they are welcome to submit whatever they want to me. I was also told by a member of the Newport shul in Rhode Island that whenever the Rabbi of Newport gave a sermon Daniel Greer, who didn’t like the Rabbi, engaged in very rude behavior. I figured the goat left the room during the sermon. No. The Goat stood up and turned around, with his back facing the Rabbi during the entire sermon. I have to admit that I admire the Goat in some ways. The Goat is very good at practicing evil. He is a professional. He has honed his skills for the last 40 years.

For G-d, For Country, for Moshiach.

Moshiach Now!

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