Mirlis Files Appellate Brief With The Second Circuit

Mirlis Files Appellate Brief With The Second Circuit

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Rabbi Daniel Greer, the infamous pedophile rabbi, dancing with children in his backyard, surrounded by 8 foot high fences.

Rabbi Daniel Greer aka “the Goat” filed an appeal of the $15 million jury verdict entered against him in the Federal District Court. That appeal is pending before the Second Circuit. Greer challenged the verdict on the grounds that the verdict was against the weight of the evidence, was clearly erroneous and was a miscarriage of justice. In layman’s terms the Goat argued that the six jurors ignored the evidence and slammed the Goat for no good reason. A conspiracy against the Goat. The jurors lost their minds.

The Goat argued that Judge Shea issued erroneous rulings when the Goat pleaded the Fifth Amendment during the trial. The Goat refused to answer certain questions during the trial, asserting his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination. When asked whether he had sex with Mirlis in Paoli, Pennsylvania the Goat took the Fifth. When asked whether he showed Mirlis pornography the Goat took the Fifth. Yet when asked whether the Goat had sex with Mirlis on a blanket in the woods on land in Hamden the Goat responded, “we don’t have or own any land in Hamden nor was I ever in Hamden in the woods.” The Goat picked which questions he was going to refuse to answer by taking the Fifth and which questions he was going to give an evasive answer. It was a very poor trial strategy. The Goat should demand a refund from his Attorneys David Grudberg and William Ward.

Judge Shea instructed the jury that they could make a negative inference against the Goat during deliberations because the Goat invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer certain questions. In a criminal trial a jury is instructed that they cannot hold the Defendant’s assertion of the Fifth Amendment against him. In a civil trial a jury is allowed to make negative inferences against a defendant who takes the Fifth. In the Goat’s case the jury made 15 million negative inferences against the Goat.

The Goat argued that Judge Shea’s failure to reduce the $15 million verdict, ie., his failure to grant the Goat’s motion for remittitur, was erroneous. The Goat argued that the verdict did not reflect the proper amount of damages suffered by Mirlis. Talk about chutzpah! Mirlis has been forced to hire collection attorneys to attach the Goat’s assets and foreclose on his properties. The Goat has most of his assets shielded from collections in his non profit entities that were dropped from the lawsuit. The only non profit entity that is liable is the Yeshiva of New Haven which owns the Goat school building at 765 Elm Street. Mirlis started a foreclosure against this building. At the time of the verdict the Goat’s wife withdrew $238K from a joint account she had with the Goat and put it in her retirement account, which cannot be attached. With interest the judgment against the Goat stands at over $20 million. Mirlis will never collect $20 million from the deadbeat Goat. Why has the Goat been hoarding and hiding his cash for the last 40 years? The Goat doesn’t spend a dime on himself. The Goat drives around in beat up, old cars. The Goat hasn’t updated his kitchen in 30 years. Does the Goat plan to get buried with his money lining his casket?

You can read the appellate brief submitted by Attorney Ponvert for Mirlis by clicking the link below. Warning: In his Statement of Facts Ponvert sets forth in excruciating detail a description of the numerous acts of molestation and child rape perpetrated against Mirlis by the Goat. In the appendix at the end of the brief Ponvert attached portions of William Ward’s outrageous closing argument in which he called victim Mirlis a liar and a cheat.

Mirlis did not address any of the issues in the appeal the Goat filed challenging Judge Shea’s order granting my request that I receive a copy of the videotape of the deposition testimony of Avi Hack. Attorney Ponvert may have felt that I did an adequate job briefing these issues and had nothing more to add to my court filings. I appreciate the professional courtesy, even though I don’t deserve it, I am a convicted felon, a dangerous criminal, and a suspended attorney. You can read the brief I submitted to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals by clicking the link below:

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