“Rabbi” Daniel Greer Registered as Sex Offender

“Rabbi” Daniel Greer Registered as Sex Offender

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While pedophile “rabbi” Daniel Greer aka “the Goat” was on home confinement over the last 90 days he left his house a few times in order to register as a Connecticut sex offender. There are over 600 sex offenders registered in the City of New Haven, 363 sex offenders registered in the City of Bridgeport and over 700 sex offenders registered in the City of Hartford. Daniel Greer is one of many thousands of sexual deviants who lives in the State of Connecticut. Daniel Greer is currently locked up in the Connecticut Correctional Institution in Cheshire, CT. Greer lost his latest motion to stay out on home confinement.

If you wish to view Daniel Greer’s profile on the Connecticut sex offender page just click this link. You can submit a “tip or correction” for each offender registered on the website. A snitch link. If you see Mr. Greer, AKA the Mayor of Edgewood shopping at Edge of the Woods without a face mask when he should be locked up in Cheshire you have the ability to email a message to the State of Connecticut informing the State’s Attorney that the Goat had escaped Cheshire prison and failed to wear a mask at Edge of the Woods.

There are many registered Connecticut sex offenders who have red alerts next to their names indicating that they are “non-compliant.” This means they haven’t updated their address or personal information with the State of Connecticut. Daniel Greer is fully compliant, his home address is totally accurate. I have had the unfortunate experience of being his Shabbos guest at his residence many times. I was usually seated with other brainless clueless idiots like myself, ie., Dark Matter, The Mathematician, Darcy Quick Draw McGraw and her husband movie star Bruce Altman, Mark Roffman, Ed & Doris Zelinsky, the Undertaker, Dr. Moshe Siev, Dr. Ben Avee and Dr. Harold Hack. Actually Ed and Doris Zelinsky were Shabbos guests in the 1990s and 2000s, before my time. Harold Hack was not clueless, he knew everything about the Goat.

Mr. Greer usually gave his Shabbos guests a tour of his garage which he turned into a stable with bales of hay, goats, chickens, ducks and other domesticated animals. Hence the nickname “Goat.” Everyone who goes to jail has a nickname. The Goat’s biggest fans were Dr. Moshe Siev, a Yale pediatrician, and Dr. Ben Avee, a Yale PhD who worked in the area of child abuse counseling. They defended the Goat after the rumors of child molestation started to swirl around New Haven. If they couldn’t figure out that the Goat was a pedophile then the Goat was a master manipulator. Either the Goat was a master manipulator or these guys were complete idiots who should have never been admitted to Yale. I actually don’t believe that they are complete idiots. I believe that a degree from Yale does not correlate to higher intelligence.

The Goat has a law degree from Yale University. A guy in his 70s living in Israel called a friend of mine during the Goat’s civil child rape trial and indicated that he was sexually assaulted by the Goat back at Yale. This guy said he would be willing to help in the case if he could, but the lawyers for Mirlis didn’t think his testimony would be admissible, as whatever happened between him and the Goat occurred over 50 years ago.

The Goat is still a fully licensed Connecticut attorney in good standing. The Goat’s disbarment proceedings began back in January of 2020, see link. Judge James Abrams granted the Goat a couple of continuances and the Goat’s last hearing was scheduled on March 18th. Judge Abrams had not yet ruled on whether the Goat should have his law license suspended. How long does it take to determine whether a child rapist sitting in Cheshire prison convicted of four felonies with a 20 year jail sentence hanging over his head is fit to practice law? My law license was suspended two days after I checked into Club Fed at Otsiville. I had no time to hang out my jailhouse lawyer shingle. The Goat is probably the most popular inmate in Cheshire. The Goat is probably filing numerous habeas corpus petitions and appeals on behalf of murderers, rapists and other miscreants.

I am still surprised that the Goat never fled the State with a go bag stuffed with cash after he was sentenced. Now would be the best time to live on the lam, facial recognition software will never recognize a convict behind a mask. Daniel Greer could easily get lost in the crowd in Boro Park. Instead, Daniel Greer will be living in 50 square feet of living space, complete with his own personal toilet, for the next 12 years in solitary confinement in the basement of the Cheshire Correctional Institution. 80 year old Daniel Greer freely went back to Cheshire with 20 years hanging over his head after being home for 90 days. His prison cell will end up being his coffin.

Is it possible that the Goat has submitted to this inhumane punishment in order to atone for his 40 years of sins? If the Goat wants to properly pray in his coffin I will give him free “legal” advice. I cannot give legal advice as my law license is suspended, but I don’t believe there is a rule against me giving law advice to a farm animal. I believe the rule only applies to human clients. The Goat should file a petition, similar to what was done in the case of Mordechai Samet, a Federal inmate, who claimed that Jewish law forbid him from praying next to his toilet. Samet won the case and the Bureau of Prisons set up a chapel for Mr. Samet. I recommend that the Goat’s attorneys Willie the Dow and David Grudberg send a donation to the Larry Noodles blog for this fee generating bonanza opportunity. I should get a third of whatever fees they generate, its only fair!

You could be living right next door to a sex offender and not even know it. There are many clusters of sex offenders who live in the same house in New Haven. These guys are probably living in group homes for the recently released. You can use an interactive map to view where sex offenders reside in your area, see link. There are about 30 sex offenders listed who live on the corner of Grand Avenue and Hamilton Street, and about a dozen sex offenders who live on the corner of Grand Avenue and Jefferson Street, around the corner from Wooster Square Park, in New Haven. There are about 20 sex offenders listed who live on Ella Grasso Boulevard next to St. Bernard cemetery. There are over 5,000 sex offenders registered in the entire State of Connecticut.

Daniel Greer filed a last minute emergency motion with the Connecticut Appellate Court to try to stay out of jail after Judge Alander ordered him back in the slammer a week ago. Greer’s attorneys wrote the following in Greer’s motion: “In connection with this Emergency Motion for Stay, defense counsel has spoken with Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Robert Scheinblum, Esq., appellate counsel for the State of Connecticut. Attorney Scheinblum has authorized us to represent that the State takes ‘no position’ on the relief requested in this motion, and will not be filing a written response.” The State’s Attorney should have vehemently objected to the Goat’s emergency motion to stay out of jail. The victim of Greer’s crime obviously was never contacted by the State of Connecticut and asked whether he objected or consented to the granting of the Goat’s emergency motion. The victim, ie., Eli Mirlis, has repeatedly asked that the Goat not be released from prison. Under the Connecticut Constitution, Article 1, Section 8b, the victim is supposed to be notified of all court proceedings and has a right to be heard. The paternalistic legal system is stacked against the public and stacked against the victim. Lawyers know best. Trust the lawyers. If you have been the victim of a depraved pedophile don’t get steamrolled by the criminal justice system. Know your rights!

According to Mr. Greer’s inmate records he left his home confinement a number of times for doctor appointments. He also went to the “Yeshiva” on the date of May 20, 2020. I’m not sure why the Goat went to his Yeshiva only one time during the three months that he was on home confinement. After he was convicted he went to his Yeshiva building almost every day donning his ankle bracelet, where he was joined by young men recruited by Rabbi Notis. The Goat now has no reason to go to the Yeshiva because there are no young men waiting for him. The Goat’s boys are quarantined in their homes in New Jersey afraid to come out and get contaminated in a shul in New Haven.

The foreclosure case against the Yeshiva building located at 765 Elm Street is still proceeding. Eli Mirlis got a judgment of strict foreclosure against the building almost a year ago. The Goat appealed. Mirlis just filed a motion to collect on the judgment without having to wait for the Goat’s appeal to drag through the courts on the grounds that the appeal is frivolous. The lawyer for Mirlis argued in his motion the following: “Greer will not suffer irreparable injury if strict foreclosure enters immediately. Greer owes at least $21 million to make Mirlis whole on the immense suffering caused by Greer and his enablers. It makes no difference whether the Appellate Court determines that the value is $390K or $960K, either way there is no dispute the foreclosure must proceed by strict foreclosure, not foreclosure by sale.” The motion filed by Mirlis to proceed with the foreclosure against the Goat building should be ordered GRANTED by the Court.

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  1. Last I checked the goat was still a member of a very prominent ortho rabbincal association, and maybe on others as well.

  2. Last I checked, rabbinical organizations could not confirm whether greer has been canceled from their membership roles.

  3. Thought 1:Please do not post a picture where he is wearing what is exclusively Jewish attire. We don’t want to cause people to be ashamed of being a Jew.

    Thought 2: But on another note, if I see a bad person wearing a kippa, it makes me want to be a good person wearing a kippa. I want to keep the actual Torah. Looking Jewish shouldn’t matter.

    P.S. A streimel won’t make you more Frum.

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