Shabbos Recruits Walk Out On The Goat In Protest

Shabbos Recruits Walk Out On The Goat In Protest

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Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat”

The Goat recruited 10 young men from the Tri-State area for his minyan this past Shabbos. They arrived on Friday afternoon. They spoke with the Goat’s loyal secretary Jean Ledbury. Jean showed them their living quarters in the Goat dorms. The same dorms where the Goat repeatedly raped teenage victim student Eli Mirlis. During one such Goat attack the Goat’s son Ezi Greer banged on the locked door to try to stop the Goat. This was the one and only attempt anyone made to stop the Goat.

Mamzarim Dov Greer, Ezi Greer, Harold Hack and Avi Hack, with children of their own, allowed the Goat to rape teenage boys for many years. And what about the wives of these men? Wives with children of their own. They lived in the compound. These wives who knew what was going on did absolutely nothing. Stand by your man? Stand by your mamzar? Avi Hack’s wife knew that Avi was raped by the Goat as a teenager. Why would she agree to live in the compound with the man who raped her husband? Sick. The Goat’s wife, ie., the Ewe, knew all about her depraved husband. The Ewe knew that the Avi Hack was the Goat’s side piece for years. At one point she confronted Avi Hack on Yom Kippur and told him that she would not forgive him for being the Goat’s mistress. Sick. Ezi’s wife must have known what was going on. She was Avi’s sister. During the Goat’s civil trial evidence was presented that Ezi was raped by the Goat. Why would she agree to live in the compound with the man who raped her brother and husband? Sick. Dov’s wife must have known. These people knew about the all the allegations made against the Goat over the years. They didn’t leave the compound until the very end. Not until Mirlis filed his lawsuit in court and they were exposed.

My blog may have motivated Mirlis to file his lawsuit. Mirlis served the Goat with a State lawsuit in December of 2015. Mirlis also named Avi Hack as a defendant, for his failure to stop the Goat. The State lawsuit never made the news because it was never filed in State Court. The lawyers for Mirlis must have contacted the Goat’s attorneys in an attempt to work out a settlement to avoid a public trial. The miserly Goat didn’t offer much. The Goat probably figured Mirlis was bluffing. A few months went by. The lawsuit was never filed. The Goat’s school continued to operate. I contacted Rabbi Muroff, who used to work for the Goat. I told the Rabbi that I had information that a student was molested by Avi Hack. Rabbi Muroff told me that the Goat was the molester, not Avi. Muroff told me that a different student had quietly settled a multi-million dollar case with the Goat and that the Goat had raped Avi for years. The Goat didn’t settle any case with anyone. Muroff was probably told by Avi Hack that the Goat settled the case in order to keep Muroff from asking too many questions.

After Muroff told me about the Goat he told me not to tell anyone. I promised not to tell. It was a pinky swear. Muroff told me that he would look into my allegations and get back to me. Muroff didn’t do much of an investigation. He then ignored me when I tried to talk to him. I felt I had a duty to protect other students from the Goat. I posted my first blog about the Goat, naming Muroff as my source.

After I posted my first blog about the Goat I got frantic calls from Muroff. He told me “SHUT IT DOWN THE GOYIM KNOW!” Actually he didn’t say that. He was very upset though. I refused to take down the blog. Muroff must have been contacted by every Jew who knew the Goat. He was the same man who returned $98K in cash in a desk he purchased on Craigslist. He spoke about the $98K at the annual Agudath Israel convention. He was considered the most honest man, and Jew, in America. How was he going to respond to an inquiry about the Goat? Any response other than “No, the Goat didn’t do it” is a yes. Muroff must have been told that he would have to report the Goat to the authorities. Muroff must have told Avi Hack that he could not keep silent about the Goat any longer. Avi quickly decided to flip on the Goat and help Mirlis with the lawsuit. The day after I posted my blog I was hand delivered a letter drafted by Goat attorney William Ward threatening me with a defamation lawsuit. My lawyer Joseph Merly responded with a letter stating that I would continue to post blogs “exposing the Goat’s crimes.” A few weeks later Mirlis filed his lawsuit naming the Goat as a defendant but dropping Avi Hack from the case. The rest, ie., the $15 million jury verdict, is history.

On Friday afternoon Goat secretary Jean Ledbury showed the 10 young recruits the kitchen and the food they would be eating over Shabbos. The miserly Goat, who was paying them $75 cash, didn’t leave them with much food. The boys drove to the local supermarket to stock up on food. They ran into other Jews from the neighborhood who told them about the Goat. They were sickened. They picked up food and went back to the compound. They said the shul was something out of the Twilight Zone. Nobody was there other than the out of town recruits and the Goat. Something wasn’t right. They knew there were many Jews in New Haven. After services the recruits all walked out of the Goat shul and made their way to other shuls in town. They stayed for the Goat’s services but were very uncomfortable. They didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t drive on Shabbos. They had nowhere to go. They were nice guys. I met a few of them. I gave them my card. I told them to check out the Larry Noodles website. They said the Goat didn’t give them a tour of his garage-barn, where his pet goats, chickens and ducks live. It was probably too cold for the Goat to give them the tour of the Never Get Raped By The Goat Ranch. These young men will never be back in New Haven ever again for the tour.

Aside from meeting the Goat recruits I had a rather tense moment with some guys at a downtown shul. As I was hanging up my coat I was approached by four tall guys wearing black suits, retro black skinny ties, glasses with thick frames, and black shoes. They looked like FBI agents. I told them that I haven’t committed a crime in over ten years and that I was clean. I looked at their heads and they were wearing yarmukles. The Feds don’t hire Jews to work for the FBI. You can’t trust the Jews in these positions. After having determined that these guys were not with the Feds I asked them if there was a Blues Brothers convention in town. They didn’t respond. They probably never saw the Blues Brothers. I found out later that these guys were part of a popular Jewish band called the Maccabeats. They couldn’t be that famous. They never played in Otisville Federal prison. Otisville got headliners Avraham Fried and Mordechai Ben David. The Maccabeats never played in Otisville. They need to hire a new agent.

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