Goat Spotted Sunning Himself In Cape Cod

Goat Spotted Sunning Himself In Cape Cod

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Pedophile Rabbi Daniel Greer has recently been spotted on the Cape. The Goat used to spend many overnight romantic getaways on the Cape with Avi Hack, when Avi was a teenager, with the permission of Avi’s father Harold Hack.

Last month it was reported to me that the Goat was spotted spending Shabbos at a dumpy kosher hotel, called the Raleigh, in the Catskills. I warned readers to beware of this dangerous pedophile Goat lurking around the Catskills. I contacted the South Fallsburg Police Department and alerted them that a pedophile Goat was roaming around in their jurisdiction. They told me to contact the animal control officer.

In the beginning of the summer the Goat’s shul was shuttered. There was no activity in the compound. The Goat reopened his compound for a Shabbos once or twice over the entire summer. My sources told me that the Goat stiffed the young male Jewish drifters out of their $75 payments, so they never returned to help the Goat with his minyan. The Goat was probably angry that these young men didn’t offer the Goat anything in return for the $75 Shabbos payment, other than showing up for his minyan. The Goat needs to pay these guys far more than $75 if the Goat wants them to submit to his depravity. The Goat royally compensated the Hack family while the Goat molested Avi Hack for 13 years, first as a teenager and then as an adult. Harold Hack and his wife were board members of the Goat’s sleezy non profit entities. The Hack family was given Goat properties to own and manage by their sugar Goat daddy. Avi Hack still owns a few properties that were deeded to him by the Goat. After the Goat’s depravity was exposed by rape victim Eli Mirlis the entire Hack family moved out of town. Talk about disloyalty! After all that the Goat did for the Hacks!

In past years the Goat spent his summers at his swanky $800K condo in Newport, RI, and spent Shabbos at the historic Touro Synagogue in Newport Rhode Island. The Goat was banned from the Touro Synagogue when the Board got a protective order issued by the Newport police: Goat No Trespass Order Download Touro synagogue members contacted me many times over the last couple of years inviting me to Newport in order to scare off the Goat. I was on probation at the time so I couldn’t travel out of State to Rhode Island. I could have asked my probation officer for permission to leave Connecticut and go to Rhode Island in order to chase off the Goat, but I figured I would be denied permission as the Feds were already mad at me for criticizing them on my blog. All of my criticisms are for constructive purposes, it’s called “constructive criticism.” I don’t harbor any hatred or personal animosity towards the Goat or the Federal Government. My hope is that the Goat will see the errors of his ways, confess to his crimes and pay his victims full compensation. My hope is that the employees of the Federal Government will stop wasting their time and taxpayer dollars on stupid white collar Federal prosecutions and focus on mass shootings and violent crime, which is far more annoying than Ponzi schemes.

It has been reported to me that the Goat has been spending the last few weeks sunning his fur in Cape Cod. It’s possible that the Goat is spending Shabbos at Congregation Beth Israel of Onset, which was Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s summer Shul. The Goat used to talk about meeting the Rav in this shul. I have yet to contact this shul in order to alert the Rabbi that a dangerous pedophile has been spotted in the Cape and could wander into the shul at any time. If you wish to do a public service and protect potential child rape victims, feel free to contact Congregation Beth Israel at 3393640063 or email them at whauser@capecodshul.org

Rape victim Avi Hack regaled his teenage male bochurum students with stories about how he went on overnights with the Goat on the Cape in the summers.  Avi was fond of talking about how his father Harold Hack gave him permission as a teenager to go on these romantic weekend getaways. Avi and the Goat rode bikes “all the way” to the end of the Cape, no pun intended.  They rode to Provincetown, the gay capital of the Northeast. Avi stated under oath that he was first molested by the Goat in the basement of the Goat’s yeshiva building in 1991 when Avi was 16 years old. Avi stated that he got yelled at by the Goat’s Vice Principal and Yale Law graduate Mordechai Biser because Avi was supposed to be manning the front door of the Yeshiva, not having sex with the Goat in the basement. Biser was waiting for an important package to be delivered to the Yeshiva. Avi testified, “Biser had asked me on that Friday to please man the door, Yeshiva, he was expecting somebody or other, and Rabbi Greer knew that I was there and that I was the only one in the building. He asked me to come downstairs with him to the janitor’s apartment. And I said to him that Biser asked me to man the door. He said don’t worry about it. You know, he obviously, Rabbi Greer outranks him. Rabbi Greer said, ‘come with me it’s very important.’” When Avi got upstairs he encountered Modechai Biser who was “angry and yelling at me how come I hadn’t done what he had told me to do, which is to man the door. I couldn’t really answer. I didn’t. I got on my bike and rode home.”

Avi rode his bike home and didn’t mention that he just got molested by the Goat to his parents. The Goat went home to his Ewe and boasted to her about how he had just raped another student at his school. The Ewe was pleased. The Goat and his Ewe demanded complete loyalty at the compound. You can’t run a successful cult without having complete control over your student’s minds, and bodies.

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  1. bsd

    Mr. Noodles,

    you are somewhat intelligent for someone who never attended religious seminary. were you home-schooled in Fairfield, or is this a reflection of the Jesuit institutions you attended?

    Moshiach NOW!

    1. I received my initial religious training under the tutelage of Archbishop Angelo Capra Di Montagna in the Vatican. After I graduated from the Vatican I spent some years in Jesuit colleges, such as Fairfield University. I did some post doc work under the guidance of an Iman at a madrassa in Saudi Arabia called Bais Alla Ahk-Ghoat. I have no formal or informal training in Judaism. Do you know of any yeshivas or seminaries that would accept me?

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