Rabbi Epstein Gets Diesel Therapy

Rabbi Epstein Gets Diesel Therapy

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75 year old “Prodfather” Rabbi Mendel Epstein was sentenced to 10 years for being part of the Rabbi Martin Wolmark gang of Rabbis who used cattle prods to get kidnapped Orthodox Jewish husbands to sign a Jewish divorce document, a “get,” which allowed their wives to remarry. Under Jewish religious law, an Orthodox Jewish woman is not allowed to remarry unless her husband signs a get freeing her from the chains of marriage. Jewish law does not recognize a “no fault divorce,” as is the case in secular courts. Chained Jewish women have tried to use the secular courts to force the husband to sign a get under threat of contempt. The wheels of justice in this country are very slow, which allowed guys like Epstein and Wolmark to offer women a quickie divorce via the use of cattle prods.

Back in April Rabbi Epstein tried to get an early release from Otisville due to contracting COVID19. Epstein’s request was denied by a Federal Judge Freda Wolfson. The prison guards in Otisville have been treating Epstein, and many other inmates, for COVID19. The inmates were locked down for weeks. They were released. They were locked down again. The guards banned visitors. Every inmate was required to wear a mask all day. If you were caught without your mask you were thrown in the SHU, ie., solitary, for weeks. Many inmates were released early. The population of inmates at Otisville went from 118 to 55. Most of the older Jewish inmates were released early. The only old Jewish inmate left in Otisville is Sheldon Silver. Street thug inmates from MDC and MCC have recently been sent to Otisville. There goes the neighborhood. There are no more Jewish financial criminal masterminds left in Otisville.

Over the last few months I was told that Mendel Epstein was going to get transferred to a prison with a medical facility, such as Devens in Massachusetts, because he has medical conditions. I just looked up the prison inmate locator and it lists Mendel has having been transferred to the FTC (Federal Transfer Center) in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City has a work program for inmates, CADRE. It other purpose is to “house other inmates such as in-transit holdovers and parole violators.” Epstein may be in transit to Devens. The shortest distance between Otsiville and Devens is not through Oklahoma City. Did the Bureau of Prisons put Epstein on a bus to Oklahoma City in order to punish him with diesel therapy? Why is Epstein in Oklahoma City? Inquiring minds want to know. Larry Noodles wants to know. Will Epstein be spending Chanukah with White Supremacist gangs in Oklahoma City? Freedom Now! Moshiach NOW!


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