Gettinger – Lerman Conspiracy Against Avi Hack

Gettinger – Lerman Conspiracy Against Avi Hack

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Avi Hack was groomed by Rabbi Daniel Greer aka “the Goat” at an early age to be the Goat’s boy toy. Avi Hack testified that when he was in high school he had “tremendous respect” for the Goat. Avi testified that his “reverence, respect and emotional connection” to the Goat grew more and more every day. Meanwhile, Avi’s parents Harold and Adelle Hack were running the Goat’s non profit entities, while Mordechai Biser was running the Goat’s child rape school. The Goat surrounded himself with many useful idiots and flunkies.

The Goat made his moves on Avi when Avi was still in high school. Avi’s sexual relationship with the Goat began when Avi was in high school and continued until Avi got married at 28 years of age. Avi testified that he wanted to end his relationship with the Goat earlier but he was afraid that it would “destroy” everything that his father and the Goat accomplished in the compound. The Goat and Harold Hack amassed 40 properties and were getting grant money from the State and the City of New Haven, which they kicked back to the crooked politicians who were on their payroll. Avi told the Goat that the relationship had to end when Avi got married. The Goat told Avi that he didn’t want the relationship to end. The Goat told Avi that he had been able to maintain a relationship with his wife and Avi at the same time for many years. Why couldn’t Avi do the same? Avi put his foot down and told the Goat his weekly hook-ups would have to end. At this point the Goat added high school student Eli Mirlis to his list of victims. For some period of time the Goat was molesting Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis at the same time. It’s not clear if the Goat was also having sex with his wife at this time. The Goat’s wife has refused to provide me with an interview.

In his deposition Avi compared his weekly rendevous with the Goat to the sun rising in the East every morning. It became routine. Avi submitted to the Goat because he didn’t want the Goat to yell at him. Avi didn’t want the Goat to kick him, and his parents, out of the compound. Avi took one for the Hack team. Avi took far more than one, but who’s counting? Harold Hack should have taken a few for the team instead of letting little Avi do all the work.

The Undertaker, ie., Rabbi Shlingingingbaum, once told me that Avi was close with the Goat when Avi was young, but as Avi got older he became very close with Rabbi Emmanual Gettinger, and learned with Gettinger every day, not the depraved Goat. Avi didn’t need the Goat anymore. Avi was old enough to realize that the Goat was a complete fraud. Avi only needed the Goat for money. I saw it myself. Avi rolled his eyes when the Goat got on his soapbox and pontificated. Ezi, Dov and Harold Hack also rolled their eyes when the Goat bellowed from his bully pulpit. They knew the Goat was a depraved pedophile and not a religious man, let alone a religious leader. Eventually Ezi, Dov, Avi, and Harold came to blows with the Goat when Mirlis threatened to file his child rape lawsuit. Ezi, Avi, Harold and Dov tried to protect the Goat until the very end. But Mirlis wasn’t going away and the ornery Goat wasn’t going to pay a penny to Mirlis. Ezi, Avi, Harold and Dov saw the writing on the wall. It was time to skip town and let the compound burn to the ground.

Rabbi Emanuel Gettinger passed away just before Eli Mirlis filed his lawsuit against the Goat in 2016, which resulted in a $15 million jury verdict. The Undertaker told me that had Rabbi Gettinger lived long enough to learn about Avi Hack’s molestation he would have imposed his own form of Talmudic capital punishment upon the Goat. The Undertaker told me that Rabbi Gettinger would have a difficult time following Jewish law that requires a quick death with the least amount of pain and disfigurement. The Undertaker told me that he would offer free burial services for the Goat. The Undertaker told me that he would have a difficult time following Jewish law that prohibits him from urinating on the Goat’s grave.

During the Goat’s civil and criminal trials the Goat tried to point the finger at Avi Hack and Rabbi Gettinger as the guilty parties. Sarah Greer testified in the civil trial that the Goat was “not the rabbi at the time” Mirlis was raped. She stated that Rabbi Gettinger was the rabbi and Avi Hack was the school principal. The Goat never came out of his barn. During the criminal trial the Goat asked the frail 92 year old Rebbetzin Gettinger to testify that she lived in one of the buildings where Mirlis was raped. Rebbetzin Gettinger was cared for by her daughter Dr. Sarah Ungar and her daughter’s husband Dr. Julian Ungar Sargon. The Ungar medical team dutifully made arrangements for Rebbetzin Gettinger to be videotaped by the Goat’s attorney. Why didn’t the Ungars hire lawyers to fight the Goat? Others who were subpoenaed by the Goat, such as Moshe Siev, hired lawyers to shut down the Goat. Didn’t the Ungar medical team read Avi Hack’s bucket of tears deposition? Did they believe the non-existent words of the Goat, who took the Fifth Amendment and refused to testify, over the sworn testimony of Avi Hack? What kind of idiots are these people? They must have received their medical degrees from the Cooley Law School, or a box of Cheerios.

Rabbi Emmanuel Gettinger’s son is Rabbi Yisrael Gettinger, the Rabbi at B’nai Torah of Indiana. Rabbi Yisrael Gettinger is buddies with Gerry Lerman, the biggest macher in the Orthodox Jewish community in Indiana. Gerry Lerman’s family business, ie., Steel Warehouse, underwrites a good chunk of the costs for the small Orthodox Jewish community in Indiana. Gerry is on the Board of Directors at the Yeshiva of South Bend, the Bais Yaacov of Indiana, the South Bend Eruv Association, along with many for profit corporations and affiliated steel companies. Gerry Lerman wrote a lengthy letter, on Steel Warehouse letterhead, pleading with Judge Alander that the “intellectually superior” Goat be spared prison.

Rabbi Yisrael Gettinger knew that his father was very close with Avi Hack. Why would Rabbi Yisrael Gettinger allow Gerry Lerman to write a Goat love letter? The Ungar husband – wife doctor team knew that their father was close with Avi Hack. Why would Rabbi Yisrael Gettinger allow the Ungar medical team to help arrange the deposition of Rebbetzin Gettinger, especially after the Goat tried to point the finger at Rabbi Gettinger during the civil trial? If you don’t believe that these miscreants spoke about the Goat with each other you need to read the letter of Dr. Jedidiah Siev.

Rabbi Yisrael Gettinger was a vocal supporter of a law that passed in Indiana, sponsored by Vice President Pence, that permits discrimination against homosexuals on religious grounds. Gettinger told the press: “One cannot be more certain of something being inappropriate if it’s called an abomination in the Bible, those are not my words. Those are the Bible’s words. Those are God’s words.” The Goat testified before the Connecticut Legislature against passage of a gay marriage law. The Goat told the Legislature that homosexuality was an “abomination.” Religious leaders and politicians who advocate the strictest code of morality usually turn out to be complete frauds. Eventually they get caught cheating on their wives in a barn with a goat.

The Midwest has a reputation for broad shoulders, good manners, and politeness. You would think that religious Jews from the Midwest are more civilized, and in better shape, than the criminal religious Jewish masterminds of the New York metropolitan area, ie., Monsey, Williamsburg, Boro Park, the Five Towns and Lakewood. Au contraire! Indiana Jews are just as crooked, and out of shape, as the Jews I know and love from Otisville Federal prison.

Gerry Lerman has been embroiled in an ugly lawsuit over the past five years. Lerman’s company Steel Warehouse hired a truck driver who was blind in one eye. This one eyed bandit clocked extra long hours on the road, violating Federal regulations. The one eyed trucker tried to cover it up by falsifying records. He fell asleep at the wheel and plowed his truck into a group of cars stopped at a construction site, killing one man, three women and a 10 year old girl. See link. The truck driver got sentenced to ten years in prison. Steel Warehouse got sued in Federal court. Gerry tried to get the lawsuit thrown out by claiming that a separate, and worthless, shell LLC employed the one eyed bandit and cash rich Steel Warehouse didn’t have to pay a penny to the families of the five victims who were burned alive in an inferno trapped in their cars. Gerry Lerman was the star witness who testified at the hearing in defense of Steel Warehouse. The Federal Judge ruled against Lerman and rebuked Steel Warehouse: “Steel Warehouse Company LLC and Steel Warehouse Inc. manipulated the corporate form by conducting business as a single enterprise, while shielding Steel Warehouse Company LLC from liability related to transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations by operating Steel Warehouse Inc.—which is essentially Steel Warehouse Company LLC’s transportation department—as a “separate” motor carrier. Steel Warehouse Inc. was created to serve Steel Warehouse Company LLC and not to turn a profit, and thus if and when Steel Warehouse Inc. incurs liability in the course of delivering Steel Warehouse Company LLC’s products, Steel Warehouse Inc. does not have the necessary assets to cover the liability. In these circumstances, the Court concludes that permitting Defendants to manipulate the corporate form to escape liability in this manner would promote injustice.” You can read the Federal Judge’s entire lengthy rebuke of Lerman’s company by clicking this link.

Mirlis is currently suing the Goat’s many sham non-profits under a similar alter ego theory in order to collect on his $15 million judgment, which the Goat is fighting from prison. Lerman and the Goat both graduated from Yale Law School in 1962, where they both learned the same unscrupulous business practices. Lerman should use himself as an example to teach his grandson the concept of CHILLUL HASHEM!


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8 thoughts on “Gettinger – Lerman Conspiracy Against Avi Hack

    1. I’m sure the undertaker would be happy to hear from you, I have his phone number if you want to give him a call
      Avi Hack is the part time rabbi at Ohawe Sholam in Pawtucket RI. He purchased a house there, and he works as a public high school teacher at the Jorge Alvarez High School in Providence, which is mostly Spanish speaking students.

  1. Very very sad for him. I remember when the Hacks, Sievs and a few other NH sycophants were drinkers ( and distributors) Of the Goat milk. How they felt they received the tablets directly from Moses. I went to one of their meetings way back when and thought they were crazy arrogant cultists.
    Biser was just a naive BT who didn’t know what he had gotten into. Gettinger as he is no longer among us, I will give the benefit of the doubt. A rabbi friend of mine who taught there regretted the first they walked into the compound, but was contractually stick. “These are your gods – or goats – O Israel” All in all, a reminder that religion devoid of real spirituality is just an empty cult.

  2. Larry – this is an interesting post and contains a lot of valuable information – like many of your posts. I have been following your posts about the Greer case for a couple of years and I would like to thank you for keeping us updated on this horrible tragedy.
    However, I would like to point out that, although Rabbi Yisrael Gettinger WAS a Rabbi in South Bend Indiana for many years, B’nai Torah, where has been the Rabbi since 2008, is in Indianapolis – not in South Bend. Rabbi Yisrael G. left South Bend many years ago and I doubt that he is even in touch with the Lerman family of South Bend. It is very unlikely that he had anything to do with the letter that Mr. Lerman sent to the judge so I don’t think it is accurate to suggest that there is some sort of Gettinger/Lerman conspiracy with regard to Daniel Greer.
    If you would email me directly, I would like to provide you with some additional information.

    1. I would appreciate any further information that you can send to me in an email. I am currently working on a much larger South Bend – Indianapolis conspiracy. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigeig is the Mayor of South Bend, and the first openly gay person running for President. I just read that South Bend is a total dump, even worse than New Haven, see link I read that Indiana has less than 2K Orthodox Jews living in the entire State. I’m sure there is a close connection between the few Orthodox Jews who almost all live in South Bend and Indianapolis. I found a recent pic of a Lerman in Indianapolis posing with VP Mike Pence, along with a mention of Rabbi Gettinger.
      I am currently trying to figure out why the offspring and descendants of the late, great, Rabbi Gettinger have defended pedophile rabbis. Batya Ungar Sargon, Gettinger’s granddaughter, a writer at the Forward, publicly defended Satmar sexual molester Nechemya Weberman, who got 103 years in jail, while her parents defended the Goat, ie., Dr. Julian Ungar Sargon and his wife Mrs. Dr. Ungar Sargon.
      Before you assert that you doubt that Rabbi Gettinger is even in touch with the Lerman family, you need to produce telephone records. Are you suggesting that Rabbi Gettinger hasn’t hit up the wealthiest Jewish family in Indiana, the Lermans, for donations recently? I wasn’t born in the back of a pickup truck in South Bend!

  3. Larry – thank you for your detailed reply to my comment abut the Lerman / Gettinger ‘conspiracy’. I do have a lot more information that I could give you but I do NOT want in published. Please give me an email address that I can use to reach you directly.

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