Rabbi Goat In Violation Of His Appearance Bond

Rabbi Goat In Violation Of His Appearance Bond

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My spies at the New Haven courthouse spotted Rabbi Greer the Goat leaving court last week.  I’m not sure if he was in court for his child rape case or the lead poisoning case.  The rape case is in Part A criminal matters, at 235 Church Street, and the lead poisoning case is in the Housing Court criminal matters, 121 Elm Street.  The Goat has been defending himself on two criminal fronts.

The Goat was parked in front of the new FBI building on the corner of Orange and Grove.  There is no sign on the gigantic building with an armed guard station and electronic in ground barricades.  The Feds don’t want anyone to know that they own a building that takes up one square block in New Haven.  Don’t tell anyone I disclosed the location of this building, it could be a Federal crime.  The Undertaker once told me that he noticed this new building when he was living in New Haven, before he got evicted by the Goat and had to move to Waterbury.  The Undertaker walked around the building a few times trying to figure out who owned the building.  He eventually went to the guard in the guard station and asked him.  The guard would not tell the Undertaker that Uncle Sam owned the building.  Top secret. The guard had a few questions for the bearded Undertaker donning a scull cap.  The guard took his name and made a copy of his identification.  The guard probably thought that the Undertaker was an Arab terrorist, Semites all look the same.

The Goat is still driving his old grey minivan.  You can see tape holding up the front part of the Goat’s quarter panel, and the lack of hub caps.  The Goat is a miser when it comes to his vehicles but money is no object when it comes to paying high priced attorneys to defend him in his criminal cases.  The Goat hired prominent Attorney Willie Dow to defend him in his child rape case.  The Goat is also paying for young men to spend Shabbos at the compound every week.  The Goat shells out $200 per bochur, per weekend.  The Goat hires 10 guys a week, which comes out to $2,000.00 a week.  Yet the Goat still owes rape victim Eli Mirlis $20 million.  Mirlis has hired lawyers to attach the Goat’s personal assets and foreclose against the Goat’s school building.  The Goat’s non profit organizations were never sued, other than the school, so those rental properties cannot be repossessed by Mirlis.

I obtained a copy of the Goat’s appearance bond in his criminal case.  The amount of the bond is $100K.  The Goat paid a bail bondsman $10K.  The Goat signed his appearance bond on the date of July 26, 2017.  If the Goat doesn’t appear in court he will forfeit his $10K.  The bondsman will have to chase the Goat to collect the other $90K.

The Goat’s appearance bond does not have any special conditions of his release.  In most rape cases the Judge will make the defendant agree to not contact the victim as a condition of his release.  If the defendant contacts the victim his appearance bond will be revoked and the defendant will be sent to jail to await his trial date. The State should have required that the Goat not run a school for teenage boys while his criminal case was pending.  For the last year Rabbi Notis has been running a yeshiva for teenage boys, a boarding school, out of the Goat’s buildings, with the Goat having keys to all the dorm rooms.  Notis left town a few months ago.  The Goat is now having a hard time recruiting teenagers on his own.  The Goat has had to make due with down and out guys in their late teens / early twenties.

The only condition on the Goat’s appearance bond is the following:  “Do not commit a federal, state or local crime.”  The Goat signed the appearance bond on 7/26/17.  On the date of 12/26/17 the Goat was charged with a crime in his lead poisoning case by the Housing prosecutor.  By committing a new State crime the Goat violated the conditions of his appearance bond.  The Judge should revoke the Goat’s bond and throw him in jail immediately.

When you are out on bond you are supposed to report to your probation officer whether you got in trouble with the law.  The probation officer would report this information to the State’s Attorney’s Office.  The State’s Attorney could require that new conditions of release be imposed on the Goat.  Or the State’s Attorney could ask the Judge to lock up the Goat until his case is ready for trial.   I would be curious to know whether the Goat reported his new crime to the Office of Probation.

You can read a copy of the Goat’s appearance bond, that he violated, by clicking this LINK.


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