Rabbi Goat & The Ewe Accused Of Transferring Assets

Rabbi Goat & The Ewe Accused Of Transferring Assets

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“Rabbi” Daniel Greer AKA “King Goat”

The Goat and his Ewe recently got sued by child rape victim Eli Mirlis in Federal Court. Mirlis claims that the Ewe withdrew $238K out of a joint bank account owned by the Goat and his Ewe. This withdrawal was made at the same time the $20 million verdict entered against the Goat for child rape. Mirlis is claiming that this withdrawal was a fraudulent transfer, as it was an attempt to hide the money from Mirlis.

Attorney Matthew Beatman, who is looking to beat money out of the deadbeat Goat and his wife the Ewe, filed a complaint in Federal Court alleging fraudulent conveyances were made between the Goat and his Ewe. Most of Beatman’s complaint is blacked out, or redacted, because the Goat complained that his personal information should not be released to the public or to bloggers like myself. Cry me a river Mr. Goat.

Beatman is a fixture in the Connecticut bankruptcy court. If he can’t beat money out of the miserly Goat nobody can. The next biggest bankruptcy lawyer in Connecticut is my old pal Peter Ressler. Peter is doing five years in Otisville Federal prison. He is probably sitting in my old bunk right now staring at his locker with my name on it. Before I checked out of Otisville I took a black sharpie and wrote “LARRY NOODLES” on my locker. No way to scrub that off. Poor Peter. The Feds claimed that he lost a million or more from his clients’ accounts. Lawyers are terrible when it comes to bookkeeping. When you run a busy law office it is easy to misplace a million bucks. Seventy year old Peter pleaded guilty and got five long years. He should have gone to trial, he wouldn’t have done any worse after a guilty verdict. He could have blamed everything on his bookkeeper and accountant.

Beatman has alleged that the Ewe, as an officer of the Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc, knew that the Goat repeatedly raped Mirlis back in the early 2000’s. Beatman alleged: “Plaintiff had a claim or claims against D. Greer and the Yeshiva since at least 2002 when D. Greer began his pattern of repeatedly sexually abusing, exploiting, and molesting Plaintiff, who, at the time, was a minor child and a boarding student at the Yeshiva. D. Greer was aware, or reasonably should have been aware, that Plaintiff had a claim or claims against him as of 2002. The Yeshiva knew, or reasonably should have been aware, that Plaintiff had a claim or claims against it as of 2002, inter alia, because it is imputed with the knowledge of D. Greer, its president and director. Defendant was aware of the claims against D. Greer and the Yeshiva at least as early as the commencement of the Underlying Action on May 3, 2016.”

Beatman refers to the Goat as “D. Greer.” As if nobody knows that he is referring to the Goat himself. I don’t know why Beatman chose to call da Goat “Da Greer.” Beatman should have referred to him simply as “Daniel Da Goat.”

The law firm defending the Goat against all this collection activity is the Sklarz Law Firm. The Skarz boyz are big machers in the New Haven Jewish Federation and the New Haven Jewish community. Every time I go to work out at the JCC in Woodbridge I have to walk past giant Sklarz Law Firm signs hanging in the hallway, emblazoned on basketball team shirts, and hanging from giant banners in the gymnasium. It is nauseating. Not as nauseating as da Goat, but nauseating nevertheless.

Speaking of being nauseated, Attorney Sklarz recently wrote an email to Attorney Beatman which I found to be highly disrespectful to Larry Noodles. Attorney Skarlz wrote: “I think the Judge made it clear that discovery could be designated as confidential and this is particularly significant in light of the fact that “Larry Noodles” publishes everything in his blog.” I object to my name being surrounded by quotation marks. Larry Noodles is not some kind of a cartoon character. Larry Noodles is a real person consisting of flesh, blood, hair and bone matter. Not much hair, but plenty of bone matter.

Sklarz continued to besmirch the reputation of Larry Noodles in his email that was presented to Judge Shea: “I believe it is unnecessary to identify any individuals because Mr. Dressler has already attempted to speak with employees. There should be no need to make public information that will only lead to the harassment of Mr. Greer or employees of the Yeshiva or non-parties.” For the record I never “attempted” to speak with any of the Goat’s employees. I actually did speak with the Goat’s employees, well, not all of them because most of them quit. I only spoke with the Polish gay yard worker whom the Goat tried to put the moves on before he quit and moved back to Poland. He told me that the Goat tried to seduce him in one of the Goat’s buildings with a bag of peanuts and a bottle of wine. The bag of peanuts and bottle of wine is getting old, the Goat needs to come up with new pickup lines. I have spoken with many of the bochurim whom the Goat has recruited and paid to fill his pews in his shul. I guess you could call the bochurim employees of the Goat, even though they get paid just to sit in a pew and stare at the ceiling.

Adding insult to injury, Attorney Sklarz trivialized Larry Noodle’s significance in the Goat case. He wrote: “I suggest we have a conference call with Judge Shea to address this issue. I see no reason to have more motion practice to deal with Larry Dressler’s blog.” I object your Honor! Judge Shea should schedule an all day hearing to address the Larry Noodles blog. Judge Shea should invite law students from Yale Law School, Quinnipiac, and UCONN to attend the hearing in order to learn the finer points of the First Amendment, pedophilia, and the mating habits of Goats.

The Sklarz letter makes mention of a fraudulent transfer of $850 from FOH, Inc to “Greer” on January 5, 2018 which Mirlis has claimed to be improper. FOH is one of the Goat’s many non profit entities. FOH means “Friends of Ha-Gan.” The Gan School was the name of the Goat’s now defunct elementary school. The Goat’s elementary school consisted of the Goat’s grandchildren and a few outsiders. The Goat’s children and grandchildren fled the compound almost two years ago. It’s not clear whether “Greer” refers to the Goat or the Ewe.

If you are interested in reading the lawsuit filed against Sarah Greer click the link below:

If you wish to read the actual Sklarz email attacking the honor and reputation of Larry Noodles click the link below:

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  1. I don’t understand Sklarz. He has enough money that he shouldn’t need to represent a low life child molester helping him to deprive the Goat’s victim of his just recompense. Skjlarz has a reputation of being a charitable prominent community member. His representation if the Goat puts his reputation into question. Does it really get any lower than representing a child molester? Hey Sklarz drop this dirt bag client.

    1. Because money thats all he sees is dollars dollars…he to shall rot in hell…..LARRY FOR MAYOR…….CORRUPTION MUST BE STOPED….

  2. Well done, Larry!

    Anyway to send a contribution electronically? Paypal? ACH?

    Blessings from Yerushalayim, Ir HaKodesh!


  4. But But But
    “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA” is all the zio-globalist-media want to talk about.

    Oh ya, they have lots of PRIEST pedo articles but nothing about the chosen Rebbi didlers.

    Sorry, not sorry.

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