Rabbi Greer, Formerly Goldberg, Born Out of Wedlock

Rabbi Greer, Formerly Goldberg, Born Out of Wedlock

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Naturalization paperwork of Angele Fortunee Greer, formerly Goldberg, shows that Daniel Greer was born 8 months from the date Angele married Moses (Goldberg) Greer
The second page of the naturalization paperwork witnessed by Moses Greer (the Goat’s father) and Jesse Greer (the Goat’s uncle)

Daniel Greer’s mother Angele Fortunee Greer, formerly known as Angele Fortunee Goldberg, married Moses Greer, formerly Moses Goldberg, on October 8, 1939. Moses changed his name from Goldberg to Greer at some point after he married Angele. Moses had two brothers: Jesse Goldberg and Mortimer Goldberg, who also changed their names to Greer. All three Goldberg brothers changed their names to Greer at about this time. The patriarch of the family, ie., Scholam Goldberg, did not change his name to Greer.

Scholam Goldberg had five daughters and three sons: Mildred Goldberg Birnbaum, Francis Goldberg Bloom, Leah Goldberg Cummings, Miriam Goldberg Frank, Pauline Goldberg Fichter Levine, Moses Goldberg (Greer), Mortimer Goldberg (Greer) and Jesse Goldberg (Greer). None of Scholam’s daughters changed their names to Greer. Scholam’s five daughters and three sons had numerous children and grandchildren. Daniel Greer’s five aunts, two uncles and numerous cousins never stepped foot in the compound in New Haven. Daniel Greer’s brother Johnny stopped by the compound every few years. Daniel Greer’s brother Johnny used to live in New Haven thirty years ago. The old timers of New Haven told me that he Johnny moved to Chicago because New Haven wasn’t big enough for two Greers. A few of Daniel Greer’s first cousins, who are long deceased: Wilber Bloom, Heloise Bloom, Daniel E. Bloom, Lester Frank, Harold M. Greer, Natalie Joy Greer, Ruth Gladys Neslie. Ironically, the worst member of the entire Goldberg-Greer clan, the Goat, is still alive and well, marching around the compound as if he is the Mayor of New Haven, barking orders at laborers, picking up debris, and looking to recruit young men to his Nightmare on Elm Street.

Angele was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1905 and spoke French. At some point in time Angele left Egypt and resided in Montreal, Canada. Moses Goldberg was born in New York in 1900. Moses and Angele were married on October 8, 1939 in New York. Angele made the United States her permanent place of residence on February 13, 1940. Angele was not living in the United States on her wedding day. Angele must have been residing in Montreal and traveled to New York for her wedding to Moses in 1939. Eight months later, on the date of June 15, 1940, Daniel Greer was born.

It was very rare for an Ashkanazi Jew to marry a Sephardi Jewess back in 1939. It was unheard of. It was considered a mixed racial marriage by the Jews of the time. It was almost as bad as marrying a goy. How did Angele, who was residing in Canada, ever meet Moses, who was residing at 49 West 96th Street on the Upper West Side? Moses listed his occupation as “salesman” at the time. Was Moses a traveling salesman? Did Moses travel to Montreal, knock up Angele, and then head back to the Upper West Side?

If Angele was impregnated by Moses on the date of her wedding night of October 8, 1939, Daniel Greer would have been born within 36 weeks of pregnancy and would have been a very premature baby. Most babies are born between 38-42 weeks of pregnancy. The odds that Angele was ovulating and dropping a goat egg on her wedding night are extremely rare. Had Angele been impregnated a week or two after her wedding date the Goat would have been 2 pounds at birth and would have been put in a bubble, if such medical technology even existed in those days. Is this your homework Larry? The most likely scenario is that Angele was impregnated in late August or early September of 1939. When Angele didn’t get her monthly gift from Hashem on October 1st of 1939, she frantically called Moses Goldberg. Moses ran to New York City Hall on October 2, 1939 and was issued a marriage license. Six days later Angele Fortunee and Moses Goldberg had a shotgun wedding on October 8, 1939. The rest is history.

Many Haradi and Chassidish Jews today get married by a Rabbi in a religious ceremony and are not issued a marriage license by the State of New York or New Jersey. They are married under Jewish law and are thus permitted to cohabit. They are permitted to engage in marital relations as long as they use a sheet with a 2″ hole, or larger depending on the size of the groom’s shmeckel. These Jews don’t apply for State issued marriage licenses. They want to be considered single moms with ten children so they can cash in on substantial government assistance. In 1939 Jews did not engage in such shenanigans. Jews who had large families in 1939 worked in factories and didn’t apply for government assistance. They either shacked up with their in-laws or shnorred off the local Jewish community if they couldn’t pay their bills. It was a shanda in those days to stand in the welfare lines with shvartzes and goyim.

Convicted felon Louis Goldberg, who runs Good Copy Printing, was one of the last local Jews to leave the compound. Goatberg hung around even after the Goat’s own children skipped town. The only reason he left is because I blogged about how he supported the depraved Goat. Is it possible that Louis Goldberg is related to Daniel Greer? Is this the reason Lou Goldberg hung around the compound for so long? Inquiring goats want to know.

If the Goat was born out of wedlock this would cast a cloud on the lineage and yichus of the entire Greer family and the Goat’s descendants. The $20 million child rape verdict against the Goat may also have some negative implications for Goat grandchildren looking to marry into royal Rabbinical Litvish families hailing from Lakewood, Monsey, Jerusalem, South Beach, or San Francisco. At this point only Moshiach can save the Goat’s descendants.

For G-d, For Country, For the welfare State of America, Moshiach Now.

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4 thoughts on “Rabbi Greer, Formerly Goldberg, Born Out of Wedlock

  1. Nice detective work. More likely they had a religious wedding in Montreal and came back to nyc and had an official wedding. No indication that she was sefardic, Cairo had an Ashkenazi community too. How come you haven’t yet found her maiden name?

    1. Her full name was Angele Fortunee Sapriel There is a Sapriel cemetery located in Cairo where Angele is from. https://www.jewishgen.org/Sephardic/egypt.HTM

      I got a number of private comments on this blog. One commenter said that the Goat was not born out of wedlock, the goat was “conceived out of wedlock.” I stand corrected. Another commenter said that you count 38-40 weeks from the date of the woman’s last period as the length of a normal pregnancy, not 40 weeks from the date of conception, which means that I would have to add another week or two to the length of pregnancy, which would not make the Goat premature, assuming his mother conceived on the date of her marriage, but there is only about a 20% chance of conception on the wedding night. Based on these stats there is an 80% chance that the Goat was conceived out of wedlock and a 20% chance that the Goat is legit.

  2. Too many wrong facts too even start correcting I always thought you where a facts guy who new his stuff so for starters someone in that case is not a namzer

  3. Why do you write such funny things if you keep at it I won.t be able to continue reading such stupid things

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