“Rabbi” Greer out of Jail for Passover

“Rabbi” Greer out of Jail for Passover

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I took the above picture of Mr. Greer when his attorney William Dow AKA Willie the Dow, got multiple counts of statutory rape dismissed from the criminal case due to the fact that the State alleged acts that occurred ten years prior, while the statute of limitations was only five years. Greer was on a cloud that day and flashed the “V” for victory sign with his fingers. Willie the Dow hit record highs until Greer was convicted of multiple counts of risk of injury to a minor, which carry a much longer statute of limitations. Greer got sentenced to 12 years of incarceration. Greer has been in and out of jail a number of times after he filed a number of motions asking to be released because he risked contracting COVID in prison. Greer’s son Ezi sent a letter to Judge Alander imploring him to release his father because of his risk of death if he contracted COVID. Judge Alander recently released Mr. Greer so that Greer could get vaccinated. Greer has been out of jail since December 10, 2020. Greer is scheduled to go back to prison on April 8th, unless he files another motion asking for additional time.

Greer’s appellate attorney Richard Emanuel just filed a motion to transfer his criminal appeal from the Connecticut Appellate Court to the Connecticut Supreme Court. Emanuel’s motion disclosed what he intends to argue in his appellate brief. Emanual will argue that it is “illogical” and “unreasonable” that the statute of limitations for statutory rape is only five years while the statute of limitations for risk of injury to a minor is 30 years. The State Legislature does not always enact laws that are rational. There are plenty of laws that either make no sense or are completely ignored, like the speed limit. Plenty of laws get nullified on the grounds that they are unconstitutional, such as the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. I would not put my money on the statute of limitations for child molestation getting shot down because Mr. Greer’s attorney believes that it is “illogical.”

Emanuel also argued the following in his motion to transfer to the Supreme Court: “A third claim will be that the court erred in admitting into evidence nude photographs of the defendant.” Mr. Greer requested that he be permitted to leave the courtroom for “religious reasons” when said photos were shown to the jury. According to “Rabbi” Greer, a religious man cannot allow female members of the jury to view his naked body in photographs while he is in the room. Judge Alander granted “Rabbi” Greer’s request. Greer stood out in hall while the jury examined nude photographs of Mr. Greer. The photos were needed for victim identification purposes. Greer’s victim testified that he knew intimate details about Greer’s body, such as where moles and surgical scars were located and the size of his $%meckle.

Richard Emanuel is considered one of the top criminal appellate attorneys in the entire State. Greer has access to seemingly unlimited funds for attorneys. Greer has appealed the judgment of foreclosure that entered against his school building. Greer has hired a big law firm to defend his non profits in a pierce the corporate veil case that his victim filed against him in Federal Court, which case is still ongoing. Greer’s wife, Sarah Greer, hired a lawyer to defend her in a fraudulent conveyance case that was filed in Federal Court. Greer hasn’t paid his victim much money towards the $20 million that is owed on a civil judgment that entered against Greer almost three years ago after a jury found Greer liable for child rape.

Greer spent the first two nights of Passover confined to his abode located at 133 West Park Avenue, overlooking Edgewood Park. I walked past Greer’s synagogue building over Passover and noticed that all the lights were out. There was no sign of life. Mr. Greer was nowhere to be seen. Mr. Greer usually prayed in a window on the second floor overlooking Norton Street, located right next to the ark that contained the holy Torah scrolls. 80 year old Greer has the right to leave his home to see his lawyers and doctors and to attend religious services. Its possible that Mr. Greer went to Westville Shul to visit his 90 year old friend Rabbi Albert Feldman, who wrote a lengthy letter to Judge Alander attesting to Greer’s high moral standards, good character and tireless work Greer did to launch a kosher kitchen at Yale. NOT! I heard that Feldman, who founded the Westville Shul, is no longer welcome at Westville Shul after I posted his letter on this blog.

If Mr. Greer wins his appeal the State may get the right to try Greer again and add other rape charges. The State would get another chance to haul Avi Hack into court to testify against Mr. Greer. Avi Hack was molested by Greer for years but avoided service of process in the civil trial and in the criminal trial. Dov and Ezi Greer also refused to appear in court to testify against their father, who may have raped them as well.

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  1. No question 5 years statute of limitations for abuse of minors is grossly illogical .

    Western Australia does not have statutes of limitation for any crimes. Nor does England I believe. I know it looks extreme but obviously authorities still have a discretion if to prosecute historical crimes.

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