Rabbi Greer Rats Out The Undertaker To The Feds

Rabbi Greer Rats Out The Undertaker To The Feds

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Last year Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA “The Goat” evicted Rabbi Shlingingbaum, AKA “The Undertaker.” Before the eviction the Undertaker lived in a Goat owned apartment on Elm Street for almost 30 years. The Undertaker took care of the Goat’s father before he passed away. When the Undertaker heard that the Goat was a child rapist and molester the Undertaker told me that he was disgusted and repulsed.

The Goat evicted the Undertaker last year because the Goat believed that the Undertaker was a spy for Larry Noodles. The Goat was struggling to maintain the few people who still believed in the Goat. The Goat thought that the Undertaker was revealing secrets of the compound after most people had left. The Goat thought that I was blogging about these secrets and causing the Goat considerable embarrassment, which would cause more people to leave.

After the Goat’s family fled the compound the only locals who remained were the Librarian, Otis, Quick Draw McGraw, the Undertaker, the Lounge Singer, the Mathematician, Mr. Robot, a Moschiachist family, and Lou Goatberg. Eventually these people left the compound, never to return.

I will not rat out the Undertaker and disclose whether or not he revealed to me secret information about the Goat and his compound. The Goat, on the other hand, recently ratted out the Undertaker and reported him to the FBI. The Federal crime that the Undertaker is accused of could get him locked up in Federal prison for “up to 20 years.” This FBI investigation was just revealed to me by my moles in the Department of Justice, and featured on “America’s Most Wanted.” See film clip below:

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