Rabbi Greer Released From The Big House

Rabbi Greer Released From The Big House

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After spending almost five months in the custody of the Connecticut Department of Corrections in Cheshire Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat” got to spend this Sabbath at his home on West Park Avenue in New Haven. The Goat turned his garage into a barn with ducks, goats, and chickens. I am not making this up. I have been in this garage and have seen the animals. You can ask Dov Greer, Ezi Greer, Avi Hack, Mrs. Ledbury, or Harold Hack, or any former student to verify this information. I gave Mr. Greer the nickname “The Goat” because he thinks he is the Greatest Of All Time, and because this blog is about Jews, jail and crime. Everyone in prison has a nickname. Now that the Goat has actually done some time in jail, his nickname is now official. He will forever be known as “The Goat.”

My sources informed me that the Goat is out on a 45 day furlough because of the coronavirus. I am not sure what is going to happen in 45 days. We can only hope the Goat will be sent back to jail into his solitary confinement cell for the duration of his 12 year jail sentence.

Many other inmates are trying to get out of Connecticut prison because of the coronavirus. The Goat’s 80th birthday is coming up on June 15th. The DOC may believe that the Goat is at a greater risk of dying from the coronavirus than other inmates. Too bad! Let the Goat die. Prisoners die all the time in prison for various reasons, such as a lack of adequate medical care or gang fights. Criminals die all the time in high speed car chases, police shootouts, and lethal injection. If you are going to lead a life of crime you assume the risks. The Goat led a life of crime. Back when he was at Yale Law School he molested a Yale undergrad. For the last 40 years he scammed the City of New Haven and the State of Connecticut for millions of dollars in the form of grant money, and rent money that the New Haven Police Department paid the Goat for a police substation that was located a block away from the building where the Goat raped numerous teenage boys. The City even paid the Goat to water trees in “his” Edgewood neighborhood. The Goat was called the “Mayor” of Edgewood.

A lawsuit brought by Yale law students and Yale Law faculty on behalf of Connecticut inmates at risk of dying from the coronavirus in jails was just filed against Ned Lamont, the Governor of the State of Connecticut. Yale Law Professor Miriam Gohara, formerly assistant counsel at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is on the case. So is Yale Law Professor Marisol Orihuela. Yale Elana Bildner, an attorney at the ACLU, is also on the case. There are a few more Yale lawyers on this inmate dream team. The State has vigorously objected to releasing the inmates listed on the Yale lawsuit. The State is represented by 4 Assistant Attorney Generals. There is a motion to dismiss pending that was filed by the State of Connecticut.

The Yale attorneys submitted affidavits signed by Black and Spanish inmates, with health issues, who are at just as high risk of death as the Goat, locked up in Connecticut prisons. Most people who commit crimes are White, yet most people who get arrested and locked up are Black and Hispanic, and poor. Easy targets. You don’t believe it? Think about how many white people would fill the jails if the marijuana laws and expensive designer drug laws were enforced in the suburbs. The Black and Spanish inmates are stuck in jail while the depraved child molester pedophile Goat gets to spend quality time with his wife the Ewe in his comfortable house overlooking Edgewood Park. The Goat will probably contact Rabbi Notis and start up his yeshiva for wayward Jewish teenage boys again. Notis should be locked up for conspiracy. The Jewish community should be ashamed that there are so many wayward boys out there ignored by Jewish institutions and the Jewish “establishment.”

Connecticut inmate Adam Palmer is awaiting a trial on charges of first-degree sexual assault and two counts of risk of injury to a child, similar charges that the Goat was charged with, and convicted of. Palmer’s pubic defender asked Judge Joan Alexander if he could be released to home confinement with an ankle bracelet. Palmer suffers from multiple sclerosis and blood clots in his lungs. Palmer is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Palmer’s trial is delayed indefinitely as the courts are closed. Palmer couldn’t get a trial even if he filed a Motion for Speedy Trial. Palmer’s request for release due to the pandemic in prison DENIED by Judge Alexander.

His lawyer, Public Defender James Pastore, told the judge that Palmer suffers from multiple sclerosis and blood clots in his lungs. He said if Palmer is ordered released, he will live with family in Norwalk.

Who knows what will happen in 45 days. The Goat could be released until his appeal is heard, which could drag on for years. By then the Goat could be dead of natural causes. The State’s Attorney argued to Judge Alander at sentencing: “Justice delayed in justice denied.” It took two years for the Goat to even get to trial. It was scheduled right after I filed numerous letters and complaints to the State’s Attorneys Office in 2019. Had the Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow won his motion to push off the trial from September of 2019 until the Spring of 2020 the Goat would have never been tried. All jury trials are currently on hold indefinitely.

You have a voice. You have the right to be heard! This is America. You do not live in China or Russia. Start preparing letters to be sent to Judge Alander, the Connecticut Department of Corrections and the State’s Attorneys Office in order to voice your outrage. New York Judges wouldn’t release serial rapist elderly and sickly Harvey Weinstein during his appeal because of the coronavirus. If Weinstein was released from prison the Metoo movement would have tarred and feathered the Judge. Connecticut Judge Alander is up for reappointment in 2026. You have the right to be heard at Connecticut’s General Assembly! Reserve tickets now!

Speaking of China, and outrage, I just learned that the second most powerful man in the Federal government, Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell, of redneck Kentucky, is married to Elaine Chao, the newly appointed Secretary of Transportation. Chao’s father is James Si-Cheng Chao, a Chinese billionaire who owns a shipping / trading / finance company in China and is close with the Supreme Communist Dictator in China Xi Jinping. These people make the criminals locked up in Otsiville look like third graders. The 400,000 Americans who died in Europe and the jungles of the Far East fighting against fascism are rolling in their graves.

The Yale lawyers submitted an affidavit signed by inmate Tyrone Spence. Tyrone wrote the following: “The staff do not provide us with soap. I do not have access to hand sanitizer. I recently requested that my family send me hand sanitizer, but the prison staff would not allow it. I do not have a shower in my cell. I share six showers with the entire unit. The showers are typically cleaned twice per day. They are also cleaned with diluted cleaner. I share six phones with the entire unit. The phones are not cleaned between each person’s phone calls. I usually place a sock over the phone or put the phone inside my t-shirt to protect against germs. I have not observed many staff members wearing masks or gloves or washing their hands more often. I have not observed staff checking temperatures of incoming persons or staff on a daily basis. Staff have placed posters on the wall providing information about what the facility is doing to prevent against transmission of the virus. They have also provided us with two masks made out of the same cloth that our uniforms are made out of. One person in my unit had a fever. He was taken off of his work assignment in the kitchen, but remained in the unit. Another person in my unit said he was having trouble breathing. He went to medical briefly before being sent back to the unit. I have been diagnosed with asthma.”

The government could care less if Tyrone dies in jail, as long as the Goat is safe in his comfy bed at 133 West Park Avenue overlooking the Edgewood forest. Tyrone doesn’t have a nice abode overlooking Edgewood park to go home to anyway. Tyrone probably lost his apartment when he got locked up. Tyrone will probably have to live with friends or relatives in a cramped apartment in the inner city, which puts Tyrone at just as much of a risk of dying as in jail. The difference between Tyrone and the Goat is that the privileged Rabbi Goat was able to commit financial crimes for 40 years, which allowed the Goat to amass great wealth. Tryone wasn’t so lucky. Tyrone was a small time armed robber. Tyrone got 15 years for home invasion. Crime didn’t pay for Tryone. Tyrone is only 29 years old and will have to spend almost two decades in jail. The Goat is 79 years old. The Goat finally got caught after a 40 year crime spree and will have to do only 12 years. The Goat can afford the top attorneys in the State to keep him out of jail. Tyrone can’t afford a bar of soap on the prison commissary.

The Yale lawyers submitted the affidavit of inmate Kezlyn Mendez, who wrote the following: “The staff do not provide us with soap. When I have needed soap in the past two weeks, I have gotten it from commissary for a fee. I sometimes cannot buy other items I need from commissary so that I can afford soap. I do not have access to hand sanitizer. I do not have a shower in my cell. I share eight showers with approximately 12 other people. On the tier below me, roughly 40 people share eight showers. The showers are typically cleaned three times per day. The showers are cleaned with diluted cleaner. The showers are not sufficiently clean. I also share eight phones with my entire unit. The phones sometimes get used about 50 times in between cleanings. I put a sock over the phone before I use it to protect against germs. I work as a barber, and I am still expected to work. I try to wipe down all of my equipment in between each haircut.9.Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, I have observed some staff wearing masks. I have not observed staff wearing gloves. Several staff members in my facility have tested positive for COVID-19. I saw one of these staff members standing within a foot of someone who was incarcerated. Staff have not provided me with guidance about how to protect myself and others from coronavirus transmission. They provided me with a used cloth mask about two weeks ago.”

Inmate William Bruno wrote in his affidavit: “The DOC gave each of the prisoners in D Dorm two masks. The masks are made of a tan cloth that looks to me kind of like the “inmate prison tans,” and are lined with cotton. The DOC told us that we can use the masks at our own discretion. I only wear mine when I go out of D Dorm for medical visits, or when I am talking on the phone. I don’t wear my mask when I am inside D Dorm. Most other prisoners don’t either. I would guess that maybe 5% of people wear their masks when they are inside D Dorm. The prison gives me soap. Usually, prisoners have to buy soap, but for about the last three weeks, the prison has been giving us bars of soap for free. They have told us to wash our hands often. I probably wash my hands a dozen times a day. I see other people in D Dorm washing their hands often as well. Most of the guards wear masks all of the time, but some do not. Their masks are blue, but I think they are made from the same material as ours. A lot of staff wear gloves. I also see them using hand sanitizer from machine dispensers. Prisoners are not allowed to use the dispensers. Staff have also told us that they have their temperatures taken every day before they come into the prison. But I cannot verify that.9.I have been on medicine for Hepatitis C, so, luckily, I am allowed to go up to medical every day. But for everyone else, it is taking longer than usual right now to get seen by medical. For example, we’ve been waiting for our flu shots for about three months, and we still haven’t gotten them. The medical staff has told us that they haven’t had time to give us all flu shots because they have been busy with other things. I do not know what the things are that they are busy with.”

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Peter Ceglarz That was quick ?

Nancy Salk I told you that he would get out. Can you place a sign on his lawn?

Marshall Marcus Disgusting white privilege

Marshall Marcus there is an ACLU suit to release endangered inmates in CT, all 7 plaintiffs are Black and Hispanic. This piece of shit rich white pedophile with the expensive lawyers got a 45 day vacation in his own single family home on the park. He wasn’t in the general prison population sharing dormitory space with 50 men. He didn’t have to worry about having money in his commissary account to buy soap, he received special food and favors. That white privilege

Peter Ceglarz you’re full of shit. Racist as it gets. Don’t see any other whites getting out.

Lawrence S. Dressler white privilege means racist, same thing, I think you guys are on the same page

Peter Ceglarz like hell we are

Lawrence S. Dressler no other whites have tried to get out.

Lawrence S. Dressler you need money and good lawyers to file these motions, the greer filed numerous motions

Marshall Marcus why the vulgar language? White privilege is a sad fact of our justice system. Here on CT about 10 years ago another Rabbi was caught with a lot of Child Porn. He spent 1/4 Million on the top criminal atty on Fairfield county and ended up getting 5 years probation and kept his pension from his State of CT job. I won’t mention his name because his children and ex-wife have suffered enough pain from his actions. A local 40 something female high on drugs doing 85 mph on a city street struck and killed a 50 year old mother and hit and harmed 3 additional people in a car. Hired the same attorney, held off sentencing for almost 2 years and then cut a deal for 3 years in Niantic. A person of color without family millions would have been in prison in a matter of months doing 8-20. She didn’t even lose her drivers license.

Lawrence S. Dressler NY judge wouldn’t release sickly Harvey Weinstein in the middle of the pandemic. Metoo movement would have excoriated the judge. Let him rot

  • Nancy Salk Somewhere the orthies are having a febrangen!

Lawrence S. Dressler Chasidim do that, not the Litvish. Goat pretended he was a rabbi, a Litvish Rabbi, not Chasidic.

Lawrence S. Dressler Judge will review in 45 days

Sara Rosenberg So will he be looking for Lakewood bochurim to make a minyan at the house?

Nancy Salk You should all go there and do a welcome back party!

Naomi Klein Someone needs to go cough on him

Naomi Klein Or let him make a minyan and get arrested again

Naomi Klein Or maybe spit in his face for all the bad things he did

Howard Altman Not a very nice remark.

Naomi Kleintrust me, a former student, he deserves it

Pieter Filter he’s worse than a criminal who steaks money. I was molested as 5yo although by an older teen but still the effect is life long.

Naomi Max this is misplaced good intentions on your part. That man, and his wife, are terrible humans. As Naomi Klein stated, I suspect you have little idea of who these “people” are.

Naomi Klein Or let him make a minyan and get arrested again

Naomi Klein Or maybe spit in his face for all the bad things he did

Earl David Shocking story

Pieter Filter Looks like he lost weight. Prison agrees with him he was in the right place.

Alyssa Dressler We live in a broken world. Pray for a brighter future?


posted by: ShadowBoxer on April 26, 2020  12:45am

“Greer may leave home for religious services or medical and legal appointments, subject to a bail commissioner’s or probation officer’s approval.”

I concur in part and dissent in part from Judge Alander’s decision and would have amended mine to prohibit Greer from attending religious services.  This is in fact, hard to believe and the only religious “service” the state should accommodate should be the administration of a “last rights” or “final confession” to absolve the soul before imminent death.  Greer to me forfeited his right to participate in society to worship in public. Legal and medical appointments yes, but to leave the house to practice in religious services?  No. I hope his probation officer also agrees.

It is also seemingly illogical prima facie b/c if and when society returns to a state of normalcy to allow religious services and gatherings, the bail commissioner or probation officer should consider sending him back to jail.  I do question in good faith the state indulging in accommodating the religious beliefs of citizens.

I once was asked why the Unification Church (aka “moonies”) were so obviously crazy.  They believe that Adam and Eve having failed God’s test, and needed to be replaced with someone who passed it, a more perfect human who happened to be Korean.  This of course, was obviously “insane”.  I answered honestly that all religions are insane to some degree and the state and the taxpayer should not indulge these beliefs however earnest or heartfelt.  Legal and medical services are required for this life but the taxpayer should not foot the bill for the afterlife too.  This is not only a philosophical belief, but given the DRASTIC fall off in both income tax & sales tax revenue in the COVID Recession a budgetarily necessary one.

Rabbi Greer is free to worship at home but if I as a taxpayer have to pay the probation officer to indulge each and every request to do so outside his home I want the money spent giving a kid a laptop.

posted by: FrancoisMarieArouet062 on April 26, 2020  4:10am

I cant help but wonder if it was the judge’s child who was molested, would he be as lenient?

posted by: Paul Wessel on April 26, 2020  8:04am

Is it only white people with money who are getting released?  Asking for a friend

posted by: EPDP on April 26, 2020  8:53am

Also on Friday Judge Barbara Bellis in Waterbury issued an order dismissing a lawsuit filed on behalf of Connecticut inmates, mostly minorities, by Yale Law faculty and the ACLU against the State of Connecticut asking for the following relief: “the only feasible way to mitigate the disease within prison and jails is to take swift action –before the disease hits – to significantly decrease the population in custody so that social distancing may be practiced and at-risk groups are out of harm’s way.”  Judge Bellis won’t help inmates, see: https://www.ctpost.com/news/coronavirus/article/ACLU-Judge-dismisses-lawsuit-seeking-to-release-15225981.php, yet Judge Alander released high profile pedophile Daniel Greer. Superior Court judges issue conflicting decisions all the time, but Superior Court Judges are usually consistent in their own decisions. Anyone who was sentenced by Judge Alander, and sitting in jail right now, should immediately file a motion for release to home confinement, and get the same right to sit at home as Mr. Greer. You can cut and paste the Greer motion filed by Attorney Grudberg.

posted by: challenge on April 26, 2020  9:38am

Not surprising. American justice. Only in America and Monopoly can one pay their way out of jail. Of all people to be released. The scourge of New Haven free to roam our city. During this pandemic the wealthy are continuing to make a mockery of justice. While the poor are left to get sick and die one of the very few in prison who had the ability to social distance and his own sink able to sanitize gets to go free.
Outraged yet not surprised.

posted by: EPDP on April 26, 2020  12:05pm

Judge Alander wrote:  “He noted that the 79-year-old Greer suffers from chronic asthma, making him especially vulnerable to the coronavirus.”  In none of Greer’s prior motions to get out, filed prior to the pandemic, where he attached his medical records, was there any mention in his motion, or in his medical records that he suffered from chronic asthma or that he was prescribed an inhaler.  See motion:  https://fvg7f2.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/GoatMotionReconsiderAppealBond.pdf

posted by: Heather C. on April 26, 2020  12:43pm

While I agree that non-violent, minor offense, low level drug offenders, severely ill or elderly prisoners who are unlikely to offend again, should be put on ankle bracelet home detention during the pandemic, I DO NOT agree with child abusers, rapists, murderers, kidnappers, car jackers, home invasion offenders being allowed out of prison. Violent criminals do not belong out in society when they committed violent crimes. And child abusers and rapists are usually repeat offenders even in advanced age. And he is considered a flight risk! This was poor judgement by the judge.

posted by: Patricia Kane on April 26, 2020  5:21pm

This is exactly how white privilege works, especially for those who are also wealthy.  Greer gets an electronic bracelet, while Madeline Greer, sick with cancer, diabetes, cervical stenosis and a list of other ailments, cannot get a similar release from prison, along with thousands of non-violent inmates of color who have families desperate to shelter them from a potential death sentence should they contract the virus while in lock up.  Connecticut needs standards for compassionate release, but doesn’t have them. A proposal is in the works and will be sent to State Judiciary Chair Gary Winfield and all the members of the New Haven County delegation for their support.
Attorney Grudberg was right to ask for others to be similarly released, but they don’t have him as an advocate.   The dual system of “justice” for the “haves and the have nots” remains secure.

posted by: PeteD on April 26, 2020  9:36pm

This is just another example of legal systemic racism in our legal system today. The movie about the first black supreme court justice was suppressed in CT. because that is where it happened and is still prevalent today every time you walk in a court house. CT and other justice jurisdictions are not and will not be colorblind in the near future.

posted by: CityYankee on April 27, 2020  7:51am

Mr. Wessel & MS Kane:  this is not about “white”.  This is about influence and money.  It has no color and if the ones who have the power are white;  it is almost a coincidence that their skin is what it is.
If we let out all poor prisoners of color instead;  would that also not be an unfair privilege???  Or does your vision of privilege only look one way?

PS-  I deplore the actions of the judge is releasing him.  I can’t go to church but a convicted sex offender can attend religious services.  This is the world turned upside down;  no matter what side you look at it from

posted by: Whatacity on April 27, 2020  7:54am

I’m not sure compassionate releases should apply to child molesters.

posted by: challenge on April 27, 2020  9:55am

So City Yankee, with that premise we can expect Bill Cosby to be released as well. He went in with identifiable disability and has served much of his time compared to Greer who molested children in his care, never talked about severe asthma before and only served a couple of months of his 12 year sentence. So as much as you always seem to want to push back on issues of race the proof is in the pudding. By the way Greer has joined several privileged, white men who have been released to home confinement. Because we may want to deny race is a factor in so much that goes on this country it’s an undeniable fact. Let’s work to change that instead of wasting time denying it.

posted by: CityYankee on April 27, 2020  10:49am

Dear Challenge—-  Oh,  if only just being white were the magic ticket you think it is!  Wouldn’t we all want to be white!  All the advantages we have!  Like…….  ????? 

I said I deplored his release but he was released because he has influence and money;  NOT because he is white.  I never said I approved of his release.  Reread my previous.  You were mistaken about what I said and should not rewrite what others say.  Focus on your reply but be sure you understood the comment.  I have made that mistake myself;  in a rush to reply.  I try to take my own advice

posted by: EPDP on April 27, 2020  11:19am

The State’s Attorneys obtained a conviction on four counts of risk of injury to a minor charges despite the fact that Judge Alander repeatedly ruled against the State by dismissing the more serious sexual assault charges, and not allowing the State to present any evidence that Greer raped Mr. Hack as a child, who became the principal of the Greer school. Greer faced a maximum of 80 years in prison, yet Alander only required him to serve 12 years.  Contrast to Harvey Weinstein, who was sentenced to 23 years in prison where he was exposed to 29 years maximum.  The New York Judge wouldn’t release the sickly Weinstein in his request to get out pending appeal because of the coronavirus.  The Federal New York Judge would not release Jeffrey Epstein while his case was pending even though he was presumed innocent until proven guilty at trial.  Greer is a convicted felon.  The Metoo movement is very vocal in New York.  Any New York Judge who released Weinstein or Epstein would have been excoriated by the NY press and the metoo movement. Judge Jon Alander is a Democrat who was appointed by Gov. Weicker and is up for reappointment in 2026. The sex offender registry does not list Daniel Greer anywhere, see http://www.communitynotification.com/cap_main.php?office=54567  Judge Alander ruled on Greer’s motion very quickly, I don’t believe that the victim was contacted for input before the ruling.


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8 thoughts on “Rabbi Greer Released From The Big House

  1. This is unbelievable. When we were in there we has MRSA scares, flu that ravaged the entire facility, old men with torn miniscus, a guy popped out his artificial hip, food boxes labeled “for dolphins only” and essentially zero medical treatment besides Advil and a prayer…I saw 1st time non-violent offenders beg to get furloughed and denied and this chomo gets to go home like The Compassionate Camper did? What the eff, Larry??!

  2. Logicallly, solitary confinement is just about the safest place to be during the pandemic. Maybe he wasn’t in solitary after all? Maybe with other rapists and child molesters?

    More generally, the policy of whom to release and whom to keep appears to be rather random.

    1. He was in solitary. He had his own cell, his own sink, and his own toilet. He left once a week to be hosed down.

  3. Is their a law about a sex afendor living near minor children or at least notification that he is their

  4. And the GOOD RABBI didnt even have to give up any hidden shekels on an appellate bond to boot. Was that the plan/plot all along? Bravo.

    Also, please do not confuse Jew privilege with white Goyim privilege. Apples to oranges kid.

    It would appear that Mochiac has answered the RABBI’S PRAYERS!
    Noodles, will there be Minyans of young male ginger asses to follow? His appetite must be all the way UP. lmgao
    THE HOLY TALMUD states:
    “If a boy under the age of nine perpetrated sodomy upon an adult, the adult is not liable for punishment, for the intercourse of a boy under nine years of age is not legally an act of intercourse. Since a child less than nine years old cannot commit sodomy, he can also not be the object of sodomy….This Baraita supports Rav, for it teaches that if a man engaged in homosexual intercourse with a child under the age of nine, he is exempt from liability.”

    Sanhedrin 54; The HOLY(?) Talmud.

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