Rabbi Greer Shuts Down The Yeshiva Of New Haven

Rabbi Greer Shuts Down The Yeshiva Of New Haven

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Avi Hack cannot understand why the Goat is no longer paying young men to show up at the Yeshiva of New Haven on Shabbos

For the last year or so Rabbi Greer has been paying young men $75 to make his minyan on Friday night and Saturday. If they stay until Sunday they get a bonus of $25. Every week a new group of clueless young men showed up from the tri-State area. They got recruited by a guy from Ohr Sameach, a guy with red hair, a ginger who looked a lot like rape victim Eli Mirlis. Creepy! This Mirlis double recruited guys on line. He never told them about the Goat. When they arrived in New Haven some of them would run into other Jews in the neighborhood who would tell them that they had been duped. I met many of these guys. By the time they found out that they were scammed they didn’t have time to drive back to New York or New Jersey. They were trapped at 765 Elm Street AKA the Nightmare on Elm Street.

For the past month there has been no activity at the compound. The Goat stopped conducting weekly services almost two years ago. Now there are no Shabbos services. The Goat’s shul is deserted. The Goat shut down his shul. The goyim know, shut it down!

The Goat’s numerous legal troubles are ongoing. The Goat had a court appearance in criminal court last week. I went to court but there was no sign of the Goat. There was no sign of his attorney William Dow. Apparently the Goat had his case continued once again, until July 1st. I don’t understand why the Goat has been allowed to get continuances of his court case for the last two years and not even have to appear in court. Goat privilege. The Goat’s wet dream team of attorneys indicated that the Goat’s criminal matter is supposed to be resolved in October of this year. They didn’t indicate what sort of resolution they expected.

The foreclosure case against the Goat’s yeshiva and shul building is moving forward in State Court. The appraiser hired by Mirlis has been trying to put a value on the shul building which the Goat purchased for one dollar thirty years ago from the City of New Haven. The Goat ended up donating $30K to the City after the public complained that the City shouldn’t be giving away free land to a white bearded goat to graze in New Haven. Another example of Goat privilege. The City of New Haven would never give a school building away for one dollar to a speckled lamb, a spotted lamb, a brown sheep, a speckled goat or a spotted goat. Only white goats with long beards, black hats, black felt yarmulkes, fancy suits, black shiny shoes, and fancy ties get freebies from the City of New Haven.

Once the appraiser submits his appraisal of 765 Elm Street, AKA the Nightmare on Elm Street, to the Judge, the Court can schedule an auction date. I heard that numerous local Jewish organizations are interested in taking over the Goat’s shul building. They will have to pay far more than what the Goat paid. They don’t have the kind of political connections that the Goat had thirty years ago. They are not best friends with the Mayor and all her constituted officers.

After the sale of the Goat building rape victim Eli Mirlis will finally get a payment towards the $22 million judgment he has against the Goat. If the Goat building theoretically sold for $600K Eli’s lawyers will first have to take their fees, which will be most of the $600K. There will be auction fees, committee fees, conveyance fees and court costs which will come out of the $600K. Eli will be lucky to clear $100K after the sale of the Goat building. Money will never compensate a child who was raped by this depraved rabbi, who was protected by his sons Dov and Ezi, his adopted son Avi Hack, his BFF Harold Hack and other local idiots for the last 30 years. The Goat is still being defended by local idiots, such as the Sklarz Law Firm, which is owned and managed by the former President of the New Haven Jewish Federation.

The pierce the corporate veil case against the Goat’s non-profit entities that own forty three family properties in the Edgewood neighborhood is going forward in Federal Court. Those properties could be auctioned in the next year or so. The Goat still hasn’t been served with the initial complaint in that case. The Federal marshal has been looking for the Goat to serve the papers. I am sure the Goat is hiding and avoiding service of process, as he did when the marshal tried to serve him in the original Mirlis child rape case. Avi Hack successfully avoided service of process in the Mirlis case when the lawyers for both Mirlis as well as the Goat both tried to serve him with a subpoena in Rhode Island. When the marshal entered the public school building where Avi worked, Avi ran out of the building and leaving a classroom full of his students.

I can only speculate as to why the Goat shut down his shul. I saw a dumpster located in the back of the shul when I walked by. The Goat may be planning to skip town, skip bond, and move out of State or move to Israel. The Goat could hide out for years in any small town in America. Nobody would know who he is. The bail bondsman aren’t going to waste too much time looking for the Goat. The bondsman probably has a Goat building as collateral. If the Goat moved to Israel and tried living out in the open the Israelis would probably have him deported back to the United States. Israel doesn’t harbor rabbi child molesters as it once did. It would be hard for the Goat to hide out in a country with only five million people anyway.

It would be easy for the Goat to hide in this country of 300 million people. The Goat could move to Nebraska, buy a red pick up truck and wear a MAGA hat. With his goat beard he would look like local redneck. The Goat is no stranger to disguises. When the Goat brought Mirlis and Avi Hack to the sleezy Branford Motel he wore a baseball hat, brown corduroy pants and signed into the motel as “Mr. Green.” Mob boss Whitey Bulger lived in California for 16 years before he got caught. Bulger was ratted out by a neighbor who watched America’s Most Wanted and saw Bulger’s girlfriend on television. The neighbor cashed in on the FBI’s two million dollar reward. The FBI would never offer $2 million for the capture of the Goat.

In the past the Goat spent many days in the summer in Newport, Rhode Island, where he owns two condos. The Goat purchased two condos in the same building, which he connected to form one unit worth about $800K. But the Goat has nowhere to pray in Newport. The Goat was kicked out of the Touro Synagogue in April of 2018. The Goat was served with a no trespass order informing the Goat that he is goat non gratis.  The Goat is also banned from entering the Levi Gale Jewish Community Center in Newport, Rhode Island. Before they got the restraining order Newport shul congregants contacted me and invited me to spend Shabbos in Rhode Island, hoping that I would scare the Goat away. I was on probation at the time and couldn’t cross State lines without permission from my probation officer. I am now off probation and able to cross State lines. If the Goat is allowed back into the Touro synagogue I will go to Rhode Island and greet the Goat and feed him alfalfa sprouts. I heard that goats love alfalfa.

Copies of the Newport no trespass order were provided to me by the Newport Police Department.  You can read the official no Goat trespass order by clicking the link below:


If the Goat is found grazing on the grounds of the Touro synagogue he will be subject to arrest and incarceration.  If the Goat is found guilty of trespass the Goat can be subject to a $1,000.00 fine and one year term of imprisonment.

If the Goat’s forty properties and shul building go up for auction there will be vulture investors looking to buy up the Goat’s entire neighborhood on the cheap. Liquidation sale. An entire Jewish community stuck in high priced Boro Park, Monsey or Lakewood could relocate to New Haven. Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, Avi Hack and Harold Hack could theoretically join them and move back into their old buildings in New Haven. I could start a new blog about new pedophile Rabbis moving into New Haven. Or I could start writing about local pedophile priests, ministers and Yale professors. Either way I should get an honorary degree from Yale University in religious, philosophical, and mathematical studies. I should be the honored guest speaker at the Yale graduation in recognition of my exposing Yale Law School graduate and pedophile Daniel Greer.

For G-d, for Country, for Yale, Moshiach Now!

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  1. While I would want Eli to get money from the sale, that bulding should be burned to the ground. It is an evil dark place, inside and out.

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