Rabbi Greer’s Criminal Case Postponed To Feb 28

Rabbi Greer’s Criminal Case Postponed To Feb 28

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The criminal case of the State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer was postponed yesterday.  Greer the Goat appeared on the sixth floor of the New Haven courthouse located at 235 Church Street with his attorney Willie the Dow.  The Goat looked dapper in his charcoal suit, conservative tie, white starched shirt, black wingtips, and black felt yarmulke.  The Goat was dressed better than his attorney, who is known as the top criminal defense attorney in the State of Connecticut.  Dow was wearing a down jacket and hiking boots.  Larry Noodles was wearing bluejeans, a wool sweater and a ski hat.  The Goat didn’t wear a hat or winter jacket, he has natural fur to protect him from the elements.

The position for top Connecticut criminal defense attorney used to be held by Harold James Pickerstein.  Pickerstein was deposed after he got busted for stealing $750K from his client’s trust account. The Goat’s business partner attorney William Gallagher stole $2 million from his clients trust account. Gallagher died before the State could bust him.

Willie the Dow is Connecticut’s Ben Braffman.  Braffman is New York’s top criminal defense attorney.  Braffman represented the millionaire ponzi schemers, Russian mobsters and Jewish con men with whom I was locked up in Otisville NY.  Other notable Connecticut high priced prominent criminal defense attorneys, for those who have been recently indicted or arrested:  The best place to park your life savings is with Irish street fighter attorney Hugh Keefe.  He would never sell you down the river, or at least if he did, he is honest enough to tell you about it. Plus he actually returns phone calls.  The list goes downhill from there.  Hartford attorney Hubbie Santos will take all your money and put you in front of the firing squad without a care in the world.  Big shot Attorneys Phil Russell and Mickey Sherman both pleaded guilty with the Feds, so theoretically these guys would be best to understand your plight.  Unfortunately they are big time egomaniacs, so you will have nothing in common with them.  Attorney Richard Meehan defended Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim in a Federal corruption trial that cost the Ganim family close to a million bucks.  Megalomaniac Meehan was humbled after Ganim got convicted and sentenced to 10 long years.  If you are in the crooked city of Waterbury there is only one choice, attorney Marty Minella, a guy who was under Federal investigation for being too close with a now deceased Waterbury prosecutor, spending vacations in Vegas with the top cop.  You need a guy like Minella to pull strings and break kneecaps in sleezy Waterbury. If you are stuck in Bridgeport, where convict Joe Ganim is Mayor, you can’t go wrong with John Gulash or Ed Gavin.  Gavin was once found on the side of the highway bleeding.  The cops never figured out how he got there.  If you want a lawyer with a ponytail who thinks he is an urban cowboy you can spend your life savings on Norm Pattis.  He will write about your case on Facebook, no joke.

You can’t expect a lawyer to work miracles no matter how much money you throw at him, especially in Federal court.  In State court you can catch a break every now and then, but forget about Federal court.  Federal prosecutors think they have starring roles in The Untouchables.  In their own defense, they have to answer to the bureaucrats in the DC swamp.  There is no room for negotiation.  You might as well represent yourself.  The best lawyer is someone who is not only a good advocate, but who can understand what you are going through, a good therapist. If you can’t afford the guys listed above, the best bang for the buck would be Paul Carty, Jack O’Donnell, Tara Knight, Joe Merly, Fred Paoletti, Michael Moscowitz, Glen Conway, Mike Dolan, or Joe Tramuta.

Nobody from the media was in court to observe the Goat in his new habitat, ie., the criminal courtroom located on the sixth floor at 235 Church Street.  The Goat has been a regular visitor to this courthouse in secular year 2017 and now secular year 2018.  You know your life has reached rock bottom when you are spending most of your free time in the New Haven criminal courthouse.

The Goat parked his minivan in his usual parking spot next to the courthouse, in front of the parking garage reserved for judges.  The Goat used to brag that had his former Yale law school roommate Jerry Brown got elected President, the Goat would have been appointed to the United States Supreme Court. The Goat and Clarence Thomas would probably get along well.

The Goat didn’t see me until he walked outside of the courtroom with his attorney.  I was sitting on a court bench in the hall.  The Goat didn’t even say hello, or try to make a pass at me.  After all the years that I have known the Goat.  I was insulted.  I guess I am too old for the Goat.  I should get botox injections to make myself look younger.  The Goat’s attorney said hello to me, right in front of his Goat client.  I violated the Larry Noodles corporate policy never to speak with members of the mainstream media, members of the legal profession, or graduates of Yale University.  I quickly ran over to the mikveh on Norton Street in order to cleanse my soul.

The Goat’s case was continued until the date of February 28, 2018, which is no surprise.  The State of Connecticut is overwhelmed with goats facing prosecution.  There has always been a shortage of prosecutors, judges, marshals, court clerks, court reporters and support staff.  At any given time there are at least ten or more cases ready for trial, with a backlog of at least a thousand cases waiting for trial dates.  There are less than ten criminal judges in New Haven handling all these cases at any given time, which puts pressure on prosecutors and judges to get defendants to plea bargain and not clog up the courts with trials.

If you plead early the prosecutors will cut you a break.  One less case on the docket.  If you wait until just before trial to plead guilty, the prosecutors will not cut you any slack, you case took too long and consumed too many State resources.  The Goat has nothing to lose by waiting.  The Goat is pushing 80 years old.  Any jail sentence at his age is nothing short of a life sentence, pleading early to save a couple of years wouldn’t do him any good.  The Goat might as well roll the dice and drag it out and hope that his victim moves out of the country, changes his mind about testifying or gets run over by a truck.

The Ewe’s birthday is on February 22, just a few days after Valentines Day, and a few days before the Goat’s next court date.  The Ewe has not been to any of the State court proceedings in support of her Goat.  I continue to get reports of sightings of the Goat and his Ewe walking arm and arm in the City of New Haven.  With the recent frigid weather the Goat is probably stuck inside with his Ewe.  The Goat prefers to be with a young boy, but the Ewe will have to dewe.

Rabbi Notis is still running his school in the compound geared to slackers in their late teens hailing from religious families.  Frum parents hope that Notis will prevent their children from sliding into the depraved secular world.  I am not sure how exposure to the Goat fits into this curriculum.

These young men, from all over the world, have been enrolling in the school without any knowledge that the Goat is connected to the school.  Notis is part of a very large, and prominent, family of rabbis from Cleveland.  Notis is attracting students by word of mouth.  Notis is probably offering guys in his insular religious community finders fees for each new student.  Why else would anyone refer guys to the compound?

Every now and then one of these young students meets a Jew from outside the compound, who proceeds to spill the beans about the Goat.  The first reaction is shock.  Then the student will put the pieces together.  The usual response is this: “I often wondered why Rabbi Greer, who has been running this large compound for over 40 years, has no friends, children or family members.  It all makes sense now.”

I don’t know how Notis lives in the compound without getting creeped out.  How does he sleep at night?  Lurid testimony during the civil trial revealed that the Goat had pornos stashed in the shul attic, the Goat raped Avi Hack in the basement of the shul, the Goat raped Eli Mirlis in the dorm building next to the shul where Notis sends his students to sleep.  At one point Ezi Greer banged on the door of one of those rooms attempting to stop his father from raping Mirlis.  Notis lives in the building next to the dorm where the Goat’s first born son Dov used to reside, which is located next to Avi Hack’s old house.  I can only imagine what kind of depravity went on in these buildings. The compound should be razed to the ground, as was done in Sandy Hook.

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    You wore a ski hat?

    Someone with your criminal background should wear a ski mask.

    Just saying.

    Moshiach NOW!

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