Greer’s Yeshiva Appraised At $960K In Foreclosure Proceedings

Greer’s Yeshiva Appraised At $960K In Foreclosure Proceedings

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Daniel Greer will soon be vacating the Yeshiva building he occupied for the last 30 years. The Goat has been using mannequins to make his Shabbos minyan, they don’t cost the miserly Goat one cent.

The Attorneys for rape victim Eli Mirlis just filed a Motion for Judgment of Strict Foreclosure and an appraisal of Daniel Greer’s school building. Rabbi Goat will no longer be able to pray at his prized possession that he obtained for a dollar from the City of New Haven over 30 years ago. Rabbi Goat will no longer be able to rape young boys in this building. It’s unfortunate that it took 30 years, and many victims, before the Goat got kicked out of his stable.

The appraiser hired by the attorneys for Mirlis put a value of $960K on the Goat’s building. You can read a copy of the appraisal report below:

The appraiser stated in his report that two investors are interested in purchasing the Goat’s building: “The appraiser spoke with two individuals having real estate holdings in the subject neighborhood who expressed interest in pursuing a purchase of the subject for educational/religious purposes similar to its current and historic use. One is reportedly an abutting property owner and the other reports he is affiliated with the Yeshiva Gedolah Rabbinical Institute of New England.”

A massive St. Brendan’s church complex, which included a giant stone sanctuary, two dormitories and a school building, around the corner from the Greer building sold in 2017 to the Yeshiva Gedolah Rabbinical Institute of New England for $1,525,000.00. The appraiser mentioned the sale of St Brendan’s: “The subject real estate appraised does not compete directly with any existing former Catholic school properties available in the market and the local overall supply / demand environment for the property is considered relatively stable. Although the 2017 transfer of the former St. Brendan’s Church campus is not a direct comparable to the subject, the recent transfer does demonstrate demand for school use in the area of the subject.”

The appraiser took a swipe at the Goat and mentioned the Goat’s personal legal troubles in his report: “Declining enrollment reported at the subject in recent years appears to be a direct result of unfavorable publicity associated with the property owner’s legal problems involving child abuse and not related to any deficiencies of the real estate or demand for the historic school and/or religious uses the subject has supported. Individuals representing parties related to the nearby Yeshiva Gedolah Rabbinical Institute of New England and another neighborhood property owner have both expressed interest in possible acquisition of the subject for continued religious and educational purposes.”

The appraiser mentioned “another abutting neighborhood property owner” who expressed interest in the Goat’s building. I don’t know the name of this mystery property owner. There is a housing complex located nearby on Ellsworth Avenue next to Walgreens, and there is a Wells Fargo Bank that abuts the Goat’s building.

The appraiser analyzed what would be the best use of the Goat property: “Despite its potential for multifamily adaptive re-use, several factors render this potential for the subject speculative with respect to financial feasibility. The building’s frame and configuration may not be ideal for conversion purposes. Given the lack of approvals in place and that such factors as project size, design, cost, unit mix and financing are not well-defined, feasibility of any such re-development project is uncertain. Demolition of the existing structure to allow for new housing or school development was also considered. Despite the subject’s below average condition and fair functional utility characteristics, the market value of the property as improved exceeds the combination of vacant site value less the cost to demolish the improvements. Therefore, demolition and redevelopment of the site is not maximally productive. The highest and best use of the subject property, as improved, is continuation of the existing school use, with future renovations and / or upgrades in keeping with the needs of the eventual end user.”

The appraiser took one final ad hominem stab at the Goat: “As of the date of inspection, the property reportedly remains in use by the owner, though at a significantly diminished capacity. Recently declining enrollment at the school appears to be a function of unfavorable publicity associated with the owner’s legal problems and not related to any functional or condition deficiencies of the real estate.”

If the appraiser read this blog he would know that the Goat shut down his school. The property is no longer in use by the current goat owner. I was told that the Goat personally told one of his Shabbos minyan members that he “was no longer needed.”

The Goat’s school building will not go up for public auction. The building will be transferred to Eli Mirlis after the Court schedules a “strict foreclosure date.” This date is usually scheduled three months from the date of judgment. Eli Mirlis just filed his motion for strict foreclosure. That motion will be heard by the Court within the next few weeks. Once that motion is granted the Goat will lose his building on the law date, which will probably be scheduled for the end of the summer or the early fall. The only way that the miserly Goat would be able to keep the building is if he comes up with $22 million before the law date. Do goats fly?

The Goat’s days are numbered. Once Eli Mirlis gets title to the building he will be free to sell it to whoever he wants. Mirlis can list it for sale with a realtor and try to get the highest price. Or Mirlis can transfer the building to me for no charge so that I can open up my Noodles Culinary Institute & Moshiach Center.

For G-d, for Country, for Noodles, Moshiach Now!

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