Rabbi Krawatsky Sues Blogger for $75 Mil

Rabbi Krawatsky Sues Blogger for $75 Mil

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The New York Jewish Week, a mainstream Jewish magazine, recently reported that a Baltimore Rabbi named Shmuel Krawatsky, pictured in the black hat, molested two boys at the Jewish Camp Shoresh.  The Rabbi was investigated by Maryland’s Protective Services agency and the local police department. Krawatsky was never arrested. Rabbi Krawatsky got fired at the Jewish school where he was employed for 15 years, ie., the Beth Tfiloh Dhan Community School.  Krawatsky no longer works at the camp. The unofficial word from the camp is that Krawatsky resigned, and was not forced out in disgrace.  Krawatsky may want to apply for a job with the Rhode Island Department of Education, the government agency that hired Avi Hack, despite the fact that Avi admitted under sworn testimony that he nibbled on a teenager’s ear in class, and despite the fact that Avi may have molested a student at the Goat child rape school.  Rhode Island is desperate for teachers.

Shumel Krawatsky, and his wife filed a complaint in Federal Court claiming $75 million in damages.  They have sued the parents of two boys who alleged that they were molested by Krawatsky.  Krawatsky also sued Brooklyn Blogger Chaim Levin, a victim of child molestation in the Hasidic Jewish community, and a victim’s advocate.  Chaim writes a blog about child molestation in the Jewish community.

The parents of one of the boys moved to Georgia, ie., Rachel and Joel Avrunin to get away from the firestorm.  I have heard through the Concord grapevine that Krawatsky supporters drove them out of town.  The parents of the other boy are Sharon Avrunin-Becker and Scott Becker, of Maryland.  The boys are first cousins.

Brooklyn Blogger Chaim Levin wrote in his blog the following:  “Baltimore public safety announcement! Rabbi Shmuel Krawatsky aka Rabbi K, a current teacher at Beth Tfiloh and Youth Director at Suburban Orthodox is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! He is alleged to have inflicted severe harm on multiple children. Please share widely and keep your children safe from this person!More details about this case will be forthcoming but I feel obligated to go on record and say that not only have many ‘good people’ and ‘good organizations’ known about this dangerous man, but they actively did NOTHING. The organizations that you rely on to protect your children completely messed up this case and failed the parents of these victims on every level possible.  If you have any info on Rabbi K or believe your son was harmed by him, please contact Baltimore PD asap!”

Chaim’s blog is a one man operation.  Chaim’s blog doesn’t come close to the readership of the Jewish Week.  Why didn’t Krawatsky sue the Jewish Week?  It was the Jewish Week that published a number of articles describing lurid details of child molestation allegedly perpetrated by Krawatsky on three boys who were all under 10 years old when the alleged abuse occurred.  The Jewish Week stated that it reviewed transcripts of statements made to the social services agency.  According to the Jewish Weekly the Baltimore social service agency initially concluded that child sexual abuse was “indicated” in two of the cases.  This means that it was more likely than not that sexual abuse occurred.  The agency uses the “preponderance of the evidence” standard.  This is the same standard used in civil court that a plaintiff must meet to prove child rape.  In the Daniel Greer civil case the jury found that it was more likely than not that the old Goat raped Mirlis as a minor. When Daniel Greer goes to trial in his criminal case the jury must find that he raped Mirlis beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a higher standard.

Krawatsky appealed the finding that sexual abuse was “indicated.”  Krawatsky’s attorney convinced the Department of Protective Services to reduce the finding to “unsubstantiated.”  An unsubstantiated finding means that Krawatsky’s name is put on a confidential list with the State of Maryland.  If he does anything in the future he could be in hot water. If he tries to get a job where he works with children, potential employers, as well as teachers, will be able to access this confidential list and see his name.  If Maryland made a “ruled out” finding, his name would have been completely cleared, but Maryland insisted on the “unsubstantiated.”

I am surprised that the State of Maryland did not decide to pursue criminal charges.  The allegations are very serious. The State’s Attorney Office told the Jewish Week that they didn’t bring criminal charges because they thought that the case was weak, without sufficient witnesses, and some witnesses contradicted the victims.  The cops copped out of the case. The cops get to keep witness statements from the investigation under seal.  The public never gets to know whether the case was weak or strong.  The public is supposed to put it’s trust in the cops and prosecutors and not ask any questions.  The public is supposed to trust that these local keystone cops are not incompetent or subject to improper influence or bias, unlike their brother cops at the FBI and the Department of Justice, who can easily be influenced by money, sex, Russian spies, and Presidential candidates.

Most rape cases are difficult to prosecute.  In most cases the only witness is the victim.  The victim has to be convincing.  Years can pass before a case gets to trial.  A victim can forget important details and get hammered on cross examination.  Child victims don’t want to be dragged into court to be further traumatized by a public trial.  Pedophiles can go on committing crimes for years, like Rabbi Greer, because victims don’t want to be put through a public trial.

Social service agencies are overwhelmed with cases of abuse and neglect. The social workers report the serious cases to the local police and the State’s Attorney’s Office, but the State’s Attorneys are overwhelmed with their own caseload.  Child rape cases are even more difficult than adult rape cases.  During trial defense attorneys make the suggestion that the child was improperly influenced by parents, cops or prosecutors.

There is a wide disparity of success among police departments handling rape investigations. The New Haven police officers in charge of Rabbi Greer’s child rape prosecution were written up in the New York Times.   In contrast, the police in Baltimore are currently under scrutiny for being incompetent in handling rape cases.  Buzzfeed reported that 34 % of rape allegations were deemed by the Baltimore police to be “unfounded.”  The national average is 7%.  In response to Buzzfeed’s reporting, Baltimore conducted an independent review of the department.  This led to many changes, including police retraining.  The Baltimore cops have also come under scrutiny by the Department of Justice which the cops regularly target Blacks, ie., systematic racism.  The DOJ found Baltimore  police force to be one of the most racist police departments in the United States.

The investigation of Krawatsky occurred in nearby Frederick County, half the size of Baltimore.  The DOJ never investigated Frederick County’s police force.  Baltimore is the largest county and municipality in the State of Maryland.  Baltimore leads the State by setting an example for other police departments.  Baltimore gets the most attention from the State of Maryland, as well as the media. Cops usually get their training in the big cities and then move on to the safety of the smaller suburbs.  I would guess there are many cops in Frederick County who were trained in Baltimore.  If Baltimore’s police force is in need of major reforms, I would suspect that police departments throughout Maryland also are in need of reform.

What are Krawatsky’s motives in suing Brooklyn blogger Chaim Levin and not suing rhe Jewish Week?   To claim that Chaim Levin’s blog posting caused Krawatsky and his wife to suffer millions of dollars in damages is ludicrous.  Rabbi Krawatsky’s wife claimed that she suffered “injury to the marital relationship including loss of society, affection, conjugal fellowship, and /or impairment of sexual relations.”  The Rebbetzin claims that the damage to her marital relationship caused by Levin was $5 million. How does she come up with that figure?  The Rebbetzin is not sure whether she suffered impairment of sexual relations.  The lawsuit states that she suffered damage to “conjugal fellowship,” whatever that means, “and / or” impairment of sexual relations.  She either suffered from impairment of sexual relations or didn’t.  Make up your mind Rebbetzen.

What kind of a guy, a rabbi no less, brings a frivolous lawsuit against a rape victim such as Brooklyn Blogger Chaim Levin?  Chaim was repeatedly raped by his cousin long before he turned ten years old.  Chaim was forced into “conversion therapy,” which is some wacky therapy used to convince a homosexual that he should be a heterosexual. Chaim survived major childhood traumas.  Rabbi Krawatsky and Rebbetzin Krawatsky aren’t going to get much sympathy when they ask a jury to enter a judgment against Chaim for millions of dollars.

Chaim may be able to get this silly lawsuit quickly dismissed under Maryland’s anti-SLAPP suit law.  Under 5-807 of the Maryland legal code:  “A ‘SLAPP suit’ means a strategic lawsuit against public participation. A lawsuit is a SLAPP suit if it is:  Brought in bad faith against a party who has communicated with a federal, State, or local government body or the public at large to report on, comment on, rule on, challenge, oppose, or in any other way exercise rights under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution… or the Maryland Declaration of Rights…. A  defendant in a SLAPP suit is not civilly liable… if the defendant, without constitutional malice, reports on, comments on, rules on, challenges, opposes, or in any other way exercises rights under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution or the Maryland Declaration of Rights…”

I thought religious Jews were supposed to bring their dirty laundry before the Rabbinical Court, the Beth Din.  Why didn’t Rabbi Krawatsky bring his defamation case before the Beth Din?  After Rabbi Dan Greer the Goat sued me for defamation, I filed paperwork with the Beth Din of America requesting that the Goat submit to the rabbinical court.  The Goat rabbi not only refused to submit to rabbinical court but he submitted an angry reply to the rabbi in charge of the rabbinical court, and attacked me mercilessly.  The Goat told the rabbi that my blog was “false, hateful, vituperatively defamatory filth and preposterous slander about me and also, albeit less so, regarding others in our kehillah.  I have had only the most casual relationship with this individual, and have never given him any reason for his unbounded venom.  Each of his postings issues new attacks, and the deleterious consequences are ongoing. He has single handedly nearly torn apart the frum New Haven Community.”  The Goat would not even mention me by name in his reply.

I never slandered anyone in the Goat’s kehillah.  All I did was give inmates in the compound catchy nicknames, just like they do in prison.  There is no difference between prison and the compound. It’s not fair that inmates in the compound walk around without nicknames.  I am sure that the Undertaker, Otis, Quick Draw McGraw, Mr. Robot, the Mathematician, Goat Copy, the Lounge Singer, Dark Matter, the Cowboy, the Librarian, Saltyballznick, and Burt Reynolds appreciate the catchy nicknames I gave them.  They should start their own blogs about the Goat.  Why should I be the only one having all this fun? The Goat loved nicknames, especially the ones he made up for his grandchildren:  knock-knock, mo-mo, moey, beedo, and knocky. I wonder whatever happened to those kids.  I haven’t been invited to any of their Bar Mitzvahs since I started this blog.  I still check my mailbox every day, but gornisht.

4 thoughts on “Rabbi Krawatsky Sues Blogger for $75 Mil

  1. The parents made up the allegations. That is why they are being sued. False accusations hurt everyone, especially real child molesters.

  2. no two cases are the same so stop the comparison
    you cite baltimore county police troubles as reason to think the cops messed up but this case was in frederick county
    the state attorney said much of the evidence was discredited -her words not mine
    citing levin’s past sexual traumas are actually a perversion of the rape shield – if u cant use it to prove guilt u certainly cant use it to prove innocence

    side note do you really set up your credibility with your criminal past and jail time wtf

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