Rabbi Notis Driven Out Of The Compound

Rabbi Notis Driven Out Of The Compound

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On August 24th I wrote about how the New Haven Police Department was called the compound.  Chaya Notis, the wife of Rabbi Avroham Notis, called the police to report suspicious activity at the compound.  Rebbetzin Notis noticed a nervous individual place a bag in the Goat’s dumpster.  The police came and investigated. It was nothing.  Just a homeless guy storing his worldly possessions in the compound dumpster.  A daily activity in New Haven.  Chaya Notis is from the cloistered Jewish community of Lakewood, NJ.  She was never exposed to homeless people, drug addicts, and rapist goats until she moved to New Haven.

Chaya Notis lied to the police and told them that she resided in Lakewood, New Jersey.  I posted a copy of the police report which contained the name, address and telephone number of Chaya Notis.  I posted the address she listed as her residence in Lakewood, NJ.  I posted the name of her landlord, a prominent Jewish couple from Lakewood.   Chaya Notis lied and told the police she lived in a $600K house in Lakewood, NJ.   You can view the police report by clicking this link.

I have a hunch that a number of angry readers called the Notis phone number.  When I started my blog it focused mostly on life in prison, specifically Otisville Federal prison.  Most of my readers were your typical white collar criminals and street thugs. When I added the goat to my blog my readership expanded to include respectable members of the Jewish community, as well as mentally unbalanced and deranged members of the Jewish community.  Supporting a pedophile would not make you very popular with such a diverse readership.

I ran into two young guys from out of State who came to the compound this past Shabbos.  They told me that they were recruited by a guy named Yoni.  They said they didn’t know much about Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA the Goat, before they got here.  They were about 21 years old.  They said the Goat paid them $100 to spend Shabbos at the compound.  They would receive a check in the mail from the Goat a week later.  They said there were about ten or eleven guys who were recruited each Shabbos. The Goat is spending $1000 a week to recruit guys to be his friend.  A male prostitute would cost the Goat far less money.

I got the impression from these young guys that they were very desperate for money.  They acted like $100 was a million bucks.  Easy money they said.   All they had to do was stand there and pretend to pray.  They said when they asked the Goat about other Jews in New Haven he got very angry.  The Goat didn’t want them to leave the compound.  He didn’t want them to know his secrets.

The Goat recruits are mostly coming from Flatbush, Boro Park and Monsey.  They said that they heard rumors about the Goat but didn’t know all the details.  I filled them in on the details.  They were sickened, but they said they needed the money.  Some of them said they would not come back.

The young guys said that the Goat was offering more money for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.  Time and a half.  When the Goat was raping Eli Mirlis, every Yom Kippur the Goat had Mr. Mirlis stand right next to him for the entire service, and assist the Goat as he led the prayers.  That was in 2005.  The Goat’s glory days are long gone.  The Goat can look forward to spending future Yom Kippurs in State prison.

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