Rabbi Queer & Dr. Drag Queen

Rabbi Queer & Dr. Drag Queen


June 28, 2016

Last night in New Haven a woman died after she was attacked by two vicious pit bulls. The owner of these dogs was a man by the name of Dr. Hamilton Hicks.  Dr. Hicks works at Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.  Three bags of crack cocaine were found in Dr. Hicks’ car. Dr. Hicks was arrested and charged with a class A misdemeanor for possession of drugs.  It is his first offense so he will probably apply for accelerated rehabilitation and get all his charges dropped.  Meanwhile, the victim of the attack suffered a horrific attack, where her leg, arm, eyes, and half her face were chewed off by these two vicious dogs.  She survived for a week before she succumbed to her injuries.  May she rest in peace.

What does Dr. Hicks have in common with Rabbi Greer?  Dr. Hicks lives a few blocks from Rabbi Greer on Ella Grasso Boulevard.   Coincidentally, both Dr. Hicks and Rabbi Greer live within a few blocks of Larry Noodles.  Dr. Hicks constructed eight foot high fences around his house where he kept his violent dogs.  Rabbi Greer constructed eight foot high fences all around his properties to hide his child molestation activities and illegal animal slaughterhouse.  Dr. Hicks is a crack head.  Rabbi Greer is an alcoholic.  Rabbi Greer went to Yale University School of Law.  Dr. Hicks works for Yale University School of Medicine.

But the most unusual similarity between Rabbi Greer and Dr. Hicks is this:  They are both considered sexual deviants.  Rabbi Greer has a weakness for teenage boys.  In ancient Greece this was considered socially acceptable.  Today child molestation is a crime.  Dr. Hicks was a drag queen when he was a student at Harvard University.  Being a drag queen is not illegal.  But it is not something you would expect from a Yale doctor of psychiatry.  But you would not expect a Yale psychiatrist to smoke crack.  But who is Larry Noodles to judge Dr. Drag?  Larry Noodles’ job is to report the news.

The City of New Haven is going to have Dr. Drag’s vicious dogs put down.  Before the City puts down these dogs, these dogs should be tested for drugs.  It is possible that Dr. Drag gave these dogs crack cocaine.  It is possible that Dr. Drag is a drug dealer.  Anything is possible.   But right now the City of New Haven is not doing much to investigate Dr. Drag, or Rabbi Queer, for that matter.  The question is, WHY????

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