Rabbi Queer Sitting On A Pile of Cash

Rabbi Queer Sitting On A Pile of Cash

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Back in August, 2017, rape victim Eli Mirlis filed a foreclosure case against the Goat’s residence overlooking Edgewood Park on 133 West Park Avenue in New Haven.  The foreclosure is a way to collect on the $21.5 million judgment Mirlis obtained against the old Goat Rabbi Greer in his Federal child rape case.  Mirlis also filed a foreclosure case against the Goat’s Yeshiva building located at 765 Elm Street, also known as the Nightmare on Elm Street.

The Nightmare on Elm Street is located right next to the boys dorm building, where the Goat raped Mirlis, and probably others over the last thirty years. Mirlis testified that while he was being raped by the Goat in his dorm room the Goat’s son Ezi tried to stop his father by banging on the door.  Mirlis testified that the Goat locked the door so that nobody could get in, or out for that matter.

The Goat currently has young men residing in the dorm building as part of a new Jewish school being run by a guy named Rabbi Notis, who hails from Lakewood, NJ.  Every day you will see the Goat’s car parked right in front of the driveway that is located right between the Nightmare on Elm Street building and the dorm building.

I spoke with a tenant who lived right across the street from these buildings.  She told me she used to sit on her second story porch and see the Goat frequently walk into the dorm building.  She said that when she spotted the Goat she used to yell and curse at him, calling him a “hypocrite” and “scumbag.”  The Goat decided to evict this Jewish woman along with her elderly Jewish mother.  This woman is currently in court suing the Goat because the Goat didn’t return her security deposit.

A couple of days ago Attorney Beatman, who represents Mirlis, was granted summary judgment in both foreclosure cases against the Goat.  This means that Mirlis won his foreclosure cases.  The Goat’s lawyers, led by Attorney Sklarz, had no defense. They didn’t file any opposition.  The Sklarz family is very active, and prominent, in the New Haven Jewish community.  This is the first case in which they agreed to represent a farm animal, which reminds me of a joke.  A congregant asked his rabbi if he could have a Bar Mitzvah for his pet dog.  The rabbi told him that dogs do not get Bar Mitzvahs.  The congregant replied that he was willing to make a million dollar contribution in the name of the dog.  The rabbi shook his head and said: “you never told me that your dog was Jewish, of course I will perform the Bar Mitzvah.”

When Lina Mindy Rosenthal, also known as Leona Helmsley, died she disinherited her own grandchildren, yet she set up a billion dollar trust to be used for the benefit of dogs.  Lina left $12 million to her dog Trouble.  Some years later a Manhattan judge reduced Trouble’s inheritance to $2 million. Trouble would have won his case had he hired the Sklarz boyz, who specialize in representing domesticated animals.  The Sklarz boys lowered their standards when they agreed to represent Rabbi Greer, an unruly wild goat. The Goat was born about the same time as Leona.  I could see the Goat and Leona making a good match.  But the Goat is happy with his loyal Ewe, who has stuck by him, even after his own children disowned him.  The Goat knows that he will never find another Ewe.

The next step for Attorney Beatman would be to file a motion to auction off the Goat’s residence and the Nightmare on Elm Street.  But before Beatman had a chance to file such a motion Sklarz beat Beatman to the punch.  Sklarz filed a Motion to Substitute Cash Bond for the Goat’s residence, and a Motion to Substitute Cash Bond for his shul building.  Sklarz has asked the foreclosure Judge to allow the Goat to post a pile of cash, as a security or collateral, until the Goat’s appeal is ruled on by the Second Circuit.  If the Goat loses his appeal the cash  gets dispersed.

The Goat has proposed that he post the equivalent of the value of these two properties while his appeal is pending.  This could run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly even close to a million bucks.  Talk about chutzpah!  The Goat has been sitting on a mountain of cash while Mirlis has been forced to hire Attorney Beatman to pursue the old beater.  Mirlis has to pay two attorneys before he even collects one shekel.  Mirlis has to pay his trial attorney Ponvert, as well as his collection attorney Beatman.  The Ewe withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars from a joint bank account she had with the Goat at the time of the verdict and deposited it into a retirement account, which is legally shielded from garnishment.

Its unfortunate that there are so many secrets to the Goat that people are unwilling to reveal.  Are these people going to take their secrets to their graves?  Are these people so weak that they cannot come forward and warn others?  Rabbi Notis is currently running a school for young men in their teens who knew nothing about the Goat before they arrived.  There must be a religious law that prohibits a rabbi from failing to disclose facts about the Goat to prospective young male students.

If Rabbi Avi Hack or Agudath lawyer Mordy came forward and revealed Goat secrets they would be doing a public service.  Mordechai used to work for the Goat at the compound many years ago.  At some point Mordy fled New Haven, never to return.  Today Mordy is a prominent attorney and represents Agudath Israel.  Avi Hack is a rabbi at an Orthodox congregation in Rhode Island.  What about prominent Manhattan Rabbi J. David Bleich?  Bleich was named as a character witness for the Goat during the civil rape trial.  Bleich never appeared to testify for the Goat, but Bleich still remains on the Board of Directors for the Yeshiva of New Haven, the building that is currently in foreclosure.

Are Rabbi Hack, Rabbi Bleich and Mordecai afraid to speak about the Goat because they think they would be violating the laws of loshen hora, ie., slander?  In American secular law there is no duty to save another person’s life.  If I see someone drowning and I have a life jacket, I do not get in trouble for watching the guy drown.  In Jewish law you are required to throw out the life jacket.  To save another is equivalent to saving the world, the world of the man you saved.  Rabbi Bleich, Rabbi Hack and Attorney Mordecai have the opportunity to save lives, yet they would rather let others suffer, lest they are accused of speaking loshen hora about the depraved Goat.

Avi Hack testified in his deposition that having sex with the Goat became part of his weekly routine, “as the sun rose and as the sun set.”   Sex with the Goat didn’t phase him.  He didn’t think it was unnatural, or even a sin.  Rabbi Avi testified that the thought of eating a cheeseburger from McDonald’s was something that would repulse him, something he would never consider doing.  He was raised to believe that eating a cheeseburger sent one straight to Gehennom.  Why was Avi Hack not taught that having sex with an old man would also send one straight to Gehennim?

Larry Noodles believes that the curriculum at Jewish Day Schools needs to be revamped to teach students that there exists a huge difference between eating a cheeseburger and eating the Goat’s popsicle.  Larry Noodles believes that the curriculum at Jewish adult learning centers needs to be revamped to teach rabbis and lawyers that there is a huge difference between the laws of loshen hora and the laws of saving Jewish lives.

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