Rabbi Rafi Training to Run the Greer Property Empire

Rabbi Rafi Training to Run the Greer Property Empire

June 27, 2016

Larry Noodles confirmed with various unnamed sources that Rabbi Rafi is in training to take over the job of running Rabbi Greer’s properties. Rabbi Greer’s son is currently handling this job.  It also appears that  Rabbi Rafi is training to be Rabbi Greer’s gabbai, by organizing the daily minyans and Shabbos minyans.  Rabbi Rafi is actively recuiting men to attend the minyans for a fee.  Fifty bucks for Shabbos and a hundred bucks a week for the weekly minyans.  It is not clear to Larry Noodles whether paying men to appear at prayer services is “kosher” under Jewish law.  Larry Noodles is not a rabbi, nor does he offer rabbinical advice, but any rabbinical or non-rabbinical opinions on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

As Greer’s gabbai, Rabbi Nemetsky is taking over the job formerly held by Rabbi Avi Hack, whom Rabbi Greer raped when he was a youngster.  It was reported that an out of town Hack family member was in town this Shabbos and did not go to the Greer synagogue for services.  In years past, this Hack man would normally attend the Greer services.

It was also reported that a former employee of the compound, a former non-Jewish teacher is not happy about losing his job, and income, at the Greer compound.  He is quoted as saying, “A grenade went off at my place of employment.”  Greer ruined the lives of many people, Jew and non-Jew alike.

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