Rape Victim Rabbi Avi Hack to Testify Against Greer

Rape Victim Rabbi Avi Hack to Testify Against Greer

(May 30, 2016)

Reliable sources have informed Larry Noodles that Rabbi Avi Hack, the man who is referred to in the lawsuit as a prior victim of Rabbi Greer’s rape, is expected to testify against Rabbi Greer.  The word on the street is that Rabbi Avi Hack originally was going to be named as a defendant in the case, but was taken out of the litigation due to his “cooperation.”  Larry Noodles was also told that a couple of other guys were supposed to be named in the case, but for whatever reason they were not named as defendants. It is possible that these men may be cooperating with Mirlis. The answers to these questions may come during the legal proceedings, or may not come out, depending on how the case progresses.  Rabbi Avi Hack has not been seen on the Greer compound, or anywhere else for that matter.  He seems to have completely disappeared.

There have been reported sightings of other Greer and Hack family members.  All of the Greer family members have abandoned Rabbi Greer, other than Rabbi Greer’s wife.  When Solomon Dwek cooperated with the Feds and helped the government indict 48 people in his close knit Syrian Jewish community, his prominent Rabbi father from Deal publicly disowned him in the synagogue.  Dwek was the target of death threats. After he got out of jail, Dwek ended up living in a Jewish community outside of Baltimore, out in the open, no witness protection for Dwek.  Greer family members have not publicly disowned Rabbi Greer, but they have distanced themselves from him.  They no longer step foot inside the Greer school or synagogue.

Rabbi Greer does not conduct business out of his personal office in the Greer synagogue on Elm Street, that he has used for over 30 years.  He has moved his office across the street into a building he owns on Whalley Avenue, that he used to rent out to the New Haven Police Department.  In 2015, Greer got mad that the City of New Haven, after many years, decided to stop renting from Greer, and move the police substation across the street to a different location.  The City decided to move the police substation right about the time rumors were surfacing that Greer was facing a child sodomy and rape lawsuit.  Coincidence?

Rabbi Greer was obsessed with the sin of sodomy for many years.  Back in the early 2000’s, when Greer was alleged to have been raping Avi Hack, Greer was behind a Federal lawsuit against Yale’s housing policy.  Rabbi Greer claimed religious discrimination, but the real reason he sued was because Yale changed it’s policy that waived dorm fees for New Haven freshman who opted to live at home and commute to Yale.  Yale now required all students to live on the dorms, or pay the dorm fee, the reasoning being that living on campus was part of the “Yale experience.”  Greer and Hack Yale students now had to pay dorm fees, whether they lived there or not.  The Jewish Student Press Service, did a good job describing Greer’s obsession with sodomy at the time of the lawsuit.  Here is what the Jewish Student Press Service reported:

Hack and Greer Yale students are still litigants, but prior to 1996, Yale’s on-campus housing requirement would not have posed a problem for either. Both first-year students are residents of New Haven, and as such they would have been eligible for what administrators referred to as the “townie exemption.” In the past, Yale waived room and board fees for residents of the Elm City and allowed them to live at home and commute to school. This was the system that allowed Greer and Hack students to attend Yale and live at home without paying the annual $6,850 room charge. But last year the members of the Yale Corporation, the University’s governing body, voted to do away with that policy beginning with the class of 2000. That move followed a 1995 Corporation decision to require all sophomores to live on campus.

During the course of the students’ dispute with Yale, the voice of Rabbi Daniel Greer, has been a consistent, and to some, suspicious presence. Rabbi Greer, a graduate of the Yale Law School and a former city administrator in New Haven and New York City, has been described by one Yale senior professor as a “troublemaker in New Haven for a long time.” In 1995, Greer’s Gan School used information from the Connecticut state attorney general’s office to gain a headstart on fellow non-profit organizations who were seeking tax credits for corporate benefactors. Greer hired a Meriden, Conn. security firm to hold a space in line for his school after he received advance information about when and where the state’s Department of Social Services would be receiving applications. The move generated state-wide headlines, as did Greer’s 1995 appointment to Governor John Rowland’s 16-member commission to create a school-voucher plan for Connecticut parents. Greer has been an outspoken critic of the public school system, and his suggestions for improving education have included providing public money to relgious institutions.

The letter he wrote on behalf of his child to Yale Chaplain Frederick J. Streets, a copy of which was included in an information packet distributed to members of the media, compared Yale’s administrators to “the learned of Sodom and Gommorah.” Several sources close to the individuals involved in the dispute have accused Greer and Hack, of being “ringleaders” in this case, of encouraging their children to confront Yale in order to call attention to political ideas that have little to do with Yale or religious freedom.

“The [Greer and Hack] families have for some time been involved with activism on behalf of their interpretation of what direction Orthodox Judaism should be heading in,” said a longtime acquaintance of Hack and Greer who declined to be identified for this story. “Both Rabbi Greer and Dr. Hack started out their adult lives as liberals, and both underwent a transformation, a disillusionment with liberalism. Their kids were raised to live in a secular world and exist in an Orthodox Jewish society. They have also grown up with their parents’ agenda, which encourages them to be confrontational with the ‘Sodom and Gommorah’ of Yale.”

Student Plaintiff Wohlgelernter, who joined the case with the Hacks and Greers, admitted that she would have been unlikely to pursue a lawsuit had it not been for the efforts of the Greer and Hack families. “It’s definitely true that the Hacks and Greers are the ringleaders behind this,” she said. “I certainly wouldn’t have instigated this myself, and if it hadn’t been for them, I probably would have paid the board fee and lived off-campus.”

If nothing else, the combative stance Rabbi Greer, Dr. Hack, and their children have adopted in this case has been an effective tool in drawing attention to their complaint and to their battle with Yale. Their weakness for inflammatory language, Greer’s son has compared the dorm atmosphere to “living in sin”, wins them few friends, particularly among fellow Jews. But it has helped them gain what many politically-minded citizens dream of: national exposure….

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