Rapist “Rabbi” Greer Headed Back to the Big House

Rapist “Rabbi” Greer Headed Back to the Big House

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The “Mayor of Edgewood” has not watered a single tree during this recent heat wave in “his” Edgewood neighborhood where he owns 40 properties. “Rabbi” Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat” used to get paid by politicians on the payroll to plant and water trees for years. The Goat even used his political connections and Yale creds, which included his connections with Yale grads Ed and Doris Zelinsky, parents of US Attorney Aaron Zelinsky, to convince the Police Department of the City of New Haven to rent his office building as a police substation, within view of his school building where he recruited and raped young boys for over 40 years. The fox watching the goat house.

Daniel Greer has been confined to his house for the past several months after Judge Jon Alander released him to home confinement after he complained that he had a chronic asthma condition and he was therefore at higher risk of catching the coronavirus. He produced no medical records, as far as I could see in prior court filings, that indicated that he had an ongoing asthma condition. His medical records indicated that he had numerous gastro intestinal problems but there were no records that indicated any complaints of shortness of breath or asthma. No other inmates, other than maybe one, were released from a Connecticut prison due to the coronavirus. Goat privilege.

After spending 5 months in the Cheshire correctional institution, in solitary confinement, Daniel Greer was released to home confinement for a 45 day period. Cheshire is a dangerous prison, especially for a pedophile, the Goat’s life would be at risk if he was locked up in general population. The Goat had the right to request an extension of that 45 period, which he did. Judge Alander granted his request to extend it for another 45 days, with the right to request another extension. The Goat recently requested another 45 day extension, which was denied by Judge Alander. I was just told this information by a reliable source. I haven’t been able to get copies of the court records because the courts have been closed, although I believe there have been some openings. Civil court documents are available on line but criminal court documents are still in paper files so you have to go to the courthouse and ask to see the physical file. The Goat’s victim, Eli Mirlis, who has been forced to sue the Goat in civil court to collect on his $20 million judgment, has written letters to Judge Alander objecting to the Goat’s release. The State’s Attorneys Office has also objected to the Goat getting released.

I assume that the Goat will have to turn himself in at some point in the near future at the marshals office in New Haven, where he would be processed and then returned to his solitary cell in the basement of Cheshire Correctional Institution. I am not sure when the Goat has to turn himself in. The Goat may have filed an appeal of Judge Alander’s order, which could delay his return to his jail cell in Cheshire. The Goat must be very unhappy about the living conditions at Cheshire prison. The Goat must now know how his tenants feel who live in his run down apartments. What goes around comes around.

Tomorrow is Tisha B Av, a fast day in the Jewish calendar, a day of mourning to commemorate the destruction of the Temple. If the Goat has to turn himself in on Tisha B Av he will claim that he will be too sick to turn himself in, as he will be fasting. The Goat could have avoided prison altogether had he settled the child rape claim before Mirlis filed his lawsuit. Mirlis gave the Goat plenty of opportunity to settle the claim. The Goat refused, even after Avi Hack agreed to testify against the Goat. This Goat must be the stupidest Goat who ever graduated from Yale Law School.

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  1. It’s a festivus miracle! The convicted and sentenced diddler is going to actually have to return to jail? I will believe it when I see it.
    Betting money says he is going to be “making aliyah” to the stolen motherland. Be sure to tell the Goat to say hello to Epstein and Pollard (& lil Sammy Sheinbein, oops he dead)when he gets “HOME”.


  2. “Silly Goyim” you are a maggot encrusted turd. ” “Stolen motherland” my @$$.

  3. The time to flee was before the verdict. Israel will extradite this guy with no hesitation. Malta Liefer case is different. She has no verdict yet against her and she is a Sabra.

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