Raymond Fox Gets Clemency

Raymond Fox Gets Clemency



The first blog posting Larry Noodles wrote after his release from prison was entitled “Freedom for Raymond Fox.”  Fox got a 20 year sentence for drug dealing.  Fox did about ten years in  various faciliites, including a maximum security prison, the penetentiary, which inmates call, “the Pen.”  If you come into the prison as a transfer from the Pen, you immediately get respect from other guys.  Fox worked his way down from the Pen to the medium, to the low and then the camp.

Fox thought the camp was a joke compared to the Pen.  But every day Fox suffered like the rest of us. After ten years of incarceration your friends and family tend to lose track of you.  Fox didn’t get as many visitors as guys with a one year stint.  He was not happy about his sentence, and was angry at the system, like the rest of us, but for the most part he stayed positive.  Larry Noodles wanted to write a biography about Fox.  But Fox was always too busy to sit down and tell his story.

While he was locked up in Otisville Fox saved the life of a blueboy.  He was working with the blueboy on a ladder as part of his prison job.  There was an accident.  Fox intervened and saved the White man’s head from getting chopped off.  Fox got a letter of commendation from the Warden and a couple of hundred bucks in his commissary.   Would a blueboy do the same for an inmate?

Fox was good friends with the young billionaire playboy who spent a few months in the camp.  They used to play basketball together on the prison concrete basketball court with cracks and other hidden dangers.  I still remember Fox shouting at the billionaire, and pushing him around on the court.  The billionaire used to look at him like, what are you doing dude?  You can’t pick up a guy and move him on the court, thats a foul.  Prison basketball has its own set of rules.  In prison everyone is equal, whether you are flat broke doing twenty years like Fox, or a billionaire doing 6 months for getting involved in a high class gambling ring.  Some guys may have more perks in prison than others, but at the end of the day we all know that we are all in the same boat, considered the outcasts and degenerates of society.

Fox had a few private lawyers representing him, trying to get him, working pro bono.  Obama released 214 inmates recently, with similar sentences to Fox.  That was mighty white of you Mr. President. For every Fox there are hundreds of other guys in the same situation, long sentences for drug dealing.  If 60% of all drug dealers and drug users are White, why is it that the majority of the guys locked up in jail for drugs are either Black or Spanish?  If the Feds tripled the busts of Whites for drug crimes, to make it fair, there would be a public outcry.  White people would be rioting in the streets.  The Feds would quickly pass laws to reform the criminal justice system, reduce jail sentences, and decriminalize drugs.

But the jail system is big industry.  Jails employ many people.  Politicians get money from companies that supply food and other materials for jails.  Some states have privatized their jails.  Private companies negotiate lucrative contracts with the government to operate jails.

There is document filed in Fox’s court file that lists all the guys who were granted clemency, signed by Obama.  The blueboyz have been known to keep guys in prison beyond their release date, due to blueboy negligence or incompetence.  And inmates are sometimes clueless, with little or no access to information about their case.  Fox is going to have to tell the blueboyz Scalboni to check his computer and let him go on Dec 1.  If you don’t tell the blueboyz that you have a court order of release the blueboyz  won’t volunteer this information.  On the date of my release I had to tell the blueboyz to let me go.  They didn’t believe me at first. “Are you sure?” they said.  They thought I was trying to pull a fast one.  They checked their computers, and said “the inmate is correct, he gets released today.”  They called down to the medium and started the paperwork to get me out.

Fox was the prison barber.  On Friday afternoons he did a  brisk business.  All the Jewish inmates wanted to look good for Shabbat services.  They wanted shaves and haircuts. Fox was a pro, even with the Hasidim who wanted their sidecurls trimmed.  Fox could open a barbershop in Boro Park or Williamsburg.  He would have an instant customer base of Hasidic guys who passed through Otisville.

Fox is a good guy.  You are not going to find an inmate or blueboy who would say anything bad about him.  But he is flat broke.  After spending ten years locked up Fox leaving prison with the clothes on his back.  The Feds do nothing for inmates once they leave the joint.  Don’t let the door hit you in your ass on your way out.  You are broke and unemployable. Plus you are not in the best mental state, after spending so much time locked up.  Hopefully the billionaire gets word of Fox’s release and fronts him a few greenbacks.


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