Rebuttal Argument By State’s Attorney

Rebuttal Argument By State’s Attorney

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State’s Attorney Roberg delivered the closing rebuttal argument to the Goat’s jury: “The state is not asking for special treatment for Eli Mirlis, this is 2019, we are going way back in time. In 2005 Mirlis told Shira, it didn’t hit the police or the public light until 2016.  You heard that Orthodox Judaism is insular closed community, religion culture, everyone knows everyone, family is community, who we hang with is who we are as Notis said, the lifestyle is different, no sex ed in yeshiva, he didn’t have a discussion about the birds and bees before he went to yeshiva, no talk about safe sex, no premarital sex, you don’t mix boys and girls, boarding boys school, focus on torah Talmud, speak Hebrew, learn the prayers, understand the dress, the role in your community, don’t talk about sex, modesty is a law for that community, for the women, it is a law, for the men it is a lifestyle.  What role does the rabbi play in an insular closed off community, at a boarding school yeshiva  Rabbi Greer ran the yeshiva of new haven, that was his legacy, he was a genius, people looked up to him, go to him, it was special if he took notice of you and tried to educate you, and he expected you to learn, if you didn’t say the prayers correctly you would get corrected by the rabbi.  How could eli tell on the rabbi?  15 years old, he became part of the new haven community, he knew that the rabbi ran the school, how can he tell on the rabbi, he testified that Avi hack and Ezi Greer knew, and they did nothing, two adults who knew and didn’t do anything.  What consequences would there be, who we hang out with is who we are.  He was going to lose his entire community.  He disclosed the abuse when he was in a new community, he wouldn’t be left in that chaos, with nothing. Dow said he made it up because its about money, its “all about the Benjamins.”  It was not until 2015 that he disclosed the abuse. Because he wanted money? If the purpose was about money, in May of 2017 he got his verdict, how does that explain why Eli Mirlis is testifying here in 2019. You heard about grooming- the Goat is leading the prayers, manipulated the child, to reduce the likelihood of disclosure, you want to keep a secret, increase the likelihood that the child will keep coming back, the abuse will continue, you already manipulated the adults, nothing is going to happen, the child thinks nobody is going to believe you, nobody is going to do anything.  Calculated process ensnared the child.  Prepare the child for sexual activity, longstanding relationship.  Eli was the oldest of 8, separated from his family, brother died of SIDs, removed him from his family, learn about the child, isolate, arrange time alone.  Eli had a teacher who took special interest in him, the Goat is the rabbi, the genius, knows about the Talmud, the Torah, create the emotional dependency, they don’t resist and they don’t report.  There came a time when he didn’t want to do it anymore.  Weekly meetings with goat involving oral and anal sex.  He didn’t tell his siblings, or parents.  Normalization of sexual contact, when you do the child is compliant.  First time there was nuts, alcohol, conversation about your life, that’s where it starts, simple lip to lip kiss, it didn’t feel right, he was shocked.  Its fine, don’t worry about it, that’s what I do with my own kids.  These are the adults, they have power over the relationship, we teach to obey adults, here you have a boarding school, a yeshiva, orthodox way of life, the rabbi is central, above everyone else, powerful control, kept the secrets there were rewards and there were consequences.  He wasn’t in class, DeRosa goes to avi hack and Avi says Eli has other things to do.  Ledbury gave a summary of paperwork, she didn’t write the leases, and based on that there were leases there were tenants, leases are broken, tenants come and go, Notis said he was evicted by the rabbi.  Ledbury said you have the yeshiva and the non profit housing, the president of the non profits is the Goat who has the knowledge of who is going to be in the building and who isn’t. Dr. Mantell- he didn’t see any pattern of rabbis abusing children, just because there is no research doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Gettinger:  she kept telling you that she lived across the street. Dow has a statement that she lived at 777.  In her depo she said don’t you know where I lived.  Ledbury puts gettinger there on Sunday, Gettinger says Sunday, so what, doesn’t mean milris wasn’t in there with the rabbi. Derosa-  mirlis never went to class.  Reports it to the vice principal, nothing was done.  Not many students, only 9 students, you would think that would be a big deal that he didn’t come to class, nothing happens, one adult, that was Avi Hack, Avi Hack was right under the Goat, there is  a reason that Avi Hack didn’t do anything.  Notis-  is eli mirlis going to go to a rabbinical court and make a claim against the head of the yeshiva, Eli wasn’t going to get a fair shake.  The sandek holds the first born son, who holds you at the circumcision, eli mirlis had the goat hold his son, that is the father figure, you want a father figure, Mirlis father was dead, his wife’s father was estranged. Notis said only one thing happens and that is you turn away from Gd and you become a drug addict.  Listen to the experts, each person responds differently. Delayed disclosure:  fear that you wont be believed,  Eli said goat was assaulting him at 15, it would effect the school whether Eli was believed or not.  Sexual abuse based on love and loyalty, I still cared about the goat, because the abuse was just one aspect of that relationship. Rafi – the same pattern the nuts the wine, sitting, the unwanted kiss, Rafi kept that secret, he is not part of a lawsuit, he has no dog in the race. The Dow told you to look at the blown up picture of Eli and the Goat at Eli’s wedding, look at how close they are. At the end of the day, look at how effectively Daniel greer groomed eli mirlis.”

We’re marching on, from the Criminal Court at 235 Church Street, New Haven, on to the outer edges of the galaxy, we’re marching merrily, goat cliff after goat cliff we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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  1. It seems as if statistically Yeshiva of New Haven had the highest percentage of homosexual activity of any educational institution in the world. And yet Mr. Greer disapproved of the immorality of the Yale dorms! Yale dorms were like a convent by comparison with his dorms. I think Yale should sue him for the money they wasted on his lawsuit.

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