Reichberg Accused Of Faking Wedding To Avoid Otisville

Reichberg Accused Of Faking Wedding To Avoid Otisville

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Federal prosecutors accused Reichberg of arranging his son’s simcha a month after his self-surrender date in order to delay his self surrender to Otisville

The mastermind of the biggest New York City Police Department corruption scandal in New York history was Jona Judas Rechnitz, who wined, dined and treated New York’s finest to the hottest prostitutes in town. Jona bribed New York City cops and politicians for years before the Feds put the squeeze on him. Once the Feds closed in Jona snitched on all his friends, including his Boro Park Bobov buddy Jeremy Reichberg. Reichberg didn’t learn from Jona that when you drop a dime you get less time. Reichberg refused to take any deals offered by the Federal mafia. The Justice Department wanted Reichberg to sit in Otisville prison for 6 years. Reichberg was sentenced to 4 years by Yale Law graduate Judge Gregory Howard Woods III, an Obama appointee and fellow member of the Negro race.

The FBI, the Justice Department, and the New York City Police Department Division of Internal Affairs spared the crooked cops who were bribed by the dirty Jews. Professional courtesy. Once again the Jews got scapegoated for the sins of the goyim. Haven’t the Jews been punished enough for ratting Yoshka out to Pontius Pilate?

NYC Police Chief Philip Banks III, who was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Rechnitz – Reichberg indictments, resigned in disgrace. Banks should have been indicted and thrown into the Metropolitan Correctional Center with Jeffrey Epstein for ten years. The Feds only indict Black drug dealers, they leave the top Black crooked cops alone. Banks now runs a consulting firm and offers his services to police departments.

Reichberg bribed the blue brass with tickets to sports events, trips to Las Vegas and the Dominican Republic accompanied by prostitutes, and weekly dinners at an expensive New York City kosher steakhouse. Reichberg knew that sports, sex and steak are the three basic needs in a goy boy’s life. In exchange for sports, sex and steak, the cops gave Reichberg free City parking passes, exemptions from jury duty, parking tickets quashed, gun permits, getting transfers and promotions of cop friends, extra police protection, and help for buddies who got arrested.

At sentencing Reichbergs lawyers argued to Judge Woods: “Mr. Reichberg was raised in the Bobov Chassidic sect and attended the Bobov school until age 21, when he married his wife, Rachel, in an arranged marriage. While Mr. Reichberg loved his Chasidic community, he hated its narrowness and isolation. While his father and brothers were extremely observant and content to stay within their tight-knit community, Mr. Reichberg was different. Mr. Reichberg fell in love with the lavishness of this lifestyle and was blinded by his love for the good life. He did not have this kind of money, had never flown on private planes, did not buy Rolexes for himself, and did not jet off to the Dominican Republic or Las Vegas for two-day jaunts. Simply put, Mr. Reichberg loved getting these gifts from Rechnitz and loved being in an atmosphere of such wealth and privilege.” In other words Reichberg’s father and brothers were obedient Hasidic Jews while Reichberg was a rebel who preferred to party with the goyim. I don’t blame him.

On May 13, 2019, Reichberg was sentenced to 4 years in Otisville by Judge Woods. Reichberg was ordered to turn himself in to Otisville on August 12, 2019. On May 14, 2019, Reichberg’s 21 year old son Shulem Zev met the girl of his dreams, his bashert. On May 15, 2019 Shulem Zev took a subway ride from Boro Park to his cousin Benzion’s kiosk in the Diamond District on West 47th Street in Manhattan and picked out an engagement ring. He paid wholesale of course. But I wouldn’t trust Benzion. How hard could it be to rip off a 21 year old Yeshiva bochur? On May 18, 2019 Shulem Zev proposed to his bride to be. She accepted, even though she knew that Shulem Zev’s father was headed to Otisville on August 12th for summer camp with Michael Cohen.

The Reichberg family scheduled the wedding for September 17, 2019 with the last sheva brachos on September 23, 2019. Reichberg’s attorneys waited until June 4, 2019 to file a motion requesting that Reichberg be allowed to turn himself into Otisville on September 24, 2019 instead of August 12th. Reichberg’s attorneys submitted a letter from Reichberg’s wife Rachel in which she told Judge Woods that the couple is not “permitted to marry between July 21th and August 11th.” Rachel didn’t explain anything about why a Jewish wedding was not permitted during this time period. Rachel made no mention of the the Three Weeks of mourning the destruction of the Temple. Rachel thoroughly explained sheva brochos to the Black judge but made no mention of the Three Weeks. Reichberg’s lawyers didn’t mentioned anything about the Three Weeks. Reichberg’s female Jewish lawyers argued that the wedding could not be scheduled in late August or early September because there were previously scheduled family simchas during these weeks, which would conflict with the wedding. When you have ten kids in your family, and they have ten kids, you need Obama’s White House party planner Omarosa to keep track of your party schedule.

Reichberg’s attorneys argued to Judge Woods: “Shulem Zev, who is exceptionally close to his father—they study together every day—hopes that his father can be present at his wedding, to stand beside him under the wedding canopy on the most important day of his life and to accompany him to the traditional 7-day Sheva Brachos that follow. A late August or early September wedding date presents difficulties for Shulem Zev and his bride-to-be, namely, late-August travel plans for their friends and family, previously scheduled weddings of family and friends in early September, and the logistics of finding a wedding hall and planning a wedding on an abbreviated timeline.” Jeremy’s wife Rachel Reichberg submitted a letter in support of the motion and stated: “I am reaching out to beg Your Honor to please allow Shulem Zev to have his father stand by his side on his wedding day. I cannot bear to see Shulem Zev filled with dread at the thought that his father may be absent at his wedding. I myself don’t know how I will make it through each day, but the thought of my son not having his father at his wedding is more than I can handle.” Shulem Zev submitted a letter in support of his tati’s motion and stated: “I am 21 years old and God in His infinite kindness has led me to meet my prospective wife just a mere few days after my father’s sentencing. My engagement was and is a light in these very dark, trying days. In our Orthodox circles an engagement period is six months. Our communities population exceeds the availability of wedding halls and all that is needed for our religious customs and ceremonies. My bride wants her friends and loved ones to attend. Her family has agreed to hasten things and miraculously secured a wedding date of September 17. I thank God for this but Your Honor it is with tears that I beg and plead to you to allow my father to remain with me at my side at this most important night of my life and at the Sheva Brachos that follow a week after.” The Reichberg begging was all in vain.

Not only did the heartless Feds object to Reichberg’s request for a few more weeks to turn himself in to Otisville, but the Feds accused Reichberg of making up the entire wedding to stay out of jail a few weeks longer. US Attorney Martin Bell argued to Judge Woods: “The Government does not mean to suggest, as reasonable inferences very well might, that the timing of the proposal and Reichberg’s on-the-record desire to delay his report / self surrender date are related. The poet Emily Dickinson famously wrote that, ‘The heart wants what it wants – or else it does not care,’ and it may very well be that this applies to matters of precise proposal timing.” US Attorney Bell told Judge Woods that the Feds would agree to a late August wedding, but not a late September wedding: “The Government had earlier indicated to Reichberg’s counsel that it would be open to reconsidering its position if, as the Government understood was seriously being considered, Reichberg’s son’s wedding were scheduled in August such that only an additional week or two was being sought. That has not happened.”

Since when did Federal prosecutors start quoting the poetry of Emily Dickenson in motions? US Attorney Martin Bell is a shvartze prosecutor who graduated from Harvard University and Harvard Law School. Bell worked for the legendary New York white shoe Jew boy law firm Paul Weiss for 2 years before getting a job with the US Attorney’s Office. What a putz! He probably took a $200K a year cut in pay when he went to work for Uncle Sam. He probably couldn’t break the Black glass ceiling at Paul Weiss. Last year Paul Weiss anointed 12 new partners: 11 were White men and one was a White woman. In order to make amends Paul Weiss recently hired Harvard grad former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch (Black woman) in as a partner as well as Yale graduate Jeannie Rhee (Asian woman) in as a partner. Rhee worked on the Mueller team. The Black woman and the Asian woman may not be full fledged partners earning the big bucks. They may be limited partners. The Harvard-Yale partners at Paul Weiss will never reveal whether these minority women are full partners or reveal any of the other secrets of the Skull & Bones Illuminati. The only secret they will disclose is that Paul Weiss has never, and will never, hire a lawyer who graduated from Cooley Law School, Touro Law School, or New York Law School.

US Attorney Martin Bell went out of his way to argue to Judge Woods that Reichberg the Jew should not get any special treatment. Bell argued that Judge Woods should make an example of this shyster Jew from Boro Park. Bell argued that there are many other defendants who get picked up on the streets who schedule their personal lives around prison. Bell used coded language to argued that the “other defendants,” ie., mostly Black and Spanish defendants, are always adjusting their lives around prison, which is a “significant life event” for minorities living in America.

Bell came very close to using the words “shyster Jew” in his motion. Someone should contact the Anti-Defamation League. Bell argued to Judge Woods: “Many defendants facing immanent surrender, do not have the temerity to make similar requests because, amidst the ongoing churn of other developments in life, they nevertheless recognize that reporting to prison as ordered is itself also a significant life event. It is a commitment and obligation that one should schedule other life events around. The Court’s substantial sentence reflects, in part, the statutory requirement that the Court’s sentence promote respect for the law. The Government respectfully submits that an adjournment here would not aid that cause. The Court’s response to this application should reflect one of the abiding lessons of this case – that before valued public institutions, Jeremy Reichberg is not entitled to special treatment than others similarly situated do not receive.”

US Attorney Bell was way too harsh on Reichberg. Nobody is going to miss Reichberg at Otisville if he shows up in late September rather than August 12th. Bell wasted considerable time, manpower, and taxpayers dollars, on opposing Reichberg’s request. Bell hit below the belt and launched into a personal attack when he argued: “That Reichberg’s son is getting married is worthy of congratulations, and a thought that hopefully buoys the defendant’s spirits during a difficult time – one that the defendant imposed upon himself through a years-long pattern of corrupting public officials. News that the families decide to schedule the wedding in August – as we understood was being considered despite the likely absence of some guests in a difficult month to schedule a wedding – would be most welcome.”

I don’t think it was made clear to the Office of the US Attorney that Shulem Zev cannot get married in early August because of the Three Weeks. The US Attorney obviously didn’t read the letter written by Rachel Reichberg in which she stated they were not permitted to marry from July 21 until August 12. The female Jew lawyers for Reichberg didn’t mention the Three Weeks. They must have failed Hebrew school. Partner Susan Necheles graduated Yale Law School. Her associate Gedalia Stern graduated Columbia Law School, which is in the Ivy League. But Stern received a “Bachelor of Talmudic Studies” from Beth Medrash Govoha, a yeshiva out of Lakewood. That’s almost as bad as getting a diploma from Cooley Law School.

Judge Woods fell for Bell’s race baiting arguments and personal attacks and denied Reichberg’s request on the date of June 14, 2019. Shulem Zev had from June 14, 2019 until July 19 to get married. The soonest they can now get married is August 13th. Reichberg will be getting processed in the A1 lobby in the Otisville medium on August 12th. Reichberg will miss the wedding if he is playing backgammon with Michael Cohen in the Otisville dining hall. Reichberg may want to turn himself into Otisville earlier and apply for a religious furlough, where he can be escorted out of Otisville to attend the wedding in late September. Reichberg should contact Mshuuuulem Jacobowitz as soon as possible.

Reichberg’s rat Jona Reichnitz is scheduled to be sentenced on September 27, 2019, which falls a couple of days before Rosh Hashana. Reichberg will be sitting in Otisville when he hears the news that his rat got no jail time and a pat on the back by Uncle Sam.

For a Godless society ruled by Yale and Harvard Skull & Bones Law grads.

Moshiach Now!

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