Rubashkin Timeline: The Ride From Otisville To 770

Rubashkin Timeline: The Ride From Otisville To 770

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This is the only website to provide a detailed timeline of the Rubashkin journey from his jail cell in Otisville prison to 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, USA.  Using the words of Rubashkin in Youtube videos, and based on my own experiences living in Otisville, I pieced together an exclusive Larry Noodles timeline for Mr. Rubashkin:

Wed Afternoon of December 20 (Hebrew date: Bais Teves):  Rubashkin was processed for release yesterday afternoon.  Yesterday morning Rubashkin thought that his release date would occur in about twenty years, with some time off for good behavior.  The prison guards must have told Rubashkin an hour before his release that he was going to be set free.  If they told him any sooner there was the risk that another inmate would find out and start a fight. You never know what is going to set off an inmate.

In one of the youtube videos Rubashkin stated: “In the whole jail nobody could believe I was walking out, mamesh, I looked at the faces at the table and they were dumbfounded, they wanted to bury the guy for who knows how many years then he walks out?  I had a little sefer (book) I learned from, that was from 770, and I said I would walk out with it, and it was hashgochoh protis (Divine providence) that I took it out of my locker and put it in my talis / tefillin bag, I don’t know why…  I told everyone to keep everything I had there, and to send it out later, I will only take my tallis and tefillin bag…”

Rubashkin had his sefer (religious book) hidden in his tallis bag when he was getting ready to break out.  The sefer was supposed to be stored in his locker.  The prison rules only allow for you to keep your tallis and tefillin in your tallis / tefillin bag.  The sefer Rubashkin kept in his tallis / tefillin bag was contraband.  Rubashkin could have got written up for discipline or thrown in the SHU (Special Housing Unit AKA solitary confinement).  But I’m sure Trump would have granted him a pardon for having the sefer in his talis / tefillin bag.  Larry Noodles, on the other hand, was subjected to extreme disciplinary measures when he was caught with a bag of contraband a spiral pasta in his cell.

Rubaskin didn’t attempt to gather all of his belongings that he accumulated in prison for the last several years.  Some guys come out of prison with boxes of things, from clothing, sneakers to food.  I gave away most of my stuff, which is officially against the rules but everyone does it anyway.  I took some sweatshirts and other clothing.  Rubashkin’s stuff will never be shipped to him.  No doubt the other inmates will take his stuff.  It’s not that Rubashkin was so attached to his stuff, he was just glad to be out.

Wed Evening of December 20 at Otisville Front Lobby (Hebrew date:  Gimel Teves):  Rubashkin walks into the front lobby of the medium to greet his family as a free man.  The lobby is where visitors wait to see an inmate.  There was probably an inmate from the camp in the front lobby mopping the lobby floors or cleaning the bathroom.  This is a highly sought after and easy prison job.  I was in the lobby a number of times and spoke with Rubashkin’s friends and family members who were waiting to see him.  You are not allowed to talk to visitors but you can usually sneak in a few words.  Rubashkins’ family never hesitated to warmly greet inmates, and wish them well, they knew what it was like to be locked up in an insane asylum.

Wed Evening of December 20 at Otisville Gas Station:  Rubashkin gets into his family minivan and is driven down Two Mile Road, the long winding road that leads to civilization.  Otisville prison is located up on the top of a hill, in the woods, two miles from civilization, about 2,000 feet above sea level.  The first stop for Rubashkin was the Otisville Gulf gas station located at the bottom of Two Mile Road.  Rubashkin got out and danced with his friends and family at the gas station. One of the guys, ie., Rabbi Meyer Borenstein, recorded Rubashkin singing and dancing.  Rubashkin looks into the cell phone camera, waves his arms, yelling: “Bais teves, gimel teves, l’chaim, emunah, bitochum, geulah, shlema, Aibishter bring geulah now!”

Every guy who gets released from Otisville stops at this gas station.  Many of the Jewish guys donate their yarmulkes to the owner of the gas station, at least the guys who did not throw their yarmulkes out on Two Mile Road.  The gas station is your first experience with the outside world.  When I was released and walked into that gas station I must have looked like someone who had just landed from Mars.  I slowly walked around the store in shock at the amount of food that was stocked on the shelves.  Unlike prison, I didn’t have to steal any of it, I could just pay for whatever I wanted.  Such a concept had become totally foreign to me.  When I walked into the gas station bathroom I was even more shocked.  The bathroom was private with a lock on the door.  I had never seen such a thing in prison.  The prison communal bathrooms were crowded with guys yelling, cursing, and with loud noises coming from other parts of their bodies.  I am no doctor but I suspect some of the guys had serious gastrointestinal problems.

The guy filming the video of Rubashkin at the gas station announced that he was joined at “this great simcha of the century” with the Rubashkin family and local Satmars.  I don’t think that there are any Satmars living in Otisville.  They may have came down from Monsey or Middletown to wish Rubashkin a mazel tov before he left the gas station for Brooklyn.  Sholom Rubashkin was locked up with Satmar inmate Sholam Weiss in Otisville.  They ran the shul together in the medium, which only consisted of a handful of Orthodox Jews.  Weiss is currently serving an 845 year prison sentence.  He is not expected to get released until the year 2754.  A judge recently cut 10 years off his sentence so he is down to 835 years.

Wed Evening of December 20 at 770 Eastern Parkway:  Rubashkin gets out of his minivan in front of the Lubavitch world headquarters and synagogue at 770 Eastern Parkway, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  Thousands of people are in the streets singing, dancing and cheering.  Rubashkin forced his way through the crowd while he waved his arms ecstatically.  Rubashkin gave a speech to the thousands packed into 770.  Rubashkin told the crowd: “Donald Trump, Gd Bless Him.”  Rubashkin also said that Shabbos candle lighting was “4:14 in the afternoon.”  I am not sure why he made this public service announcement. The crowd of Hasidic Trump supporters danced and cheered.  Music blared from the speakers. The Hasidim partied all night.

Wed Evening of December 20 at Rubashkin Home:  Rubashkin gave another speech on his front porch in front of thousands of people on the streets.  Rubashkin told the crowd:  “all the tefillos (prayers), achdus Yisroel (unity), ahava Yisroel (love) that you see over here, I want to thank everyone for coming, and writing letters, today was gimel, geulah (redemption), we should all have Moschiach…this is not my simcha (celebration), chas vshalom (Gd forbid), this is everybody’s simcha, we have to strengthen our ties to the Aibeshter (Lord), our Aibeshter is our loving father, may the Aibeshter answer all our tefillos (prayers), may you all have a yeshua (salvation), it is Chanukah now, we are all waiting for Moschiach (Messiah), L’Chaim!”  The crowd yelled “AMEN!”

Thurs Morning December 21 at 770:  Rubashkin was filmed putting on his talis and tefillin at 770, the first time as a free man.  No tachnun was said today in Lubavitch communities, a new holiday for Chabad.  Rubashkin was also filmed reciting the Hagomel prayer, which thanks Gd for being released from prison:  “Blessed are You, Lord our Gd, ruler of the world, who rewards the undeserving with goodness, and who has rewarded me with goodness.”  Thousands of people were packed in the shul while Rubashkin recited this prayer.  The crowd threw candy at Rubashkin as he recited it and shouted AMEN!.

I was tipped off to the release of Rubashkin over the summer.  Something funny went on in Otisville over the summer.  I do not know the details but my source informed me that it involved one of the inmates and Trump son in law Jared Kushner.  I tried to do my own investigation but I was hampered by my limited budget.  I couldn’t bribe anyone in the Justice Department or at Otisville prison.  If you wish to support this blog and support my ability to obtain exclusive information, please send checks, cash, Paypay, bags of pennies, livestock (no goats please), so that I will be able to pay bribes to FBI agents and attorneys who work at the Office of the United States Attorney.

Why did Trump release Rubashkin?  The mainstream media claims that it was a “bipartisan” effort.  Give me a break.  Rubashkin has been lobbying the Feds for years for an early release. Not everyone has the means to fight City Hall. Back in August I wrote about how Rubashkin got railroaded by a hanging judge and out of control Department of Justice attorneys from Iowa of all places.  Rubashkin would have never got at 27 year sentence in New York.  Will Rubashkin’s case draw further attention to the dysfunction, bias and cronyism at the Department of Justice?  Will Rubashkin give press conferences attacking the Department of Justice and Robert Mueller, who is special counsel investigating the Trumps?  The press has still not scrutinized US Attorney Aaron Zelinsky, the most inexperienced lawyer on the Mueller team, who hails from a powerful political family of New Haven Democrats.  Zelinsky’s family used to be business partners and friends with the evil Goat.

Chabad is very much involved in advocating and helping Jewish inmates in the Federal prison system.  Chabad has some influence with officials in the Deep State prison bureaucracy.  Is Trump trying to curry favor with Chabad in case one of his own family members gets convicted and thrown in jail? Or is Trump trying to gain influence with the Bureau of Prisons in order to insure Hillary does hard time when she gets locked up?

Will Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin become the next leader of Chabad?  Rubashkin was released on the last day of Chanukah, a modern day miracle.  Every Hasidic sect has a Rebbe who spent some time in the Big House.  The Spinka Rebbe was locked up in the Otisville camp before I got there.  In the past Rebbes were locked up in Russian prisons.  Times have changed. Chabad now has very close ties with Putin.  Rubashkin’s parents were born in Russia.  Was the release of Rubashkin part of some larger conspiracy involving Trump, Putin, and Chabad?  As mentioned earlier, it is very costly for me to investigate such conspiracies.  Bribing Russians is not going to be cheap.  In prison I could pay off the Russian inmates with a few stolen tomatoes, but on the outside….

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  1. There will be no justice until Linda Read is thrown off the bench and preferably locked in a cell. There was a judge (forget his name) who put himself in lockup for a day or something so he would know what it was like. When you take martial arts they don’t let you choke someone out until you have been choked out yourself. Time for judges to stop putting human beings in cages. Let Janet spend a few months in a cell and see how cruel that is.

  2. Thanks for the nice travel diary. Do we know whether Mr. Rubashkin bought any snacks at the gas station, or did the family bring up some cold cut sandwiches from crown Deli? How much earlier would the family have been told so that they could drive up from Brooklyn? Injustice Reade might be able to do some time in her husband’s jails… he seems to have an inside track on jails as investments

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