Sacklers Avoid Criminal Liability In Purdue Pharma Guilty Plea

Sacklers Avoid Criminal Liability In Purdue Pharma Guilty Plea

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Two days before Thanksgiving the Department of Justice issued a press release announcing that it had secured the guilty plea of Opioid drug manufacturer Purdue Pharma. Purdue pleaded guilty to three felonies. Big deal. Purdue Pharma filed bankruptcy months ago after it ran out of money defending itself against wrongful death lawsuits. Indicting a bankrupt company, rather than a human being, is like indicting a corn beef sandwich. What’s the point? It never deters other corporations from committing crime. A corporation is only as honest as the officers who run it.

The Justice Department got a bankrupt company to plead guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States government, conspiracy to pay kick backs to doctors for pushing opioids on the American population, and lying to the FDA. Purdue agree to pay over $8 billion in fines, penalties and forfeitures, with $225 million to be paid immediately. The other $7.75 billion may never be collected by Uncle Sam. The Sackler family members completely escaped criminal liability. The Justice Department stated in its press release that the Sacklers will pay $225 million in fines, mere pocket change for the Sacklers. The Sacklers already siphoned billions of dollars out of Purdue after the opioid crisis started to hit the front pages. After the opioid crisis hit, the Sacklers started to market their drugs overseas, just as the tobacco companies did once they started to get sued.

The Justice Department stated in their press release that Sackler family members are still exposed to criminal liability. Members of Congress are outraged at the plea deal the Justice Department offered Purdue. Congress has invited Sackler family members to testify before a Congressional hearing on December 8th. The Sacklers were not served with subpoenas. The Sacklers were “invited” to testify. What are the odds of the Sacklers showing up? Even if the Sacklers show up they will be flanked by top lawyers who will assert the Sacklers’ right to refuse to testify on the Fifth Amendment grounds that they could incriminate themselves. Inviting the Sackers to testify about their drug business is equivalent to inviting Al Capone to testify before a Congressional hearing about bootlegging. FUHGETABOUTIT!!!

Purdue company documents, filed in the bankruptcy court, revealed that in 2017, when Oxy deaths started to peak, the Sacklers considered paying CVS Pharmacy, United Health Care, Anthem, Aetna, Kaiser, and other insurance companies, a $14,000.00 “rebate” for each unfortunate “event,” ie., overdose death. The Sacklers even estimated the number of people who would die, and how many millions they would have to pay in rebates. Dead drug addicts are not good for the bottom line. The Sackers wanted to give CVS an incentive to keep pushing their drugs even while addicts were crumping all over the New Haven green. The Sacklers borrowed from the playbook of auto manufacturers, who always get in trouble for deciding that it costs less to pay wrongful death claims than to recall millions of cars with dangerous defects. American blood is cheap. Corporate blood is gold.

The American people need to take back the courts. Criminals, whether they kill people with machine guns or ink pens, need to be in front of American juries. Juries need to decide their fate. The lawyers who work for the Justice Department need to do their jobs and bring these reprobates to trial. Let the public decide. No more back room deals between Department of Justice Yale Law graduates working in cubicles and hot shot Harvard Law graduates working at white shoe law firms.

The Sackler family of doctors have dodged the bullet, but who knows, whoever President Biden appoints as Attorney General may feel that it is unfortunate that there is no longer a minyan in Otisville. The Sackler men would make at least half the minyan. If the Sacklers are indicted and end up in Otisville their only hope is that Trump’s government in exile will grant them a pardon. Trump has a soft spot for big time criminals. I am still waiting for my pardon. What does it take to get a pardon these days? Disclose top secret military information to the Israeli government? Lie to the FBI about meeting with the Russians? I never had the opportunity to commit such crimes. This should not be held against me. If Mr. Trump is reading my blog I beg you, Mr. President, please, please, grant me a pardon. I apologize for all the jokes I made about you and your Jewish grandchildren in my blog. I didn’t mean it. I promise I won’t do it again. I’ll even shine your shoes. PULLLEASEEE!



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