Sample Character Letter For Goat Sentencing

Sample Character Letter For Goat Sentencing

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The Goat will have to dig out his 1956 high school yearbook in order to find examples of the last time the Goat did a good deed. An elderly man contacted the State’s Attorney and said he was victimized by the Goat at Yale Law School. The Goat apparently was well behaved at the Yeshiva University High School, although the Goat may have been groomed to rape other males by the evil YU dorm counselor Macy Gordon

The sentencing hearing of Daniel Greer will be conducted on November 20th. Judge Alander will decide the Goat’s fate. The law gives Judge Alander the power to sentence the Goat to 80 years of incarceration. It is highly unlikely that Judge Alander will sentence the Goat to 80 years. Judge Alander doesn’t have to strictly follow the criminal sentencing laws enacted by the politicians in the State Legislature. Judges are political animals themselves. Judges understand that the State does not have the resources to lock up criminals for such lengthy sentences.

At the Goat’s sentencing hearing Judge Alander will deem all the lurid facts presented at the Goat trial to be true. The Goat cannot argue at sentencing that he was railroaded by Anti Semites. The horrific facts presented at the Goat’s trial does not leave the Goat much room to argue for compassion or leniency, especially where the Goat showed no compassion to his victims. The fact that the Goat denied all accusations demonstrated the Goat’s lack of acceptance of responsibility and a complete lack of remorse. The Goat doesn’t have much of a prayer before Judge Alander.

Looking back at the Goat’s 1956 Yeshiva University yearbook shows a young man with a promising future. The Goat was elected President of the Student Council. Things went downhill after the Goat graduated high school and went to Princeton University followed by Yale Law School. A victim contacted the State’s Attorney and said he was attacked by the Goat back in those days. Is it possible that the Goat was groomed to be a sexual predator back at Yeshiva University High School? 40 lawsuits were recently filed against the Yeshiva University High School. One lawsuit alleged the following: “In or about 1955, a YUHS male student was attacked by Macy Gordon, a young faculty member and/or dorm counselor, who attempted (for about fifteen (15) minutes) to give him a “Mishey,” a term used for pinning a man down and rubbing toothpaste all over his genitals. The student soon thereafter reported Gordon’s inappropriate conduct to a high-ranking administrator, Norman B. Abrams, but Mr. Abrams rebuffed him, telling him, in words or substance, ‘you are a troublemaker make sure you stay out of trouble.’ Gordon had a vicious and sadistic nature. On one occasion, Gordon sprayed a young boy’s genital area with Chloraseptic and then violently shoved a toothbrush (with toothpaste) up the boy’s rectum. After this boy and his father reported Gordon’s acts of sodomy (in detail) to YU’s Vice President, Israel Miller, YU allowed Gordon to remain on YUHS’s faculty, failed to notify law enforcement or child protective services officials of Gordon’s criminal acts, and failed to warn any students, parents, or prospective students, that Gordon was a known sexual predator. YUHS, therefore, was an extremely dangerous place, where vicious, malicious, and sadistic sexual predators roamed free to pick off their innocent prey by relying upon the respect and reverence they commanded by virtue of their positions, titles, and reputations for decency and erudition.”

At sentencing the Goat will have the right to present character letters signed by his friends and family members attesting to his good character. I cannot see anyone publicly signing a character letter asking for leniency for the Goat other than his wife the Ewe, and possibly his secretary Jean Ledbury and Rabbi Notis. I heard that Notis was kicked out of the compound because he refused to get rid of a couple of minor boys whom the Goat didn’t like. I don’t believe that story. I think Notis left because he knew he had no future in New Haven after the $15 million civil verdict entered against the Goat. Notis is a fraud anyway. Notis lied on the witness stand. Notis testified that he had heard of no case where a victim of sexual molestation returned to his abuser after he became an adult. The self-righteous, indignant, and argumentative Notis knew all about Avi Hack and how Avi Hack was hired by the Goat as the Assistant Principal after he was molested by the Goat as a child. Notis never mentioned Avi Hack. Notis also lied when he said that all Orthodox Jews go to the religious court before filing a lawsuit or legal matter in secular court. Rabbi Notis never sought permission from any religious court before he filed his petition in bankruptcy before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey. Jean Ledbury is also a fraud. Ledbury never mentioned that she was promoted to the Goat’s non-profit as a member of the Board of Directors just before the criminal trial. She probably got a bump in salary. Ledbury testified on the witness stand that she was an “administrative assistant.” Ledbury never mentioned that she was on the Board of Directors. Ledbury also lied when she testified that Rabbi Gettinger broke his arm and moved to the dorm building. The Gettingers never moved to the dorm building and Rabbi Gettinger never broke his arm. At least the Ewe refused to take the witness stand and lie for the Goat. The Goat surrounded himself with liars and frauds. Goats of a feather stick together.

If you wish to write a character letter in order to rebut letters submitted by Notis, the Ewe and Ledbury, below is a sample you can use as your template. Your letter will never be seen on line. The criminal court filing system is still in the Dark Ages, it is all paper in paper file folders that never get electronically scanned. Your letter will eventually disintegrate in some State storage facility. Your personal information will be redacted from your letter. Make changes where necessary.

Chambers of Hon Jon Alander

Superior Court

235 Church Street

New Haven, CT 06511

Re: State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer (CR17-0177934)

Dear Judge Alander:

I am writing to request that the maximum period of incarceration be imposed upon Daniel Greer as allowed under the law. Mr. Greer oversaw an elementary school, boys high school and girls high school for many years. I witnessed Mr. Greer abuse numerous children during some of those years. He caused me and my friends to suffer daily acts of humiliation, verbal abuse, as well as physical abuse which included being locked up in a cold room for days on end. Mr. Greer’s family members, as well as his administrators and assistants such as Mordechai Biser and Avi Hack, knew of his abusive behavior and did nothing to stop him or report his behavior to the authorities. I would like to provide detailed examples of Mr. Greer’s abusive behavior, which I personally witnessed, below:

I would like to thank the Court for allowing me to be heard on this matter. Please redact my name and address from my letter. I would like to speak at Mr. Greer’s sentencing if that is possible. My phone number is ________________ . I would prefer not to speak at sentencing and that my name not be publicly mentioned during the sentencing hearing.

Very Truly Yours,

Moshe Noodles

As for all those unjustly imprisoned in dungeons from among Your nation, Israel, release their shackles, liberate them to expansive freedom, and establish them to fear You. Inscribe us in the Book of Life, take pity and have mercy on us, hear our prayers.

For Gd, For Yale, For Noodles, Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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