Sample Letter Directed to Chief State’s Attorney

Sample Letter Directed to Chief State’s Attorney

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Chief State’s Attorney Office, 300 Corporate Place, Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Via Fax:  860-258-5858                       Via Email:

Dear Sir / Ma’am:

Daniel Greer and his now defunct boarding school Yeshiva of New Haven were recently found liable in a civil jury trial in the amount of $15 million in the Federal District Court for the District of Hartford in the case of Eliyahu Mirlis v. Daniel Greer, et al, 3:16 cv 00678.  Daniel Greer was found liable for raping a former student at his now defunct private boarding school located at 765 Elm Street, New Haven, CT.

During this civil trial the former principal of the Greer school, Avi Hack, testified that he was repeatedly raped as a minor at 765 Elm Street, and in other buildings located in close proximity to 765 Elm Street, buildings owned by non-profit entities controlled by Daniel Greer.  During the civil trial Dr. Julian Ford, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut, testified that the plaintiff Mirlis suffered Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome due to the trauma inflicted by Daniel Greer.  Dr. Ford testified that there was evidence that Daniel Greer molested his own children Ezi Greer and / or Dov Greer.  Ezi Greer lives in Waterbury, CT.   I have been told that there are other victims who have not come forward.  Attorney Antonio Ponvert of Koskoff, Koskoff & Beider would have additional information about other victims, information that was not admitted into evidence during the civil trial.

Upon information and belief, at the present time a man by the name of Rabbi Notis, from Lakewood, NJ, runs a private boarding school with minor students in the very buildings where Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis were raped by Daniel Greer as students.  I am requesting that the State conduct an investigation into the relationship between Daniel Greer and Rabbi Notis.  I have heard that Rabbi Notis is either getting paid by Daniel Greer, or is not paying Mr. Greer any money for the use of these buildings.  I have been told that Daniel Greer is in close contact with these minors on a daily basis, and Daniel Greer has access to the buildings in which these minors sleep every night.

I believe that Rabbi Notis should be investigated in order to determine whether he is in violation of § 53-21 of the Connecticut Criminal Code.   § 53-21 of the Connecticut Criminal Code provides the following:  “(a) Any person who (1) wilfully or unlawfully causes or permits any child under the age of sixteen years to be placed in such a situation that the life or limb of such child is endangered, the health of such child is likely to be injured or the morals of such child are likely to be impaired, or does any act likely to impair the health or morals of any such child, shall be guilty of …. a class C felony for a violation of subdivision (1)… of this subsection…”

The Connecticut Supreme Court has interpreted § 53-21:  “The general purpose of § 53-21 is to protect the physical and psychological well-being of children from the potentially harmful conduct of adults… both parts of the statute are intended to protect children from predatory and potentially harmful conduct of adults… the first part of § 53-21 prohibits the willful creation of a ‘situation’ likely to impair the health of a child and thus encompasses the protection of the body as well as the safety and security of the environment in which the child exists, and for which the adult is responsible. The plain language of the first part of § 53-21 indicates the legislature’s understanding that there is a broad class of intentional conduct that can put a child’s well-being seriously at risk without any physical contact by the perpetrator…”  State v. Payne.

I do not have firsthand knowledge of the information I set forth above.  I did not witness Daniel Greer rape anyone.  I am requesting that the State of Connecticut conduct an investigation in order to determine whether any criminal laws are currently being violated.

Very Truly Yours,


A Concerned Citizen

5 thoughts on “Sample Letter Directed to Chief State’s Attorney

      1. i did some web surfing myself and found that torah umesorah still has the yeshiva of new haven listed as a school under its umbrella. so i called their main number 212 227 1000 to tell them to take it down. i also informed them of the current situation at the yeshiva with this rabbi notice from yeshiva adores hatorah ( which i now think is in israel) who runs a school for “bad jewish kids” in the compound with greer being part of the school experience for these boys ( eg shabbat etc.). there is a hotline. i think it is at least necessary to find out if the parents of these kids are informed of the current status.
        if you could turn your excellent letter to the state’s attorney into a document that could be printed out, then i would most certainly send it to the connecticut authorities.
        again, thanks for all that you are doing.

  1. A legal point. If Mr. Greer had been convicted in criminal court the laws against sex offenders would definitely be invoked. Since he has only been convicted of a civil liability for damages for sexual abuse, but not in a criminal court it is an open question what the rules are. Of course, it is outrageous that he continues to have unfettered access to a male dormitory for minors, but it may not be illegal.

    1. Correct, he may not be doing anything technically that is illegal. But the victims can file complaints with DCF or the Department of Education, and these agencies have the power to revoke licenses. These agencies are not limited to proving that child rape occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. They have their own standards and rules for conducting investigations. If they found the complaints credible they certainly can take action, just as they would for any day care center.

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