Sarah Greer Answers Questions About the Goat

Sarah Greer Answers Questions About the Goat

Plaintiff Mirlis took the deposition of the Goat’s wife Sarah Greer.  Sarah Greer is the only member of the Goat’s family who is supporting him.  All of the Goat’s children have abandoned ship and left town.  After 30 years of being surrounded by children and grandchildren, the Goat has no family left in New Haven.

The Goat’s number one son moved to Philadelphia after living in New Haven for his entire life.  The Goat’s other son moved to Waterbury after living in New Haven for his entire life.  If the Goat had any redeeming qualities, his two loyal sons would have stayed in town and defended him.  Instead, they took their families and left the compound.

The deposition of Sarah Greer was held about a week ago in the Federal Courthouse building in Hartford.  I was unable to interview Sarah Greer.  Maybe next time.

I would bet that Sarah Greer defended her goat husband during the entire deposition.  She is the only family member who supports the Goat.  The Goat still has a few friends left in New Haven who show up at the compound:  Jerry Paley AKA Otis from Superman II, Bruce Altmann AKA Mr. Robot, Darcy Quick Draw McGraw AKA Darcy Quick Draw McGraw, Mark Roffman, Glen from the New Haven Public Library AKA the downtown homeless shelter, Lou Goldberg AKA Goatcopy, and Gary Lynes AKA the Piano Man.

Gary Lynes wrote the music to the 1957 hit single “Love Me Forever.”  This was long before the Beatles came to the scene.  John Lennon once said that this Gary Lynes song inspired him to write the popular Beatles hits: “She Loves You”, “Love Me Do”,  “Can’t Buy You Love”, and “All My Loving.”   Here are the lyrics for the 1957 Gary Lynes hit song:

“Love me, love me forever……………Take me, make me your own…………… Promise, promise you’ll never leave me lost and alone………………………… Kiss me strongly and sweetly, tell me you will be true…………………………. Love me, love me completely now and forever, as I love you……………….”

I think Gary Lynes should get over his love for the Goat and move on with his life.  Gary owes the Goat nothing.  If Gary only knew that the Goat’s favorite song is “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones…

I am not one hundred percent sure that all the locals listed above still go to the compound. I lost my undercover contacts at the compound. They all got evicted by the Goat.  If anyone is reading this blog please help, as I cannot be everywhere.  It is hard enough figuring out the whereabouts of the ornery Goat, let alone trying to track down his loyal followers.

I suspect that the Bruce & Darcy Show are still with the Goat.  They were always big fans.  One fan of this blog told me that Bruce & Darcy were closer to firstborn son Dov Greer.  When Dov Greer left town Bruce and Darcy transferred their allegiance from Dov Greer to the Goat.  Quick Draw McGraw takes religion classes with Sarah Greer.  Sarah Greer brainwashed her into believing that the Goat is innocent.

I recently ran into the Piano Man going to the compound.  I asked him why he was still following the Goat around.  He had no coherent answer or response.  He got mad at me for asking such a question and made a goat noise. Or was it flatulence?  I couldn’t tell.

The Federal Judge recently ruled against Mirlis in his request for a capias to have Sarah Greer physically brought into court by the Federal marshals.  Sarah Greer hired a lawyer and voluntarily showed up to Federal Court for her deposition.  There was no point in issuing a capias for her arrest after the fact.  The Judge denied the motion for a capias anyway, just for the record.

The Judge also denied the motion for sanctions against Sarah Greer.  But the Judge allowed Mirlis the opportunity to file a new motion for contempt with a request for attorneys fees.  The Judge could have simply awarded some fees to the attorney for Mirlis for all the work he had to do to get Sarah Greer to show up for her deposition.  Instead, the Judge wants additional paperwork filed.  This creates more billable legal work for the Goat’s attorneys, which will be billed to the Goat’s non-profits.

Here is a copy of the latest Court order:

ORDER: The plaintiff’s request for a capias is denied as moot. The plaintiff’s request that the court impose sanctions is denied without prejudice to the filing of a motion for contempt pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 45(g). Any request for attorney’s fees must be accompanied by satisfactory evidence – in addition to the attorney’s own affidavit – that the requested rate is in line with those prevailing in the community for similar services by lawyers of reasonably comparable skill, experience and reputation. Blum v. Stenson, 465 U.S. 886, 895 n. 11 (1984). Additionally, counsel are advised that pursuant to the Federal Magistrates Act, 28 U.S.C. § 636(e), magistrate judges have limited civil contempt authority. Except in certain situations which do not exist here, a federal magistrate judge’s role with respect to a motion for contempt is limited to certifying (or declining to certify) the facts constituting contempt. In determining whether to certify facts to the district court, the magistrate judge’s role is to determine whether the moving party can adduce sufficient evidence to establish a prima facie case of contempt. Whether the conduct of a party constitutes contempt, and any sanctions to be imposed, are committed to the discretion of the district court. However, a magistrate judge may recommend that certain sanctions be imposed by the district court upon a finding of contempt. Finally, before any further motions are filed, counsel are strongly encouraged to meet and confer in a good faith attempt to resolve plaintiff’s request for fees and costs without judicial intervention. Signed by Judge Donna F. Martinez on 1/17/17. (Constantine, A.) (Entered: 01/17/2017)

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