Sarah Greer Caught Hiding Rabbi Goat’s $$$

Sarah Greer Caught Hiding Rabbi Goat’s $$$

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Rabbi Goat and Rebbetzin Ewe leaving Federal Court

Child rape victim Eli Mirlis sued Sarah Greer late last year in Federal Court for fraudulent conveyance. Sarah Greer is accused of fraudulently transferring Rabbi Greer’s money into her own personal bank accounts. Mirlis claims that hundreds of thousands of dollars of transfers were made right after the $15 million verdict entered against her husband Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat.”

Mirlis filed an application for prejudgment remedy attachment (PJR) asking Judge Shea to attach property owned by Sarah Greer. Sarah Greer and Rabbi Goat own the house they reside in at 133 West Park Avenue in New Haven. The Goat and his Ewe also own two condos in Newport, RI, valued at about $800K.

Mirlis alleged that $220K was transferred out of a Goat Start Community bank account and deposited into an out of State bank account owned by Sarah Greer. Former New Haven Mayor John DiStefano is Vice President of Start Community Bank. DiStefano used to attend every Goat fundraising event and repeatedly praise the depraved Goat. I was there, I saw for myself. Today DiStefano has taken an oath of silence, along with Senator Richard Blumenthal, Mayor Toni Harp, and all the other shameless politicians who used to suck up to the Goat, year after year, for campaign contributions.

The out of State bank account owned by Sarah Greer is not subject to attachment by a Connecticut court. During her deposition Sarah Greer testified that at the time of the transfers she knew about the $15 million dollar verdict against her depraved husband Rabbi Greer. Sarah testified that her husband “absolutely” would have told her that he was liable to pay the $15 million verdict and judgment.

Sarah Greer was sitting next to her Goat when the jury announced the $15 million verdict against her Goat in Federal Court. I watched the foreman of the jury read the verdict from the press box. After the verdict was read the Goat turned white as a Ghoat. He trotted out of the courthouse as fast as he could. Only one lawyer from his wet dream team followed him out of the courthouse: Attorney William Ward. Ward gave the Goat a bear hug just before the Goat got into his Goat mobile. New Haven Independent reporter Chris Peak was right there taking pictures of the Goat and Attorney Ward in front of the Goat mobile in the parking lot. I backed off and let them have the Goat and his attorney have their intimate moment together.

Several months after the verdict I spoke with one of the jurors who deliberated in the Goat case. By law the jury was required to judge the credibility of the Goat as well as the credibility of the victim. This juror told me that the Goat case was extremely disturbing. The juror told me that it was very difficult to even talk about the case, even though many months had elapsed since the verdict. The juror told me that the rest of the jurors were unanimous in their assessment of the depraved Goat when they awarded victim Mirlis $15 million.

Sarah Greer testified in her deposition that $220K was transferred out of a Goat bank account and put into her bank account because she “did not want it taken” by Mirlis. Sarah Greer hired attorney Stuart Margolis to fight the fraudulent conveyance claim. Margolis has mounted a vigorous defense. Margolis handles all of the Goat’s evictions in the compound. Plus Margolis filed 40 tax appeals on behalf of the Goat trying to get a reduction in City property taxes for his non-profits, which already get a tax break. Margolis is cashing in big time on the golden Goat.

Sarah Greer is a weakling and can’t stand up to her depraved Goat husband. The Goat knows that Margolis will keep Sarah Greer under control. Any other lawyer, with any kind of morals or conscience, would advise Sarah Greer to ditch the Goat. Not Margolis. Stuart Margolis only sees dollar signs. Any sign of mutiny coming from Sarah Greer will only get Margolis fired by the Goat. Mirlis has alleged a number of other fraudulent financial shenanigans: The Ewe receives a regular salary from the Yeshiva of New Haven as a Board member. The Ewe also receives regular payments going into her retirement account from the Yeshiva of New Haven. These monies go into bank accounts solely in the name of the Ewe. The Ewe doesn’t pay any personal expenses out of her bank accounts. The entire salary that the Goat gets paid from the Yeshiva of New Haven is used to pay all the household expenses for the Goat and his Ewe. The Goat spends on joint expenses while the Ewe stashes all her money in her rainy day fund, ie., the day the Goat is incarcerated.

The Ewe is able to squirrel away her money while the Goat uses his money to pay all the household bills. The Goat can argue in Court that he has no money left over to pay Mirlis, while his Ewe is stashing away millions. The Ewe does no work for the Yeshiva of New Haven. The Goat does no work for the Yeshiva of New Haven. Yet they are both paid by the Yeshiva of New Haven. The Yeshiva of New Haven is completely defunct. There is no school. The boys left New Haven a long time ago. Currently the Goat recruits guys each week to make his minyan every Shabbos. The guys get paid $75 for Friday to Saturday and an extra $25 if they stay til Sunday.

You can read a copy of the fraudulent conveyance complaint and the PJR by clicking the link below:

The Goat has another court date scheduled in his criminal case in New Haven next month. The Goat is being represented by high priced lawyer William Dow. Who is paying Attorney Dow? Sarah Greer is being represented by high priced attorney Stuart Margolis in the fraudulent conveyance case. Who is paying his fees?

The Goat has continued to refuse to pay rape victim Eli Mirlis. A weekly wage execution was recently issued against the Goat. The Goat filed an appeal to the Second Circuit of the wage execution order.

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4 thoughts on “Sarah Greer Caught Hiding Rabbi Goat’s $$$

  1. “Sarah Greer is a weakling.”
    Sarah Greer is a cruel, cold woman. She has been hurting people for decades. Evil resides in her. She is no passive wife, no wilting flower. She deserves the carma that’s now running her over.

  2. Larry
    Mirlis has domesticated the judgment in RI federal and maybe state court. Why can’t he seek attachment of the RI account in RI?

    1. Mirlis attached the Goat’s condos in Rhode Island. I don’t think he can foreclose because the Goat’s wife is also on the deed. Mirlis cannot attach a bank account that is only in the name of Sarah Greer. The judgment is against the Goat, he can only attach accounts in the name of the Goat.

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