Sarah Greer Ducks Larry Noodles

Sarah Greer Ducks Larry Noodles


Today I was unable to obtain an interview of the wife of the depraved goat.  Today was the day Sarah Greer was supposed to appear at Federal Court for her deposition.  In the past she played the same games of avoidance as her goat husband.  Today was no different.  Today the wife of the goat did not answer uncomfortable questions about why she spent the last 30 years watching the goat rape children and not doing a thing about it.   Sarah Greer’s deposition was put off until January 10.  Here is a copy of the Court order:

ORDER : The deposition of Sarah Greer is rescheduled and shall be conducted on 1/10/2017 at 10:00 a.m. in the East Courtroom, U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut, 450 Main Street, Hartford, CT. Counsel and the deponent must report to Judge Martinez’s chambers by no later than 9:45 a.m. and be ready to begin the deposition promptly at 10:00 a.m. All participants must be prepared for the deposition to last for the entire day. Signed by Judge Donna F. Martinez on 1/3/17.(Constantine, A.) (Entered: 01/03/2017)

My guess is that one of the attorneys had a scheduling conflict or some kind of family emergency.  The Federal court was not going to put off the deposition at the request of Sarah Greer or the goat.

It could be the case that the new attorney for Sarah needed more time to read this blog and digest the case.  Attorney David Grudberg has only been involved in the case for less than three weeks.  The goat’s attorney William Ward is not going to help David get up to speed.  The goat’s attorney has done next to nothing to defend the goat, other than incur bills for attorneys fees, which the goat charged to his non-profit entities.

Why the goat has chosen to lie down and play dead is the sixty four thousand dollar question.  When the child rape case was first filed the goat defended himself and attacked the victim Mirlis. He also attacked me, literally and figuratively.  He threw me out of his shul, pushing me down the stairs.  The goat blamed my blog for all of his problems.  He called me a “reprobate” at his Sabbath sermon. He then attacked his longtime male prostitute Avi Hack.  The goat even lashed out at his own children.

The goat doesn’t care all that much about human beings.  He is an animal after all.  I have to give the goat credit for having picked the perfect wife forty years ago.  Sarah Greer stood by the goat’s side while all of the goat’s friends, including his own children, disowned him.  Sarah Greer is still standing there next to the goat.  Why she chooses to remain on the sinking Titanic at this point is anybody’s guess.

The goat’s sidekick of thirty years also left him.  Harold Hack, the father of Avi Hack, sat on the left side of the goat in the front of the goat synagogue for over thirty years, with the Aron Kodesh and Torah to the goat’s right.  He stayed with the goat until the very end.  I heard from reliable sources that he chose to leave the goat upon “advice from his attorney.”  He didn’t leave the goat because the goat is a depraved rapist who raped his own son.  Harold left the goat because his attorney told him to leave.

The goat had a method to his madness.  In the large room he used for his synagogue he placed all of his underlings in strategic positions located around the room.  The goat sat up front and center, next to the Aron Kodesh facing the congregants.  To the goats left, against the left wall, was Harold Hack.  To the goat’s far right, against the right wall, was the goat’s son Ezi.  In the very back, against the back wall, guarding the entrance, was the goat’s son Dov. And right in the middle of the room, facing the goat, was the goat’s male prostitute Avi Hack.  The goat had every corner covered.  The entire room was surrounded and guarded by his minions.

It’s a sick world out there.  I thought I had met some sick, deranged people in Federal prison.  Little did I realize that the real psychopaths are right out there in the open.  You don’t have to do time in Federal prison to run into these lunatics.



7 thoughts on “Sarah Greer Ducks Larry Noodles

  1. Larry
    You got to stop with the crazy name calling, stick to the facts, thats the only way to be helpful to past victims and to prevent futre victims.

    where are police
    release transcripts of testimony
    how does deal school allow its kids to be in Greer’s school
    do local and state dept of education know kids are now at school?
    what is tora umesorah’s role? did they rescind the close down order? do they approve of greer’s contact with deal students.
    how come press is radio silent about case?
    have you confirmed Hack is actually now a congregational rabbi? and school teacher?
    are there other victims?

    1. Thank you for your comments. Even though you spelt the word “future” rong, I will respond to each comment:
      1. The police are at the Dunkin Donuts shop on Whalley Avenue, or chasing car jackers into the side of synagogue buildings. I believe the cops wanted the car jacker to smash into the building while Paul Bass was inside;
      2. I do not have a copy of the complete deposition of Avi Hack, but if you want to call Avi Hack and ask him he may give it to you;
      3. I don’t know anyone at Deal
      4. Torah Umesorah is no longer involved. They were involved in the very beginning when the goat first shut down the school. I believe the goat reopened the school without notifying them. The goat reopened the school as a Yechi Yeshiva with two boys.
      5. I can’t speak for the liberal, unfair and unbalanced fascist press, Rush Lindbergh may have some insight into this matter
      6. I confirmed that a website lists Avi as the rabbi. I heard Avi had a job from New Haven people who know the Hack family
      7. I believe there are other victims out there.

    1. Barack, You aren’t very good at computers. Took your failed website like a year to get the kinks out. And your sister Hillary isn’t too bright with the web either.

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