Sarah Greer Files Motion to Quash Subpoena

Sarah Greer Files Motion to Quash Subpoena


Today Sarah Greer, the loyal wife of depraved pedophile “rabbi” Greer, filed a motion to quash her deposition.  Her deposition is currently scheduled for December 12.  Attorney Ponvert, on behalf of Plaintiff Mirlis, had served Sarah Greer with a subpoena to appear before a court reporter and answer questions under oath about the old goat.

The Motion to Quash was filed by Attorney William Ward on behalf of the goat.  It does not appear that Attorney Ward is officially representing Sarah Greer.  Sarah Greer’s interests will not be protected by the attorney who represents the depraved beast whom she married.  Ward’s loyalty is to the goat, and he has no legal responsibility to protect Sarah’s rights.

Sarah Greer should hire her own attorney, but she won’t.  She is intimidated by the combative goat she married 45 years ago.  I suggested in a previous blog that she hire a Jewish female attorney, in order to promote diversity in the Federal case, as all of the other attorneys are White male Christians.  The goat calls them “the goyim.”

I recommended the names of a few local attorneys Sarah Greer could hire.  If Sarah hired her own attorney, this attorney would advise her to leave the compound and don’t look back at the Compound of Sodom, lest she turn into a pillar of salt.

In Greer’s Motion to Quash Attorney Ward conceded that the deposition was originally scheduled back in November.  All parties reached an agreement to conduct the deposition on December 12.  Ward stated in his motion that he just got a call from the old goat indicating that Sarah Greer had a doctor’s appointment on December 12.  Ward didn’t attach a letter from the doctor, or any evidence that there was actually a doctor’s appointment, which is usually done when you file such a motion.  The goat ate the homework.

Attorney Ponvert filed an objection to Ward’s Motion to Quash and argued that there was no proof of a real doctor’s appointment.  Ponvert noted that the old goat and his attorney tried to play this game once before, back when Ponvert was trying to schedule the deposition of the old goat.  The old goat had scheduled a doctors appointment on the same day of his deposition and tried to cancel.

Ponvert attached an exhibit to his objection showing that Sarah Greer was personally served with the notice of the deposition by “indifferent person” Eve Miller.  Eve L. Miller is the sister of State Marshal Robert Miller, who was trying to serve the old goat early on in the case.  The goat played cat and mouse with Marshal Robert Miller in order to avoid getting served with the lawsuit.

Sarah Greer accepted service of process without playing any games like the goat.  She didn’t try to hide from Eve Miller.  Eve Miller’s paperwork indicated that she read the subpoena to Sarah Greer.

Eve Miller has been running her brother’s marshal office since the 1970s, about the time Sarah got married to the goat.  They are probably similar in age. I wonder if Eve exchanged any words with Sarah when she served her with the subpoena.  I hope she told Sarah to get a life and move out of the compound.

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