Sarah Greer Hires Attorney David Grudberg

Sarah Greer Hires Attorney David Grudberg


Today David Grudberg, the son of legendary New Haven Attorney Ira Grudberg, filed an appearance on behalf of Sarah Greer in Federal Court.  David Grudberg used to be with his father at the law firm of Jacobs, Grudberg, Belt & Dow.  That firm dissolved in 2011, with David Grudberg going to work for the large New Haven firm of Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey, with over 75 attorneys.

David Grudberg is the son of the well known Attorney Ira Grudberg, who has defended criminals in New Haven for the past fifty years.  He sets himself apart with his bow tie.  He is also a very good lawyer, as is his son David.  The goat’s hand puppet attorney William Ward couldn’t hold a candle to the Grudbergs.

I had recommended that Sarah hire a Jewish female attorney, and I listed a few names.  When I was researching the names of lawyers, I quickly realized that most Jewish female attorneys practice in the area of family law.  They tend to perpetuate the stereotype of the smothering Jewish mother.  They need to branch out more.

There are not many women who practice in the Federal courts.  The Federal bar is a stuffy old boys network of ex-prosecutors and lawyers from corporate white shoe law firms. The few women in the Federal bar even dress like men.  Sarah did the right thing by hiring someone from the old boys network.

David Grudberg is at least half Jewish.  His father is Jewish and his mother is Irish.  The old goat would not count him in his minyan of ten Jewish men because his mother is not Jewish.  But the old goat should not count himself in his minyan, as animals are not counted in a minyan, and it is clear by now that the old goat is a sick, disgusting, depraved animal.

David Grudberg may have been recommended to Sarah Greer by Sarah’s close friend attorney Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw.  McGraw is still trying to rat me out to the Feds for blogging about her hero and mentor “Rabbi” Greer.  Darcy is as Irish as they come, very combative and argumentative.  The Fighting Irish as they say.  But Darcy converted to Judaism and hangs out at the Greer compound. She drags her husband actor Bruce Altman there with her.

Darcy threatened to call the police on me after I came to the Greer shul for religious services.  Yet she wouldn’t call the police on her hero and mentor Daniel Greer after he physically attacked me. Darcy wouldn’t count in the old goat’s minyan either, as she is a female and females don’t count.  Yet she voted for Hillary Clinton.  Figure that one out.

I hope that David Grudberg gives Sarah Greer the strength to get out of the compound.  The old goat has isolated Sarah in the compound for the last 40 years.  All of Sarah’s children have left the compound over the years and rarely come to visit.  Sarah’s other relatives do not talk to her.  Sarah has thus been surrounded by friends of the old goat for the last 40 years, local New Haven circus freaks, clowns and misfits.  Some of the more “normal” misfits have even left the compound by now.

David Grudberg will be the first normal person Sarah Greer has interacted with in years.  I hope that David will give her the strength to leave the compound.

At this point it is clear that the old goat is rolling over and playing dead in the child rape lawsuit.  If there are other victims of the goat’s acts of depravity, now is the time to come forward.  The goat’s assets are being accounted for, and will soon be auctioned off.  Attorney Ponvert has done all the legwork in the rape case.  It will be a slam dunk if you come forward now.

I know of one such victim who was repeatedly locked up in solitary confinement for days on end.  He was left in a room with a knife.  The other students used to bring him food and water.  This student was emotionally unstable to begin with.  The perfect victim.  At one point this boy cut himself in order to be released from solitary.  I believe that the goat purposefully locked this boy up as punishment for refusing to submit to the goat.  This is the only way to make sense of why this boy was locked up more than all the other boys.  If this particular student is reading this, now is the time to come forward and contact an attorney.  You can even use Attorney Ponvert.

Here is a copy of the Federal court order with regard to Attorney David Grudberg:

ORDER & NOTICE: Attorney David Grudberg contacted Judge Martinez’s chambers on 12/15/16 and reported the following: (1) he represents nonparty Sarah Greer; (2) on 12/14/16, his assistant attempted to file his appearance on Sarah Greer’s behalf, but the court’s electronic system would not accept his appearance for a non-party without a contemporaneous pleading; (3) he filed his appearance 12/15/16; (4) he is preparing a pleading to oppose plaintiff’s request for a capias, fine and damages [doc. #64]; (5) he has spoken with plaintiff’s counsel in an attempt to reach an agreement obviating the need for the United States Marshal to apprehend Greer. On the basis of those representations, it is hereby ORDERED that plaintiff’s counsel Attorney Ponvert and counsel for the nonparty Attorney David Grudberg shall confer regarding the plaintiff’s motion and report back to chambers no later than 10:00 am on 12/16/16 as to whether they have reached any agreement on plaintiff’s pending application (doc.#64). Signed by Judge Donna F. Martinez on 12/15/16.(Constantine, A.) (Entered: 12/15/2016)



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