Sarah Greer On the Lam, Blows Off Deposition

Sarah Greer On the Lam, Blows Off Deposition


The Feds are looking for Sarah Greer.  The “Rebbetzin” was scheduled to be deposed this morning by Attorney Ponvert.  Ponvert represents the man who was raped by Sarah’s goat of a husband Daniel Greer.

Sarah Greer didn’t show up for her deposition.  Ponvert filed paperwork this afternoon seeking to have Sarah Greer arrested by Federal Marshals.

Ponvert filed a Motion requesting that the Federal Judge issue a Capias against the Rebbetzin.  A capias is an arrest warrant served by the United States Marshal’s Office to have Sarah Greer arrested and brought before a Federal Judge to answer questions posed by Attorney Ponvert.  If Sarah refuses to answer questions she will be held in contempt and thrown in the slammer.  She will be locked up indefinitely until she answer questions.

If Sarah is locked up for just a few nights she will be held in a holding cell located beneath the Federal Courthouse in downtown New Haven.  If she refuses to testify and the case drags on for some period of time she will be locked up in a Federal woman’s prison.

The closest Federal woman’s prison is in Danbury.  Leona Helmsley, Piper Kerman (Orange is the New Black) and Teresa Giudice (New Jersey Housewives) did their time in Danbury.  One of my co-defendants, who ran for the Mayor of Milford, did her stint in Danbury.

I knew a female guard who was an officer in Danbury when Piper was locked up.  She said Piper was very quiet and most of the stuff in the book and tv series “Orange is the New Black” was made up.  This was the same guard who tried to get me thrown in the SHU (solitary confinement) a couple of times.  The guards don’t need a reason to lock you up in solitary.  It’s not like the cops on the street who can be recorded with cell phone cameras.  In jail the only people guarding the guards are other guards.  The blue code of silence.

Sarah Greer has money so she should be physically safe in jail.  Inmates with money can pay other inmates for protection. In prison you are not allowed to carry around money.  If you are found with cash you could be thrown in the SHU.  Money exchanges are made on the outside by the inmate’s friends and relatives.  Sarah Greer could have one of her children make the money exchanges.

I think some time spent in jail will give Sarah much needed distance from the old abusive goat.  It would be beneficial for her.  In jail you have a lot of dead time, which can be maddening, or liberating.  The free time forces you to think about your life and other people in your life.  Jail time could make Sarah Greer finally realize that she was imprisoned by a depraved goat for the last 45 years.

Sarah will have to rely on others for daily survival.  Every day is a challenge. If you don’t have friends in prison you will not survive.  Sarah will be able to make real friends in prison, not the flunkies who kiss up to her every day at the compound.

There are not many Jewish female Federal inmates.  Although I was locked up with a Russian Jew whose wife did some time in Danbury.  They both were involved in a scheme to steal diamonds and collect the insurance money.

Sarah Greer could spend her free time in prison teaching Jewish rituals to Jewish inmates.  Prisoners would appreciate her teaching a lot more than the sycophants at the compound ever did.

The fact that Sarah Greer can read and write can go a long way in prison.  Many inmates cannot write a simple letter to the Parole Board or their own lawyer.  If Sarah Greer helped other inmates with letters and legal documents, she would be very popular in Danbury.

The other inmates would pity Sarah Greer for being married to an abusive goat for 45 years.  Many female inmates were also involved in abusive relationships. This could empower Sarah Greer to leave the goat once and for all.

Sarah would get to see her children and grandchildren more often while she is in prison.  The Greer offspring and kinderlach haven’t been to the compound in ages.  Who knows, by now she may even have great grandchildren whom she has never met.  They would much rather visit Sarah in Federal prison than visit her in New Haven, where she is constantly under the evil eye of that overbearing, depraved, disgusting goat who lords over the compound.

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