Sarah Greer Prepared to Testify For Her Goat

Sarah Greer Prepared to Testify For Her Goat

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Sarah Greer, AKA “the Ewe” outside the Courthouse waiting for the Goat’s loyal secretary, Ms. Jean Ledbury to pick her up and take her back to the compound.

The criminal case of Daniel Greer, AKA “The Goat” will continue tomorrow, ie., Monday morning, September 23rd, at 235 Church Street, New Haven. The Goat is expected to call his final witnesses to testify in his defense. The Goat has already called Dr. David Mantell, from New Britain, who does consulting work on sexual abuse, a hired gun whom the Goat paid close to $20K for a couple of hours of work. Willie the Dow made it a point to tell the jury that Dr. Mantell is an Orthodox Jew, even though he doesn’t wear the garb. Mantell is from New Britain and the only Orthodox Jew who has defended the Goat. The Goat’s rolodex is filled with names of prominent Orthodox Jews, such as Agudath Israel special counsel Mordechai Biser. Biser worked for the Goat many years ago while Avi Hack was getting molested by the Goat. Biser has refused to testify and defend the Goat. The Goat is close with Yeshiva University Rabbi J. David Bleich, who is a Director at FOH and the Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc., and an expert on Jewish ethics. Rabbi Bleich has refused to testify and defend the Goat.

The Goat will call his wife the Ewe to testify tomorrow. The loyal Ewe will defend her depraved Goat as she did in the civil trial. She will probably testify that the Goat is innocent as charged and he should be allowed to rebuild the compound so that he may rape more children. The Ewe ran the Tikva School for girls back in the 1990s. Tikva graduates have told me horror stories about the abuse she inflicted on them. They formed a group called #Tikvagirlsforjustice. They said that the Ewe refused to call 911 when one of the girls was having an asthmatic attack. One graduate told me she was suicidal after her Tikva experience. Another told me that the Ewe conducted raids on the girls dorms looking for racy fashion magazines and tabloids. Others told me that the Ewe wouldn’t allow them to have any friends. All were to pledge complete loyalty to the Ewe. Some were kicked out of school for the smallest infractions in order to keep the others in line. The Ewe ran her cult for girls just as the Goat ran his cult for boys. One Tikva graduate sent me her thoughts on how the Ewe was going to testify. This was her message: “Sarah Greer is going to lie her ass off under oath. She’s going to paint on the narcissistic smile and try to make the state lawyer look stupid. Evil bitch.”

The Goat is also expected to call Dr. DeRosa as his last witness. Dr. DeRosa only worked in the compound for one year before he left. Dr. DeRosa is expected to testify that Avi Hack told him to change the grade of Eli Mirlis from an F to a passing grade and that 14 year old Eli Mirlis yelled “Kill the Christians!” DeRosa came forward after the $20 million jury verdict was entered against the Goat. The Goat tried to reopen the $20 million verdict based on DeRosa’s testimony but the Federal Judge denied the Goat’s request. I’m not sure how this is relevant to whether the Goat raped Eli Mirlis. The Goat has no defense so all he can do is try to confuse and distract the jury from the real issues.

Many people have posted their opinions about the Goat’s case on Facebook. The following was posted by an Ivy League guy I know who used to live in New Haven and who had dealings with the Goat: “Daniel Greer, a Yale law graduate and rabbi, started a Yeshiva in New Haven, famous for an attitude of turning inward from the secular world. He sponsored and spoke for the Yale Five, who became famous in the late 1990s for filing a lawsuit challenging Yale’s residency requirement, claiming that living in coed dorms violated their religious rights. They lost, and paid Yale for dorms they never set foot in. When I was in New Haven the Greers were regularly hosting Yale students and community members. Although I lived around Yale and more or less attached myself to Yale’s Slifka Center and mostly went to student religious services, they were an option for me and other year-round residents in the summers and vacation periods when Yale didn’t have enough people for services. My wife and I had many dealings with them. My wife attended their classes regularly. I came over for services and meals on Saturdays occasionally. I asked Daniel Greer a number of religious questions over the years I was there. Dov Greer, Daniel’s son, taught my pre-marital Jewish family law class and was a witness at my marriage (He signed my wife’s ketubah). Several other people who who were regular hangers-on at the Greer compound (and are now at the trial in various roles) also came to my wedding, including “the Mathematician,” a Yale grad student at the time who was a secular-studies teacher there for some years, and Lawrence “Larry Noodles” Dressler, who has been blogging it. Two years ago Eli Mirlis won a $20 million civil judgment for systematically raping him throughout his teenage years while all this was going on, and several other people, some who left before I arrived in New Haven and some I know, came forward and said similar things happened to them. What is now going on is Greer’s criminal trial. The testimony for the last two days, at least what’s been reported, has been much more graphic. It seems the whole business of becoming removed from an impure secular society – something Daniel Greer made himself nationally known for – was essentially an act, an act designed to make it easier to isolate and have control over his victims. The whole Yeshiva setup, the whole strict separation from the outside world and strict gender segregation, the whole bastion of traditional morality against an evil world set-up, all that made that it that much easier for him to isolate teenage boys, groom them for sex, rape them, continue having sex with them for years, and get away with it.”

We’re marching on, from the Criminal Court at 235 Church Street, New Haven, on to the outer edges of the flat earth, we’re marching bitterly, goat cliff after goat cliff we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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  1. They also opened up all of our mail, and anytime anything major went down ( like the time they completed botched it when a student had a bad allergy, as mentioned above), they turned off access to the phones and we were instructed to not tell our parents anything)

    Of course she’s going to lie.

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