Sarah Greer Hires Local Criminal Defense Attorney

Sarah Greer Hires Local Criminal Defense Attorney

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Sarah Greer Just Hired Prominent Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Einhorn

Child rape victim Eli Mirlis sued Sarah Greer AKA “the Ewe” in Federal Court in Hartford. Sarah Greer is accused of fraudulently transferring Rabbi Greer’s money into her own personal bank accounts. Mirlis claims that hundreds of thousands of dollars of transfers were made right after the $15 million verdict entered against her husband Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat.”

Mirlis filed an application for prejudgment remedy attachment (PJR) asking Judge Shea to attach Sarah Greer’s property. The Goat and his Ewe jointly own the house they reside in at 133 West Park Avenue in New Haven. The Goat and his Ewe also jointly own two condos in Newport, RI, valued at about $800K. The Goat was able to pay off Mirlis half the value of his house in New Haven when Mirlis started foreclosure proceedings against the Goat. Mirlis was unable to foreclose against the half of the house owned by the Ewe. With this new lawsuit Mirlis will now be able to attach the Ewe’s half of the property on West Park Avenue as well as her half of the property in Newport, RI.

Mirlis claimed that $220K was transferred out of a joint Greer bank account and deposited into an out of State bank account owned solely by Sarah Greer. Sarah Greer testified that at the time of the transfers she knew about the $15 million dollar verdict against her depraved husband Rabbi Greer. Sarah Greer testified in her deposition that $220K was transferred out of a Goat bank account and put into her personal bank account because she “did not want it taken” by Mirlis. In the Goat’s rape case Sarah Greer hired Attorney David Grudberg, who also represented the Goat. In the fraudulent conveyance Sarah Greer hired attorney Stuart Margolis. The Ewe should have hired Attorney David Grudberg for the fraudulent conveyance case, as David was familiar with the Goat rape case and represented the Ewe in the rape case. I can only assume that David Grudberg no longer wished to be associated with the Goat. Margolis stepped up to the plate and took over representation of the Ewe in Federal Court. Margolis already handles all of the Goat’s evictions in the compound. Plus Margolis filed 40 tax appeals on behalf of the Goat trying to get a reduction in City property taxes for his non-profits, which already get a hefty tax break as non-profits.

Mirlis has alleged numerous other fraudulent financial shenanigans going on with the Goat and His Ewe: The Ewe receives a salary and retirement benefits from the Yeshiva of New Haven as a Board member. The Ewe doesn’t pay any joint personal expenses out of her bank accounts. The Ewe stashes all her money away. The Goat pays all the household bills from his salary at the Yeshiva of New Haven. If the Goat is subject to garnishment he can argue that he can’t afford to pay any court orders because all his money is spent on the household bills. Not to mention the Ewe does absolutely no work for the now defunct Yeshiva of New Haven. The only work the Ewe does for the Yeshiva is cash a pay check and a cash a retirement check.

Yesterday the Ewe dumped Stuart Margolis as her attorney. The Ewe replaced Margolis with high profile New Haven criminal defense attorney Jonathan Einhorn. Einhorn is not as high profile as Attorney Hugh Keefe, but not many attorneys are on the same level as Hugh Keefe. Einhorn has defended some of the biggest gangsters, lowlifes, and reprobates who have ever walked the streets of New Haven. Most of the high profile criminal defense attorneys in Connecticut are former Irish prosecutors. Einhorn is one of the few big name Jewish defense attorneys in Connecticut. Big name Jewish defense attorneys all work out of New York, such as Attorney Ben Braffman, who recently dumped casting couch molester Harvey Weinstein as a client. The last big name Jewish criminal defense attorney in Connecticut was former US Attorney Harold J. Pickerstein, who was busted by the Feds for stealing $600K from his lowlife mobster client. It is possible that his connections with the Justice Department, his connections in the Connecticut legal community, and a character letter from Federal Judge Fitzsimmons, which violated the Code of Judicial Conduct, caused him to only got 4 weeks in Devens Federal Prison. A walk in the park. I wrote about his walk in the park numerous times in my blog, see links. I also wrote about how Fitzsimmons violated the Code of Judicial Conduct with her character letter to Federal Judge Bolden. Fitzsimmons admitted her “inadvertant” violation and apologized for “sending the letter that could have eroded the public’s confidence in the judiciary or cast any doubt on the sentencing judge’s impartiality.”

Attorney Stuart Margolis does not handle criminal cases. He handles civil cases and the Goat’s evictions and tax appeals. He has worked with the Goat for years. Why would the Ewe dump Margolis and hire a prominent criminal defense attorney? Is the Ewe under criminal investigation for all the shenanigans she has been involved in over the years with her Goat? A criminal conspiracy? And where is the money coming from to pay for high priced Attorney Einhorn? Is it coming out of the Goat’s non-profits or from the Ewe’s salary as officer of the defunct Yeshiva of New Haven? Something smells rotten at the Greer family farm and it ain’t goat drek.

Below see link to Attorney Margolis’ Motion to Withdraw as the Ewe’s attorney:

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  1. What is going to happen with all the non profits which own the properties since they where not in the lawsuit.Who gets to keep all the properties

    1. The properties are owned by a number of different non profit organizations such as Edgewood Village, Edgewood Elm Housing, FOH, Inc. Officers who are on the board of the non profit organizations manage the properties and pay themselves salaries. If the non profits dissolve the properties would have to be transferred to different non profit organizations. The officers of the non profit organizations do not own the properties. Greer recently added a few new members to his non profit organizations and dropped a few members who left the compound years ago. The non profits will continue even after Greer dies or goes to jail. The plaintiff in the civil suit, ie., Mirlis didn’t sue the non profit entities. There is no judgement against the non profits other than the Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc., which owns the Goat’s school building.

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